Black Velvet and [Those] Little Boy's Smile[s]

So last Friday afternoon, I found myself in my favorite city in the world, killing a couple hours with two guys I just adore. Naturally, I said something like "So, if we happen to find ourselves in a nice little park, and I have my camera on me, and I'm wearing an outfit I like..." Amir and Huntee are used to my old schemes, and happily obliged. But only after they showed off their best "blogger poses" while I took some test shots. 
 photo IMG_7938_zpsubuf7rf8.jpg
 photo IMG_7955_zpscvphtdwm.jpg
 photo IMG_7959_zpsx85n1lzp.jpg
 photo IMG_7948_zpslngwn92o.jpg
| blouse: secondhand H&M | leggings: Target | flats: Report from Carina | purse: Marc Jacobs from Carina | 

As I mentioned in my packing post for this trip, I really lived in these leggings over the weekend. They are supremely comfy, and the luxe velvet feels fancier than normal knit leggings. I also lived in these gold flats, which my heels seriously regretted, but I knew they would. Not sure if this purse has ever made it on the blog before, but it is a faaabuloussss hand-me-down from my sister Carina. Speaking of, wait until you see the shoes she gave me when I went home! The sister life is the life for me!! 

A couple more shots from our afternoon on the streets of San Francisco:
 photo IMG_7967_zpsylsyrs4k.jpg
 photo IMG_7964_zpsvqv03hrt.jpg
We walked all around, got Starbucks, stumbled into a street fair, where Huntee found new sunglasses, and walked some more to meet Carina at her office, where we hung out for Happy Hour and after met Mal at Southern Pacific! How awesome is the City Hall building? Here's the full post on my recent trip home to CA!

Happy Friday one and all! I really feel like we hit the ground running this week, after skipping Monday and going straight into the middle of the week Tuesday. It's been a pretty busy one. 

What I want to do this weekend:
sleep for 24 hours straight.

What I'm actually doing this weekend:
a little soiree for Huntee's birthday, some babysitting, trying out a new restaurant with friends, then laundry/cleaning/unpacking/generally getting my life back together. 

Can't complain, I suppose. Have a lovely one, friends! 

**Oh, btw. The title of this post is creepy, but I couldn't resist. 1000 bonus points if you can tell me where it comes from! 


Danielle Wallace said...

Ohhh this title is the best! I danced to that song in high school. How do you get them to take such good pictures of you? I refuse to even ask my husband any more because he would take such bad pictures... and not to mention complain about needing more than just one picture taken! haha. You always seem to inherit the best stuff from your sisters!

Alysia Avé said...

Those "blogger" poses your guys struck are hilarious! I need to try and get the hubs to do it :-)
I love your outfit! The color of the blouse is super flattering!

Alysia Ave

Larissa said...

Haha, I sooo know that... like when I go on a walk with my hubby and I say something like "well, you know I brought my camera and here is this perfect little spot for a really really quick shooting which will only take two minutes...." :D
I love your blouse and I envy you for being able to visit San Fransisco plus enjoying this beautiful spring weather!
Have a wonderful weekend dear Priya!

Priya said...

Oh I'm so glad you got the title! It's totally creepy :) and one of those super random songs that I love. Hunter's actually gotten pretty good at knowing exactly what to do. Of course, I find the good lighting and mess with the camera settings. I really do, my sister is a goldmine haha

Priya said...

Didn't even coach them at all, they just KNOW! Thanks girl, this was a very rand-me-down from my old roommate's co-worker, ha

Emily said...

Ha ha that song! I used to hear it on the bus going home from school all the time. No offense if you like that song but I HAAAAATED it so much :)

I am always way too shy to ask anyone to take my picture and wind up doing ridiculous things like using a baby shoe for a "tripod" ...

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I seriously love the pictures in this post. Your guys are hilarious! Pretty sure I haven't seen a single blogger look like that ;)

That coral top is serious money. Paired with black makes it stand out like crazy! I love it. And I'm super jealous of your handbag hand-me-town. A Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is my dream bag. There'a a gorgeous greyish taupe one and a black one that I drool over every time I see one.

Priya said...

You say ridiculous, I say ingenious!

Priya said...

Thanks Lauren! They *think* they're pretty funny ;)

I was sssoooo excited when she gave it to me. I think you should definitely save up for one! They are super nice.

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