happy birthday Amir + Tarif!

This birthday post was longer than the last one I wrote, but consider that this is about two people --> pretty much double the length of a one-person bday post.
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Christmas in Santa Cruz, CA December 2013

March 3rd is an important day. Today I get to celebrate two of my favorite people on the earth: my twin baby brothers who are NOT babies, even remotely, but  especially because they are TWENTY years old, today!

Let me start by saying: the twins and I are just shy of three years apart. This means I was in my (terrible, I'm sure) two's when they were born. So I literally do not remember life without them. I've talked about my big crazy family maybe toooo many times, point here being that having so many siblings, you think I would always have playmates, right? WRONG. For as many beautiful items of clothing Carina gives me now, she would NOT play Barbies with me, she would not braid my hair for me, we have literally one memory of playing "Friends" together.

And for the twins, I have a million and one memories of playing together. That's what I think of when I think of them: hours and hours and one endless summer of getting movies at the library and playing crazy games (here is a sampling: Oregon Trail. buckets of Legos. Trojan Horse. G.I Joes. Very strange family units that usually had some specific nationality...) we made up together. It helped that they were younger & therefore more willing (or, subjected?) to comply with me being bossy and making up the rules and forcing them to play school! Gah, how did I manage assigning them homework from my school when they no doubt had real hw to do...ha.

I remember Tarif (or "Tuppy", dubbed by a baby Amir) being so funny, even as a little guy, and OH so much more agreeable with me. It was him & I that always ganged up on Amir (which, irony, are you there now? Can't hardly get him to text me back let alone agree with what I say...) I remember him excelling at sports (like swimming. Where he argues that fundamentally, if we were swimming away from sharks, he would survive. Because he is the fastest of us three at the fastest stroke. But about that breast-stroke technique, Tup) but always having a tendency toward music, writing, and performance.

I remember Amir and I butting heads constantly. It was always a battle of being in charge & being right with us. Which is again so ironic now because he is now the most agreeable, sweetest, & kindest, guy I can think of. But still so incredibly convicted. He would honestly help anyone, and has inherited my mother's golden conscious; so much so that we would get frustrated [because he would stop to pick up trash, etc.] He makes our whole family very proud, by being a talented athlete, and an equally hard-working scholar (Salutatorian of his high school class) who earned his way to a prestigious university! Amir recently told me he plans to study dentistry. I am incredibly proud of him and have no doubt he would make a very successful dentist [one more point for irony thoughh: Amir often got teased for having difficulty brushing his teeth...HA!]

By 6th grade for the twins, and 9th grade for me, we started going to the same school. This culminated in my senior year/their freshman where I drove us three to school together; so many musical morning memories there. I was so proud to have them as my brothers, and secretly loved seeing them on campus (we even managed a sibling picture in the yearbook! But I was the editor...so.) Tarif & I started doing drama together when he was in 7th grade. Looking back, WHY did we not put him in theater sooner, Mom?? Now I think he's happiest on a stage, making people laugh, or playing guitar & singing (which he learned pretty much on his own. Uhh, sorry, why did I not get any musical genes?) I am so, so, SO excited to get to see him in his biggest role yet: as Donkey in Shrek: The Musical THIS Friday!

I just remember everything being FUN. I didn't realize at the time, but when I was young, I had two of my best friends pretty much everywhere I went. Getting in trouble for laughing at church was standard. Making fun of smaller kids when we got dragged along to a "house party" with our parents, also standard. I have memories of weddings that don't involve the happy couple (sorry!) I have memories of lunch at home where we convinced Amir tuna had to be boiled. We shared most things; maybe most vividly now a taste in movies & music. So many songs and scenes on T.V. will take me back to those two, and a mix CD called Tsunami Soundwaves, and a summer afternoon where we had to promise Dad we would quietly watch a movie...

I miss them, a lot. As one of my favorite parts of home. The time the three of us spend together is limited now, so I am SO excited to be flying home this week (!!!!) so we can hang together. I can see us hanging together, forever. And them being awesome Uncles one day. And us having fun in crazy situations, as they continue to arise.

Happy Birthday, you two! I wouldn't be me if it weren't for you; and I've said that before, but I think I mean it most this time. I love you both, so much. 


Alissa said...

Awww! What a heart-felt post. I even got a little misty eyed reading!

Ali Hval said...

Aw aw aw, this is such a sweet little post! Brothers are seriously the best. And having two must be even better! Happy birthday to the both of them. :D I have an older brother and I sort of can't imagine life without him. He's my rock, fer sure!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is such a sweet post Priya! It sounds like you and your brothers had a great childhood growing up and playing together. I'm glad you get to see them soon! Are they both in the Bay Area? I'm actually headed there for a quick visit this weekend so I'll keep my eyes out for ya just in case we happen to run into each other :)

Unknown said...

Ok Priya we are like living variants of the same life here or something as my birthday is the same as the twins!!! Also that's crazy that your sister was born in Wales as I was in Cardiff last week!!! I grew up there as a child. Lots of weird coincidences! I absolutely love this post, I always read your posts about your siblings with a mixture of "awwww cute" and slight jealousy (I'm an only child) and it's such an insight. I love your posts about your outfits and job but these little personal ones are my favourites! Dude you should SO come to the UK, you're welcome to stay at mine any time!!! :) XXX

Deepak said...

Can lend some happiness from you? Ya.. was searching for some source of words which would fill happiness to my part of life. Happy words with happy smiles inspired me. And I can go back to my normal life thinking that there are people who can see life as I wished to see and I know them too. Keep inspiring Priya with your true from heart lovely posts... :) They spread happiness. I have bookmarked the site.

Brittney said...

This is such a great tribute to Amir and Tarif. You're lucky to have siblings so close together in age! My sister and I were too far apart to play together quite like you guys did. I bet that musical will be amazing!



Larissa said...

So good to read that you and your brothers are so close! I miss my brothers! I have three and two of them live far away and I hardly ever see them. Wonderful post you wrote here!
Hey, I changed a little around my layout... I would love to hear your opinion about it!
Enjoy your day!
Lots of love!

Priya said...

gahhhh why did I not see this in time :( thanks Lauren!

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