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Then I probably made it through Holiday party week, packing, and festivity prep, and remembered to schedule this post! Who says you can’t do it all. I was freaking out for most of the time, but I did itttttt. I always feel phony if I don’t give full disclosure on a scheduled post, so while I look like I’m standing in an infinity scarf at a festive roundabout, I’m really en route to Hawaii (or, I’m probably there by now.) And ridiculously giddy, no doubt!
 photo IMG_6967_zps32231e0b.jpg
| scarf: ASOS | top: secondhand H&M from Jamie | belt: from dress | pants: secondhand F21 from Jamie | socks: gift (Madewell) | booties: Target |

How is your holiday season going? When I flew back from California after Thanksgiving, I knew these two weeks would fly by, but holy COW. It’s already time for the next holiday. I have felt completely insane but I really have no complaints. All fun stuff. I sincerely hope you’ve managed to find that perfect gift for everyone, get your décor up in time, and do those things that make this season so fun.
 photo IMG_6962_zps61e52d26.jpg
Ah, clothing. I finally got some ponte-knit leggings (Old Navy) and that’s really all I’ve been wearing for two weeks [not pictured.] Right before Thanksgiving, my co-worker Jamie, one of the funniest people I’ve ever known, allowed me to tag along as she cleaned out her closet. And she has great taste. I can’t think of a better example symbiotic relationship. Literally bees and flowers have nothing on us.
 photo IMG_6968_zps747dcd4d.jpg
This top and these pants are both from her. They jumped out of the bag as a perfect combination. I think wearing pants that aren’t jeans is always an accomplishment. This scarf is a giveaway win from ASOS last season that I was pumped to break out again. It’s one part neck-brace, two parts perfection.
 photo IMG_6963_zpsaf1b7dcb.jpg
And if my fun little socks haven’t been on here yet, they changed my life. I mean that in the grossly exaggerated but still acceptable vernacular of a fashion blogger. Katie sent me these Madewell beauts in a belated birthday package and I try to wear them whenever I can! They match the top pretty perfectly and make booties/cropped pants in the Winter bearable.
 photo IMG_6966_zps275321f5.jpg
How cute is this little square in Hunter’s neighborhood? Got me feelin’ some (festive) type of way. Last weekend (?- I don’t even know anymore) when we celebrated our Christmas (Santa brought Hunter a new white button-up so I can inherit his permanently because he really needed it, and a gift card to The Art of Shaving, because, I’m in a Holidaze, remember?), Hunter drove me around to look at the best lights of Nashville after dinner & gifts. It was perfectttt. For any of you locals- I would recommend checking out Annandale, Sunnyside, and Lipton Court, pretty impressive!

Ok. So I’m officially on Christmas vacation. I’ll plan on stopping by later this week as the “ghost of perfectly Priya Christmases past” to bring you the best of my previous holiday posts. This is because I do NOT have my stuff together and I have no gift guides or Christmas DIYs (ha- do I ever have DIYs?) to share with you. I tell you this because we’re all friends around here.

In the meantime—enjoy your holi days, I hope they are so merry and bright. Thanks for reading my rambley writing (my journal is even worse, promise. But no one gets to read that, not even me, because I can’t decode what I’m saying half the time ;)


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Enjoy your time in Hawaii

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I absolutely love this whole outfit! I would love to become better friends with some of my coworkers because making more friends is always great! I'm also realizing that I need more pants than just jeans because I wear them too often. It's either jeans and a sweater or a dress and it's getting a little boring. That scarf look SO warm!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're having an amazing time Priya, what a busy festive season you've got! I hope you're enjoying yourself and can't wait to hear more soon. Have fun in Hawaii!! I'm super behind on festive posts as well, I figure there's enough DIYs and gift guides around anyway or some such xxx

Larissa said...

I would totally wear this outfit! I love the blouse (favorite color, favorite shape, plus dots - perfect!) and I love the cool combination with the pants and the big scarf. Great job!


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Hahahahahaha wearing pants other than jeans is an accomplishment! I feel that way when I wear a skirt or dress instead of pants! Hand-me-downs are so great! That scarf looks especially cozy! Need it!

Kristian said...

Not sure how I missed this post, but adorable! (and lol at the "wearing pants other than jeans is an accomplishment. I think much of the blogosphere would agree with you though in truth I wear not-jeans pants a lot for work).

I love how this feels very chic yet effortless. And the socks with the shirt is a perfect match!

Priya said...

Such a good ASOS find, and I think I bought it in the Spring so it was like $10! Off season is the best time to buy scarves!

Priya said...

Thanks Kristian! Was very stoked about the socks + shirt.

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