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scheduled posts feel a bit deceiving to me, so I'll go ahead and say: I'm away for the weekend celebrating the nups of my friend Ashton & Ashley (might need to work on that abbrev.) but let's look at an outfit from next week, shall we?
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I've very open about having the best intentions for a closet challenge, but never actually doing one. I'm real big about not setting myself up for failure! however, I like to trick myself into clothing challenges; meet this white button-up I stole borrowed from Huntee. I'm convinced there are a million ways to style it, so I've been challenging myself to wear it once a week. here's another outfit that is so simple, yet I loved it possibly even more than this one! 
 photo IMG_5506_zpsd9198e47.jpg
| earrings: gift | top: Huntee's | skirt: H&M | wedges: Target | ribbon: cut from dress? | bracelet: F21 |

here I attempt to do that pretty skirt-swishing/twirling thing that so many bloggers have mastered. why does this pose always make me look ridiculous? real talk.
 photo IMG_5504_zps352dc97f.jpg
motivations for this shot: I'm proud of my self-mani. I rarely advertise products on my blog because I'm definitely not organized enough for that, BUT: I love New York Color Quick Dry Nail Polish (this shade is Prospect Park Bloom.) because: the shades are lovely, it does dry quickly and my impatience is the bane of doing my own nails, and at $1.99 you could literally buy them all if you wanted to. I also have Columbus Circle Crimson and Prince Street. for colder weather nails. CoCo
 photo IMG_5503_zps9316985f.jpg
as long as we're on the subject, I'm pretty pleased with my self-pedi too #balleronabudget. 
 photo IMG_5493_zps252e8faf.jpg
last time I wore this skirt I think I royally failed, and wondered if it was an un-worthy purchase. because it's a midi, I realized it is essential to have the top fitted at the waist. the button-up fit the bill!
 photo IMG_5500_zps61e3330e.jpg

that's all for now folks! oh wait one more thing: my hair is long enough for a top-knot! 


Larissa said...

Priya you are just a fashionqueen! Seriously! You looks are lately ALL stunning! I enjoy your blog more and more with every post! I mean, I always loved it and I love all your posts about your life and stuff, but recently everything around here became even more pretty and wonderful. This outfit is so so so so cute! The skirt is awesome and I love all the small details, such a fingernails and the knot in your blouse.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This outfit is so lovely! I love everything about it! All the colors are so soft and feminine! That skirt is so pretty! I just pinned this outfit to my Pinterest! :)

joy said...

This outfit is soooo gorgeous! It reminds me of something Kendi Everyday would wear :) I love how you wore that midi skirt (ahh they are so hard to pull off but man you make it look easy, hahah) with the white button up. And those shoes look so cute and versatile!

(I haven't started watching Orange is the New Black but I'm thinking about starting it since I've been hearing so many good things about it!)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Priya!! You look Ah-mazing in this outfit!! I would have never guessed that shirt came from Hunter. And hey, little style challenges still count! Oh man, those shoes are perfection! Having the brown and black together make them super versatile I'm sure.

Emily said...

This outfit is gorgeous! I absolutely love the combo of the button-down with the feminine skirt and kind of unexpected shoes (I am always so tempted to go matchymatchy). And I totally feel you about the twirl shot -I have tried and failed sooooo many times!

Unknown said...

What a fresh look! Love the pink pleated skirt. And those sandals...Ugh. LOVE THEM.

Becca xo

Kristian said...

I really like both button up looks. This is smashing too (plus, I just like you in pale pink/blush)

Priya said...

"fashionqueen" is an excellent compliment. thank you so much Larissa, that is so thoughtful and kind of you!

Priya said...

thanks for doing that !

Priya said...

woah- the ultimate compliment! thanks Joyce!! if you haven't already started it- you must!

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