Weekend Update: From Lookout Mtn.

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Hunter and I took off Saturday morning as early as we could muster for Chattanooga, "the Scenic City." We stopped for free coffee at McDonald's because, duh. I'd been Chattanooga a bunch of times, visited Rock City, and even ran a race there, but never really seen all it had to offer. It was a whirlwind 24ish hours, but I really think we took the Scenic City by storm. 

I was so impressed by how clean, spread-out, and gorgeous it was! It's a quick (two hours) and beautiful drive from Nashville, and I can't wait to go back! I would absolutely recommend a Chattanooga weekend getaway to anyone in Nashville (or in the world, really.) Sundar got a room at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo and I loved it. 

Saturday we hiked for about three hours on Lookout Mountain; stopping at Sunset Rock, Point Park, and Cravens House. I want to go on a long hike every weekend! I always forget how much I love spending time like that outside until I do it. 

We also ate & drank like, everything. There are definitely some foodie gems in that city, which is like the best part of any city. We had a second breakfast at Grocery Bar, dinner at Terminal Brewery, drinks at Flying Squirrel (if you have to pick one place go here!),  drinks at The Pickle Barrel (coolest shaped dive bar right in downtown), and we actually went BACK to Terminal Brewery (hungry boys.) Sunday we ate at City Cafe before we headed back to Nashville.

Also on Sunday we took Sundar to the airport and watched him take-off, which was SO awesome! I am incredibly proud of him, and so happy we got to have this little "Uncle Sam sponsored hang." Spending time with family makes me feel like I have such a good thing. I love having a family member in the same region, finally (for now!) 

I'm feeling thankful for an end of Summer mini-adventure with two of my favorite guys. And I am SUCH a wimp when it comes to traveling! To be fair, it was a weekend full of a lot of doing and a little sleeping (including the most glorious nap on Sunday afternoon.) I tried to wake up and go to the gym this morning to work off some of those craft beers, and I'll let you guess how that ended up. 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

These pictures are amazing!! I love hiking! I should go hiking before it gets too cold.
Sincerely, Sara

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww it sounds like such a great weekend Priya! The scenery looks absolutely stunning, perfect for hiking. And I can't believe how many eateries you were able to visit in a single weekend! Makes me want to check them out!

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