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If you can believe it, this year is half-way over! Last year, I gave myself a monthly check-up for the resolutions I made in January. That was hard to do, hardly interesting, and I didn’t do a great job. But I still like the idea of checking in & reminding myself of the goals I made for the year, and I figured a half-way point was a great time to do it!

Here are my original resolutions from January, with my commentary of how it's going.

1. "Use it or get rid of it." This is a constant contest! I would say I’ve made improvements in this area, and of course I can still do even better. Currently I have a pile of Summer clothes in my room that will be sorted before they have a chance to make it back in my closet. I also have a few bags of clothes on their way out, and have steadily been getting rid of things that don’t fit/I don’t wear, as well as random nick-nacks that I don’t need! I’ve challenged myself to wear items that have been sitting stagnant for a while, letting that be the final test before I get rid of them.

2. "If you already have it, don’t buy it." While the first one went better with clothing, I think this can apply more to stuff. I’ve challenged myself to use up toiletry items that I have in excess, make cards for people, and generally not be seduced by shiny *new* items when it’s something I don’t *need* (aka I never go into Target unless it is an emergency.)

3. Finances- disciplined and budgeted. Just yesterday after reading an article about a super thrifty family, I re-committed myself to being very structured with my finances. I wrote it all out; exactly how much I have coming in, what my bills look like every month (to the best of my ability) and what I should have extra. My philosophy is that I should use my actual paychecks for those essentials in my life, like bills, gas, groceries, etc. Then any “extra” money I make, by babysitting, house-sitting, etc. I can use for those extras in my life, like clothing/accessories, going out, & buying gifts. I made up this handy little phrase, “Earnings for essentials, extras for extras.” In a nutshell: if I don’t have a paying gig, time to get a little more creative with what’s in my closet. (Also- still following all these thrifty tips I wrote about here!) This is a goal because I haven’t really been able to stick to it yet. I’ll let you know how it goes.

4. Getting well-connected with a church. To be quite honest, I’ve been in Nashville for approximately one of the last eight Sundays. But I spent part of that Sunday at Midtown Fellowship in 12 South. I’ve really enjoyed the time I spent there, and after the crazy travels of the Summer die down, I would love to get involved in a small group. I’ll keep this bit short but if anyone has any more questions about this, comment below!

5. Being a good friend and sister. It’s hard for me to judge this completely, but I think I’m doing a pretty good job. My siblings and I have a running group message that makes it easy to check in with everyone, my sisters and I talk nearly every day, and I try my best to stay in touch with my parents as well. I’ve been able to see my college friends in Nashville semi-regularly. One major aspect of this I can work on is my few girlfriends from back in California. I don’t stay in touch with them enough! Back to the letter-writing, I think!

6. Being a good girlf. Another constant contest! Like any relationship, me & Huntee’s goes through a lot of ups and downs (possibly even more than normal because I’m pretty theatrical.) The things we work on the most are communication and patience (for me.) In a few short months we’ll celebrate another milestone anniversary. I know I have someone that truly loves and cares for me, and I can always be improving myself to love him back in the best way.

7. General wellness. As of late, this might be my most disciplined one! I’ve been hitting the gym with my friend Kelley at lunch. Really I tagalong with her because she’s determined, but I love having a gym buddy AND knocking out some exercise on my hour-break from work. Additionally I’ve been doing shorter runs and some body-weight type stuff for a more full body workout. I can do better about eating healthy & balanced, as always. But I will say, for the most part I sub one meal a day for a salad, and I’ve been trying to eat lots of fruit as well. Also a big goal that I can keep working on is eating less in general, i.e. not like I am statving every time I see food. Otherwise, I go to sleep at like 10 o’clock during the week and I don’t even care. It rocks.

8. Reading. Ok, most improved right here! So far this year I’ve read Beautiful Ruins, Gone Girl, We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves, The Husband’s Secret, and it seems like more but I can’t remember. I joined a book club at work and am currently reading The Book Thief, and listening to Where We Belong in my car. Joining my book club at work was a great idea, so was finding good books I really wanted to read.

9. Creating. Besides making the occasional card, I haven’t really done this. Any kind of artsy/room projects have just slipped by the wayside! I need to plan some projects for this category.

10. Traveling. I’ve been traveling pretty regularly, even enough to make me look forward to a lazy weekend in Nashville! I visited Canada with my parents in May, but I’ve learned even a weekend road-trip is enough to awake my inner wanderer whimsy. Up next in the queue: Harrisonburg, Virginia for another wedding weekend!

11. Not complaining, like, ever. Ha, has the theme of this update been “constant contest” or what? This is just a goal, ok guys?? But, I read an awesome quote on Pinterest the other day, “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.” Let that be my new intention for the day as I wake up.

As always, thanks for your support + making perfectly P a safe space where a girl can grow!

In the spirit of a safe space: how are your resolutions shaping up for the year? It’s certainly not too late to make a change, today!

Additionally if you have any tips for saving money, not complaining, reading books, put ‘er there (in the comments!)


Andi said...

sounds like you are on the right track! I did monthly goal posts last year, but I almost always failed. This year, I didn't make any official resolutions, and I'm doing a lot better at the things I was trying to achieve last year. So maybe goals aren't a good idea for me!

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting! I have no idea how I am doing with my year goals. Or any idea what they were…. maybe I should dig them out and do a similar mid-year goal check :)


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is such a great post. I appreciate your honesty about each of them too :)

I didn't make any resolutions besides getting healthier really. I have been into being active moreso lately but hey, you've gotta start somewhere, right? As for yours, how was Gone Girl? I've heard so much about it and I may even own it but it's been so long since I've felt like reading. I wish I could be more disciplined with money, especially when it comes to clothes. I work so little as it is that I should use my extra money for clothes and other fun things and that's it. My boyfriend runs a store online and I can work for him for extra money. I'm sure if I only allowed myself to spend the extra money instead of profit from my job, I'd work from home a whole lot more! I'll have to keep you posted about that goal. Oh, and I can totally relate with the "if you already have it, don't buy it thing." For the most part, I'm really good about this in terms of beauty products. I did a major cleanout a few months ago and refuse to buy anything new unless I run out of something. There are some bath products I've had for years that I'm still trying to use up but I'm determined to finish them all!

Priya said...

Gone Girl is fantastic. I read it in 2 days. You should try putting yourself on a really strict budget, giving yourself an allowance for clothing. That way, you do have some money to spend, but once it's gone, it's gone!

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