Graphic Tee Week #3: The Forev Fave

For today's installment of Graphic Tee Week, I'm featuring my forever favorite (not to be confused with my high school favorite, from yesterday.) This is a tee I have been obsessed with since I inherited/stole it from my sister, Carina; and worn throughout high school, college, and real life. I've mentioned a few times on my blog how I'm everyone's token "donut friend" (I used to work at a Donut Shop and now everyone associates donuts with me...) and I also seem to be everyone's cupcake friend. Basically, I have a monster sweet tooth and I'm obsessed with cupcakes. 
 photo IMG_6632_zpsd654cc3c.jpg
| blazer: F21 | tee: UO | jeans: 7 For All Mankind | booties: Old Navy | purse: H&M |

So this is a tee that lands in the safe zone every time I'm trying to down-size t-shirts. I think I'll keep it forever. So though I usually wear it with the same pair of sweatpants, it was fun to try and style it for real life. I've seen some fantastic pins of blazers over graphic tees, and though I'm not really a blazer girl myself, I would agree that it instantly makes a t-shirt work appropriate. Or church appropriate, in my case for this outfit. 
 photo IMG_6637_zps8c3d008a.jpg
To take your favorite graphic tee of all time out of the comfort of your own home & sweatpants, try out the blazer + graphic tee combo. If your forever favorite is covered in baked goods, the structure of a blazer and skinny jeans may add the commentary "I have a sweet tooth, but I'm still professional." 
 photo IMG_6634_zps6e9c014d.jpg
If you missed Graphic Tee Week #1 & #2, check them out here: The Rand-Me-Down // The HS Fave. Also, Andi is co-hosting this theme week, so check out her graphic tees here!

Link up your graphic tee below, and remember, Graphic Tee Week runs 'til this Friday. Yup, that means I'll be overthinking my t-shirts for three more days.

Because I know you're dying in anticipation, tune in tomorrow for: The Band Tee.



Unknown said...

Cute graphic tee! I like how you paired it with a black blazer which helps it to stand out. Happy Wednesday, Priya :)

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

What a cute graphic T

katie marie v said...

This is totally cute. I can see this shirt being one that is a bit "too young" for me, but the way you have it styled with the blazer and booties makes it look fun AND more grown up. The best of both worlds :)

Ashley said...

Um, I am in LOVE with this shirt. Seriously, I would wear it in a second. I actually had a really similar pair of pajama pants at one point I loved them! Unfortunately they got a hole in the butt so I had to give them up. But it was hard!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

"I have a swert tooth but I'm still professional. " oh my gosh you crack me up! You're rockin the graphic tees this week girl! I think this one is my favorite yet. No wonder it's a forever favorite :)

Marisa Noelle said...

You and me both Priya! I have the worst sweet tooth imaginable and I'm everybody's cupcake gal too, hehe. Really LOVING this tee and how you've incorporated it into a classy, chic look. I need to do more of this thing. My graphic tees get no love from me - but this will have to change. And whoa....you are 5'2 as well?!! I never would have guessed! You seriously look about 5'7 in your photos. Have a sweet day gorgeous gal!

Isabella said...

You classed up the T-shirt PERFECTLY! I love the variety of well-drawn desserts in the print, it's so cute and a little arty. I have a major sweet tooth, too, and would wear that all the time.


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

That t-shirt is adorable!!! So stinking cute! Who wouldn't want a shirt covered in donuts? That's awesome that you worked at a donut shop!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Such a chic outfit - my favorite from this week. So simple yet so elegant. That is the most adorable graphic tee as well. Well done, Priya. =)

Arica J. said...

Love that shirt! So cute, I love pairing cute t shirts with blazers!

Arica, xxo

Priya said...

I don't know if we should keep saying "worst" sweet tooth, like it's a bad thing ;)
5'7"??! The ultimate compliment. Thanks Marisa!!

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