O, Canada

Good Monday morning to you all!

I'm pausing in the middle of some outfits + packing from my recent trip to share some general pictures and memories!
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Mom & I flew into Edmonton on Monday night, Tuesday morning we headed to Banff via Calgary.
 photo IMG_4967_zpseea41fe4.jpg
Here we are on top of the Calgary tower, Mom holding on for dear life!
 photo IMG_4972_zps06cb792c.jpg
Banff National Park, about 4 hours from Edmonton. You might recognize it from The Bachelor.
 photo IMG_5034_zps4737bb9e.jpg

The surroundings were beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen that many huge snow covered mountains.
 photo IMG_5058_zps74e248d4.jpg
Wednesday we spent out and about; on a gondola, hiking around, exploring the lovely town of Banff.
 photo IMG_5010_zps6ff79399.jpg
 photo IMG_5070_zpsc93a21b3.jpg

Visiting the Hot Springs may have been my favorite part of the trip; being in that hot water was so nice.
 photo Desktop10_zps4ea1454a.jpg
Also really enjoyed taking some jumpy pics with my Mom. She cracks me up.
 photo IMG_5110_zpsd4c70080.jpg

Thursday we headed to Jasper, via the Columbia Icefield and Glacier Skywalk. Dad loves the cold.
 photo IMG_5102_zps2c9d37ff.jpg

Here's the skywalk- a clear walkway that juts out into a canyon, it was awesome and nerve-wracking!
 photo IMG_5084_zpsd5b15b91.jpg

This is the Columbia Icefield- a glacier. It was freeeeezing out there.
 photo IMG_5133_zpsb8f4bfa0.jpg
We got to Jasper later that day where it was MUCH warmer.  photo IMG_5157_zpsef15dc21.jpg
We hiked through the Maligne Canyon- that was awesome and it was so nice outside.

Friday late morning we headed back to Edmonton, and went around the city a bit.
Saturday was spent visiting with (new!) friends & family, and eating A LOT.
Sunday we went to church before Mom & I flew back that afternoon! 

I always love visiting a new place, and I was really happy to spend time with my parents. Also loved getting to meet some new friends (most of whom I'm related to in some way..?) Canada really is beautiful and the people are very kind. 

I'll finish up this saga with one last outfit and how I packed for the trip!

Hope your week is off to a great start- gonna be another busy one over here! My weekend was really as chill as I planned so I'm still pooped, but it was a lot of fun. Hunter and I got into True Detective and naturally had to finish it- any fans out there?


Unknown said...

You are the CUTEST little snow bunny!

Priya said...

thanks boo :)

Unknown said...

These Canada pics are great! Loving them :D

Allie said...

Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Your parents are so adorable. So that's where you get it! ;)

I'm loving your wool coat. The color, the shape. Super flattering and versatile I'm sure! Is it warm in Nashville now to thaw you out?

CherryPrincess said...

Wow Canada looks amazing!!!
Great Pictures! :)

Greetings from Germany! :)


Priya said...

thanks Lauren, they are pretty cute most of the time :)

I would SO recommend a coat from Old Navy! I got the extra small and it fits very tailored. yup, suuuper hot and humid in Nashville.

Priya said...

and hello from Tennessee! thanks for coming by my blog!!

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