snapshots of life, volume VII

hi! there's been some awesome things that have happened lately, including weekend trips that are short but so sweet! I've neglected to do full "weekend updates", but I definitely didn't want to forget some adventures of the Summer so far. also, I'm still getting birthday presents, which isn't soooo bad ;) 
 photo snapshotsJune_zpsda7cf70c.jpg

[left to right] top row:  
1. my hilarious crew from the weekend. with ribbons from the b & g's grand escape. what a blast!
2. the sweet bride & groom, Ashton and Ashley! what a lovely, heart-felt wedding. congrats you two!
3. SHELBY GOT ME BEYONCE NAIL DECALS FOR MY BDAY. concert manicures happening.

middle row: 
1. I made chili (first time) for a work potluck last week. am I eating all this week? obvi.
2. I had an entire family of cousins stop through Nashville last week! what fun to see them real quick. 
3. remember Kelley? this is Kelley's niece! getting to meet/hang with her + Kelley's twin sis was nearly spiritual. 

bottom row: 
1. last week we house-sat and Hunter made strawberry BISQUE! and other things. but holy Bisque!
2. my sweet friend Jacqui got me the most fabulous mug for my birthday. been using it  + feeling a bit fancy everyday! 
3. just some World Cup sports bar hangs with Sundar that I don't take for granted!

I've spent Monday + Tuesday really pretty chill, but still in that Priya sorta way which means cleaning my room, sorting my Summer clothes, running errands, and absolutely plowing through my book club book for Wednesday. 

Huntee's out of town 'til Wednesday, when I assume we'll commence our normal Summer hangs, gearing up for another full weekend that will be (mostly) local! sweet relief! 

hope to catch up with everyone's recent Summer adventures soon. thanks for reading!

more snapshots? aren't you sweet. 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You are quite the busy bee these days huh? It looks like you have some amazing friends and coworkers :) We will definitely need to be seeing those nail decals on here soon!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Looks like you've had an event few weeks!! Those food pics are making me hungry!

Priya said...

I've been wearing them in like the last 5 outfit posts, haha. they're still hanging on though my nails are pretty trashed!

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