[what I'm doing] this week [besides blogging]

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irrelevant. but I did take this from my front porch the other day, and it's an accurate portrayal of the weather.

- coordinating (& participating, passing out, and throwing up in) a Blood Drive [Tuesday]
- working on our volunteer Haunted House [Thursday]
- moving out of my house [all week]
- driving to Memphis for Halloweekend [Friday]
- celebrating my "Emmaversary" (one year at my job!) [Thursday]
- being disappointed in myself re: a Halloween costume. too. much. happening. [all week] 
- generally feeling crazy [all week]

not conducive to blogging, but you know how that is.

plus Graphic Tee Week, although fun and insightful, was a lot more blogging than I normally do in one week! so I'm taking it easy. looking forward to being back next week when my life and therefore brain are a little more in order.

wishing you ALL a fabulous, safe Halloweekend, and marvelous end to your October, full of the good stuff (included, not limited to: Reeses' Pumpkins, colored wigs, pumpkin anything really, The Monster Mash, Double Bubble, and perfect Fall weather.) 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

good luck with your move

Anonymous said...

Oh good luck with the move Priya! Moves can be tiring, I hope it goes ok. And happy halloween! (do we get to hear more about the volunteer haunted house at some point? I hope!)xx

Priya said...

Lailaaaaa! Thanks. You certainly will, it wore me right out, but was super fun. Thanks dear. Great to hear from you!

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