(Birthday) Party Pants

Today marks the first time in the history of ever that I am posting about the outfit I am wearing today. Like I mentioned last time I was here, I spent the weekend with my girl Stephanie. She flew in from California on Thursday, and I just took her to the airport this afternoon :,(

But I don't know if I mentioned that she is a brilliant photographer. Or that I thoroughly exploited her while she was here. You could have guessed that, right? Expect a slew of photos by her to follow.
 photo BlogResolution920140817_zps9c00ec41.jpg
| top: vintage (giveaway win) | jeans: gift (Seven For All Mankind) | clogs: Old Navy | leather cuff: handmade by a friend |

If you're a blogger like me, your first priority is just getting photos and making do with the best ones. If someone with talent can take your pictures, that's awesome. But a pro with a UNIVERSITY DEGREE in photography? Shut the front door.

I'm house-sitting right now and it comes with the most amazing screened in porch. It was totally dark in here yesterday while we were combatting stormy weather. Dark enough to where if I tried to take pictures out here, game over. But she's the best! I honestly think it is magic that the lighting in these is so dang nice. Thanks a million, Schepy! More about your weekend (and many more pictures you took) here in Nashville later! If you're interested in seeing more of her work, ch-ch-check it out!
 photo BlogResolution420140817_zps269e3eb2.jpg
Ah yes, the outfit. Remember when jeans and a top was your bread and butter look (circa 2nd-10th grade?) And then you stopped wearing it completely because wearing a dress made you look like you put some thought into what you were wearing? 

Well, everything old is new again. Just a super simple look, with three pieces, that I think works great. 
 photo BlogResolution820140817_zpscbdc4608.jpg
 photo BlogResolution120140817_zps3d34b4bf.jpg
Funny story about these jeans, here's the first part: I'm obsessed! I am a believer in jeans again! 

Last weekend when my sisters were here, Friday afternoon I was at work, and they were running amuck. They came back to my office with matching Seven jeans. Carina laments, "These were on sale and look amazing. Aw, we should have bought you a pair! I totally would have gotten you some for your birthday! Sorry!!"

If I am to be perfectly honest with you (alternation titles for my blog: "perfectly Honest" OR "And I'm Still Getting Birthday Presents") I was pretty determined to go back by the store and get a pair. Sometimes you have to make your belated birthday presents happen! And this time, they did. 

Oh! I nearly forgot; the punchline of the story is that by the time we went back and bought them, it was on Carina's actual birthday. That's right. She bought me a pair of new jeans for my belated birthday present on her birthday. Because she's the best.
 photo BlogResolution720140817_zps7d8a4cbf.jpg
Today also marks the first day of my "back-to-back-weekends with out of town visitors" rehabilitation plan. Leftover pad thai, New Girl, and that screened-in sofa is calling my name! Bye!! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Wow your friend is quite the photographer! Those pictures turned out amazing! Although a pretty girl as the subject probably helps :)

Gosh, I can't believe how many people you've had over recently! I'd need a full week to recuperate I'm sure! Oh man, those jeans look amazing on you. Your sister's did good.

Danielle Wallace said...

You look so pretty in these pictures! You're friend did a great job, but come on, she's got a great subject. ;)
I still love a good jeans and blouse look, but I can get wrapped up in the remixing, layering, and accessorizing sometimes. This vintage blouse is sooo pretty and dainty, and I'm glad you let it shine all by itself by just pairing it with jeans. Even when out of town visitors are your family, it can be exhausting! You definitely deserve some r +r!

Isabella said...

The pastel floral looks so pretty with your dark hair, and I love the vintage piece mixed with the modern jeans! I really like the sandals as well. So nice that your sis bought you the jeans, and that your friend was there to take these lovely pictures :)


Alysia Avé said...

Shut the front door indeed. The pics are beautiful, you are gorgeous, and your outfit rocks my socks. The end.

Alysia Ave

Nothing but a Pigeon said...

I love this floral blouse you got goin' on and that picture with you looking down... gosh you're a doll!

Andrea Fer said...

Pri--this pictures are AMAZING!!! Love it!!! I want to take her to take dome good pics toooo! Seriously--make one of these your "about me" picture!!!

Priya said...

You're too sweet. Thanks Lauren!! I know, I loved it but it kinda wears you out at the same time!

Priya said...

Thanks Danielle :) I'm ready to wear this outfit again and again and just switch out the top!

Priya said...

Thanks Isabella! I'm so glad the outfit worked out as somewhat interesting. It felt simple, but pretty!

Priya said...

Haaaa. Thanks girl!

Priya said...

Thank you sweet Taylor!

Priya said...

Thanks my girl!! I know, I should have set that up and had her take pictures for you too, forgive me! I'm hoping to use some of the flower crown pictures for that, but these make great back-ups!

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