packing list- for a long weekend

Good Monday to you all and guess what? I finally put my post together to showcase what I packed for my most recent trip to CA (a few weeks ago now...)

I'm proud of myself! Like most, I chronically over-pack. I just can't help myself. I hate packing because it feels so limiting, & planning what to wear for days feels like a gargantuan task. But this time, in addition to having a lovely stay, I felt good about what I packed & what I wore (such a #bloggerprob, excuse me, but you understand, don't you?) 
 photo longweekendathomecollage_zpsce83dbfa.jpg
not pictured: undergarments, pjs, workout clothes, toiletries, purse & plane goodies

This is hardly revolutionary. My packing list is nothing special, and made for some pretty simple outfits. But I have to say I love seeing "packing guides" on other blogs. It's always helpful for me to see what & how people pack for certain trips. So, if anything, this should be helpful to ME for future (though I sure hope it's helpful for YOU!)

I honestly got myself to think about what we would be doing each day, and what I would like to wear for each event. Some were easier than others (Tarif's show on Friday night vs. hanging out and running errands on Thursday.) Even though it was kinda a pain, it made a huge difference!
 photo IMG_4484_zps69e6fa3e.jpg
I chose very basic tops that could be easily accessorized. The whole trip was pretty casual (plus we were in CA) so I really only needed a nicer option for the show (dress as top) and for church (sweater top) on Sunday. 
 photo IMG_4518_zps9bf596ad.jpg
Leggings are a safe bet to have on hand for any errands, or in my case, getting your hair done! I also frequently travel in them. It's true, I could dress more airplane chic, but I hate flying, so at least I can be comfy. 

The black pants were an excellent decision! A skinny pair of black jeans goes with literally everything.

I wanted a fun skirt for church, and also wanted to wear my new gray heels. Thus, this skirt.

My velvet skirt was another new purchase I was excited to wear. Plus velvet seemed very appropriate for going to the theater. Also- black skirt, duh. Not super exciting, but super versatile.
 photo IMG_4521_zpscf4780f3.jpg
I worried about not packing another jacket, but the nice thing about going home is I could always borrow a sweatshirt. A jean jacket goes with pretty much everythingggg otherwise (hey I just did a remix on that, crazy!)

I probably could have packed less by wearing this dress to church on Sunday. But, I had trouble picking a top to wear for the show, plus this dress is new and I really wanted to wear it.
 photo IMG_4506_zpsa51f7ad1.jpg
Shoes are hard for a trip. Shoes are also heavy, so you can't pack too many. I wore my tennies on the trip there, and flats (with socks in my purse) for the way back! Otherwise alternating between flats/sneaks for casual days worked just fine. (Oh, to be fair, I had my running shoes too.)
 photo IMG_4486_zpsea2fe9da.jpg
Accessories are always THE hardest part of packing for me! I usually end up wearing one pair of earrings for an entire trip, or packing one necklace that I never wear. I didn't necessarily match these necklaces to my outfits, I just packed them knowing one or the other would go with everything. 

The scarf came in handy for traveling and also matched with my whole color scheme.

Here are the four main outfits I wore while I was there. Check out the original post for more pictures, outfit details, and what I did on each day!
 photo 20140310-142141_zpsfb74f025.jpg

I will add- for traveling both ways I wore my leggings, a t-shirt, my jean jacket, and either flats or tennis shoes. Here's one selfie for documentation.

I'm pleased that I carefully calculated every item I packed, and I didn't end up needing more. This just goes to show- I don't need a suitcase full of clothing for a short trip! I will definitely be challenging myself to pack this way from now on. And you can expect updates about that right here! Ok, am I beating a dead horse yet??

How would you pack for a long weekend? What are your minimalistic travel tips? I'd love to hear! 


Indy said...

I totally understand #bloggerprobs! Looks like you packed well, though! :)

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

The chronic overpacker in me is cringing in this paired down simplicity! You go girl - big steps for all the overpacker womankind.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Great job on packing Priya! Packing for the Bay can be hard because it's hard to predict the weather. Plus trips home tend to be more casual than usual when you're hangin' out with the fam and don't know exactly what you'll do each day (because who wants to plan a relaxing weekend?) I think you chose really great items. Easy to match, not too crazy with prints or anything and the perfect amount of accessories. I really need to start thinking about what I'm packing for this weekend. This time I'll have to figure out something nice for my cousin's baby shower. I'll have to remember what you packed for inspiration :)

Alissa said...

I ALWAYS overpack! I swear that even when I think I am down to the bare-bones necessities I still have too many things that I never end up wearing!

Chelsey Patti said...

Very cute! Great tips!


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