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top: from my sister, necklace: Nashville Flea Market, skirt: from my sis, shoes: Rite Aid (I think?? super old!)

This outfit partially brought to you by Nicole at Writes Like A Girl (she is killing it with her 30x30, check it out!), partially brought to you by hand-me-ups from my little big sister, Carina.
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Fairly sure this t-shirt was in a giveaway bag via an ex-boyfriend. Is it a little weird that I wear it now? Sure. Is it such a great shirt that I don't care at all? Definitely! If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times; my most loved & worn pieces in my closet are the random ones that I usually inherited.
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And speaking of random, please direct your attention to my shoes. I tried long and hard to think of where and when I bought these. Slip-ons like this had a brief stint of popularity while I was in high school (maybe because they were $6? idk?) well, $6 well spent. Because I still wear them!
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I definitely have to give my Jamberry nails a shout-out or my sister would kill me. While she was in town last weekend  she insisted on giving us both Music City Marathon themed Jamicures (it's a Tupperware type nail decal business venture). Normally I wouldn't wear my nails this crazy, but it was a special occasion. Also she forced me.

I do love that they were instantly dry and instantly very smooth and glossy, being THE most impatient nail-painter ever. Can you tell that they are tiny metallic musical instruments? Pretty cool.
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It is imperative that you meet the eye behind a lot of my photos these days- my dear work (and IRL) friend, Kelley. Here's the story of how I met Kelley: before I even started my new job, I had people who knew her (Nashville is a small city) tell me I would adore her. When I actually started, she was on her sabbatical, but I had a week of people telling me (verbatim) "You will quickly be best friends."

So by the time we finally, finally met, I was just ready to have a new bestie. And it was instantaneous. She is one of the best people I have ever met. She blogged for a while here (and now does occasionally, here) if you want to experience some Kelley!

To further bait you, I've collected some quotes by her for a sad rainy day that I will now share:

(me sorting mail)
P: "Let's play a game called 'Is this a bill or is this junk?'"
K: "I play this game every day at my house."

(when I told her she had Connie Britton hair)
"I don't know what to do when someone gives you the compliment you've been waiting for your whole life."

(commenting on people with terrible eating habits)
"You know when people sound like a vacuum? It's like, worst case scenario, you drop a crumb."

(tasting food out of the microwave)
"This is as hot as fire."

(me sending cards in the mail, I assume?)
"It seems like your brother has a birthday twice a year."

(tentatively suggesting we hang out IRL for the first time)
"And maybe we meet up for brunch on Sunday- I dunno?!"
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Furthermore- she is THE only person I have ever known to look at me and say "it looks like a picture-taking day today" and then willingly take pictures for my blog. All my blogger ladies KNOW what a big deal that is!

Yeah, she's a gem.

So I forgot to mention when I wrote about what was going on in my last post- I am leaving for Canada on Monday! The plans have been back & forth because my mom was having trouble getting work off; but it's all panned out and I will be flying out Monday afternoon to meet my parents in Edmonton. Traveling with a carry-on only. I love a good challenge!

Otherwise: I re-arranged my room, getting my hair ombre-d tonight, got a little baby-sitting coming up tonight and this weekend, and a big event at work tomorrow! That's what's happening. Thanks for reading- talk to you all soon I hope!!

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nicole s. said...

1. this outfit is amazing. you look both so comfy and so cute. stripes and floral forever!
2. $6 shoes are the best. my gold glitter flats were $6 at ross like four years ago.
3. your nails are bonkers in the best way.
4. kelley sounds like a baller. she also takes a good pic. liking brunch is also at the top of my list for new friends, so she can be my friend too.
5. i am still loving the ombre trend and i'm really glad to hear you ombered your hair. you have the best hair.
6. you're going to canada!? i want to go there! i've never been, and only recently realized that it's always freezing there. for some reason i thought the bottom of canada would be like the bottom of the U.S. where it's warm/hot in the south. i am so very wrong. have so much fun and take lots of photos! i want to hear all about it!

xo nicole

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This outfit is so adorable! Love your nail polish!

Unknown said...

Ohh, I love the pattern clash happening in your outfit Priya. Yes, your friend who takes your pics is a gem! People that cater to our blogging whims really are amazing people! :) <3

Unknown said...

Very adorable skirt! Love it!

xo, Kenya


Sabrina said...

Love the pattern of the skirt! So cute.


Alissa said...

Ok, I LOVE this entire post. Your personality just completely shines through and I love that your friend takes your photos. Every blogger has to have at least one photo taking friend!

Ruth Alvarez said...

I loved your little best friend story. It's so amazing when you meet someone you just immediately connect too. Your pictures are adorable!
I'm canadian-- its not very often people come here.

Newest follower for sure!


Emily said...

Ha ha, I just bought 2 pairs of slip ons like this for summer - I loooooove them!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts so much Priya, I feel like there is so much personality brimming in them, it's so wonderful to read. I kind of glanced at the first pictures and then read your bit about the shirt belonging previously to an ex and I immediately thought about one of my favourite t shirts which also used to belong to my ex… then looked properly at the photos and it's basically the exact same shirt, except mine has black stripes and yours looks more navy. What are the odds? I am coming to the US this summer by the way - probably mostly east coast so nowhere near you but let's hope the fates collide and we can meet and hang out anyway?!!?! XXX

joy said...

Hahah Kelley sounds awesome! It's always nice to find someone who you can instantly click with :) And oo I love your striped top+printed skirt :)

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

ha such a sweet friend! is it a family vacation up in Canada? that sounds amazing! i've only been there once when i was in Seattle and we took a little ferry up on a school trip in HS. also, the slip ons are great, i agree. i'm all for comfy cute shoes lately and that shirt, i wouldn't care its origin either, so perfect!

Unknown said...

Super cute outfit and post! Wearing and ex's tshirt is not weird lol I have a couple too!


Unknown said...

Great pattern-mixing girl! Loving the floral and stripes. You look both comfy and stylish :) But what else is new?

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Loving the bold pattern mix Priya!! And what a great price on the slip on shoes, gotta love a good deal like that (and such a useful pair of shoes too!). Glad to hear you have made a new bestie that not only is an awesome friend but that can also take your photos! I'm so jelous, I still take all of my photos with my tripod, hehehe :)


Rasa said...

I love your blog - just followed! ♥
Would be great if you came by my blog sometime too so we can stay in touch!


Priya said...

you are so thorough, thank you! yup, where we were in Canada was right above Montana aka very cold even in May. the ombre-ish is now in my hair, but it's still pretty subtle :) you'll have to let me know if you notice a difference!

Priya said...

thank you Alissa, such a sweet, thoughtful comment!

Priya said...

thank you Ruth, so glad you came by! I loved Canada, I would visit again for sure!!

Priya said...

I actually have quite a few things from high school! I tend to hang on to things forever, it can be a good & bad things. These shoes have definitely been loved & worn, but they're still hanging together so I keep wearing them!

Priya said...

Laila that is so thoughtful, thank you so much <3 and that is funny, must be that type of shirt I guess!

we need to stay in touch about your trip, that would be dreamy!

Priya said...

I agree! thanks Joyce!

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