weekend update: in 3 iPhone pictures

(clockwise): 1. I got new pajamas. And they match! I am obsessed with Old Navy and I want someone to tell me it's ok. Hunter asked me to help him pick out an outfit for this season of holiday parties (I said: duhhhhhh) and I ended up picking out goodies for myself as well. 

2. Huntee & I went to a Christmas party, I wore a second-hand dress from someone in my office (complete & utter score). Hunter wore his cute new sweater. We both enjoyed extensive food and assorted merriments, as well as friends from school we hadn't seen in a while.

3. Sunday evening after visiting a new church with two work friends, Hunter & I doubled dated with Andrea and her sweetie. I feel VERY responsible because I ate ONE slice of pizza and then had a side salad. One thing I've learned about being an adult is that you have to remind yourself to eat vegetables.

Otherwise this weekend I layed low and it was lovely.
How was your weekend?? Any exciting stories or festive times to share?


his little lady said...

I really need to get myself some matching pajamas! So perfect!
xo TJ


Brittney said...

It's not the holidays unless I get something for myself while I'm gift-shopping ;) Would those pajama bottoms double as leggings?



Priya said...

uh, yeah, good thinking! that would be pretty cute and festive with a knit dress! not to mention i'd be wearing my pajamas in real life... #winning

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