BlogNashville: clothing swap at The Impeccable Pig!

It's true, included in all the euphoric and hair-pulling moments of blogging are new friends IRL (that's, in real life, for anyone over 30.)

I'm so thankful for the BlogNashville community, headed up by the lovely Jessica at Here & Now! I've gotten to make new friends on & off the internet, shop, and explore our awesome city together!

Our latest event was shopping and a style swap at The Impeccable Pig.
cutest little shop, nestled right in Hillsboro Village. So many gorgeous choices for Spring!
this picture is silly, yes so am I. I was especially entranced by the jewelry. 
I am the type of person that ALWAYS have to have someone in the dressing room with me.
shopping & trying on with these girls was a blast!
meet my friends! Jessica // Sharena // Chelsey
on to the swap, aka, a dream come true. We each brought a couple items to swap and left with something new! 
all photos by the lovely & wonderful Zipporah

I made out like a bandit with a sequin-y dress from the fabulous Jess' closet. Win! 

a big ole thank you to Jessica for planning the event, and The Impeccable Pig for hosting us!

If you are a blogger anywhere near Nashville, I encourage you to check out the FB page and sign up for the mailing list! Can't wait to meet you :)

read about our prior BlogNashville hang-out, here!


Unknown said...

ohhh, looks like a fun idea and a really cool day :)

Chelsey Patti said...

Cute post! It was a blast wasn't it! Can't wait for the next one! ; )

Larissa said...

Oh how awesome! I want to swap clothes too! I thoought about organizing a private swapping party cause otherwise I do not really see the possiblity to swap...
Great post once again!
Lots of love!

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