packing list: for another long weekend

It has been a whiiiile since I did a packing post. I think it's because honestly, when I've traveled lately, it feels like last-minute panic mode. I throw as many things as I can fit into a bag, instead of taking the time to pack smart. And it does take time. But, ultimately, it saves time, and makes a trip a lot more relaxing. Vain as it may sound, I feel more confident, and generally more prepared when I open my bag and like what I find. Instead of thinking "Who packed this bag?" It happens.

I flirted back and forth between packing the minimum and going hog-wild and packing everything on my trip home last weekend. I don't know where the numbers came from, but I thought to myself, I bet I could pack ONLY three tops and three bottoms. Then naturally I made myself stick to that for every item. Choosing a number and sticking with it make packing simply a lot less complicated in my brain, I totally recommend that method.

Here's what I took:
 photo packing3.1_zpsyhmhaccb.jpg
not pictured: undies, toiletries, purse, a pair of running shorts, bridesmaid dress to be altered

This is literally everything! I have to confess that typically I pack a whole separate wardrobe of clothes to exercise in, but this packing list includes those (minus running shorts which I didn't even wear!) Umm, this is a huge accomplishment, that actually worked out pretty well. 

Let's take a closer look at the items (disclaimer: nothing special. But I love seeing packing lists, and so I hope you will enjoy it/find it helpful also!)
 photo IMG_8048_zps9xlvxvhf.jpg
Madewell purple tee, H&M blouse (worn here), H&M gray tee. 

Both the t-shirts were rand-me-downs from Carina that I've grown to love. T-shirts were an easy choice because they are comfy for travel and hiking, but could also be dressed up for the bridal shower. I'm realizing that I also packed a gray t-shirt for the same trip last year. It truly is a great basic to always have on hand. 
 photo IMG_8057_zpszu54cxnv.jpg
Vintage gingham skirt (from Mallory), Asics running tights, Target velvet leggings (worn here.) 

I wanted to live in my velvet leggings this weekend, and I basically did. They're super comfy for travel, but also perfect for dressing up for a night out. I recently inherited this great pencil skirt from Mallory, and figured it would be perfect for a bridal shower. I could live in running tights (sometimes do) and knew they would be handy for hiking, playing ping-pong, etc. 
 photo IMG_8046_zpsbd0yji8l.jpg
Teal scarf (worn here), 31 Bits necklace (worn here), Target floral necklace (worn here

Accessories are always tricky for me, but especially when packing. It really helped to just choose three items, that I knew would go with a couple outfits each.

Have I really only blogged this scarf once? I randomly stole it from my sister a while ago, and it's my absolute favorite. I like having a scarf when I travel, mostly because it doubles as a blanket. This one is slightly oversized and so soft. Purple and red has become my new favorite color combo, and I thought my 31 Bits necklace would be great with my dress for the show! This floral necklace is one of my favorites, and was just perfect for the shower. 

I'll add that I also had some jewel stud earrings, and my default crown necklace, for everyday wear.
 photo IMG_8033_zpsrbqkuu8n.jpg
Report gold flats (worn here), Mizuno trainers, Target wedges (worn here)

It was the hardest to stick to three pairs of shoes. I packed these gold flats because I hadn't worn them a whole lot, and they went perfectly with my outfit for the show. NOT perfect for walking around in SF. And ultimately NOT perfect for going out after the show. But they sure are cute, and, fashion is pain. 

I don't leave home without trainers, and bonus that these are super cute. I'm actually trying out the "street wear running shoes" trend (I spent a while trying to explain this one to my little brother, #bloggerprobz), which goes against everything I used to believe. This is because I spent 90% of high school and college in running shoes, before, during, and after practice. Like I said, these are actually cute, and wow, wearing trainers at the airport was so relaxing.  Will I ever wear running shoes with jeans, which used to be the bane of my existence? Time will tell.

I am also shocked these wedges have only been on the blog once? These are my favorite pair, seriously falling apart, and now reserved for special occasions. They worked expertly for the bridal shower and church on Sunday. Though I hardly remembered what it was like to wear open-toed shoes.
 photo IMG_8029_zpsyivvnikf.jpg
Old Navy leather jacket (worn here), secondhand UO sweater (worn here), secondhand UO dress

So I didn't wear this leather jacket, but I meant to. It would have worked over the dress OR over the blouse. This sweater is basically my life. Though I'm not buying new clothes right now, I am absolutely taking notes of what I would like to buy. A couple more long, cozy, knit cardigans from Urban Outfitters are atop the list. This sweater pairs perfectly with leggings for traveling, or hanging around the house. This cute dress was inherited from my sister (I think she messed up the pleats in a washing machine accident?) it's darling, but a little small for me :/ still, it worked great for the show.

So- I'm pretty pleased with how this packing list turned out! I had enough to wear, and what I packed worked well for the temperature and activities. This might be my best packing list ever, which just means I'm getting better (not getting any worse, anyway!)

Funny story about all of this though: I bragged a few times, especially to my mom, who always tells me I over-pack, that I only had "three tops and three bottoms!" with me. Saturday at dinner before the show, I broke a plastic fork mid-bite and flipped my plate all over my dress. I had nothing to change into because "three tops three bottoms!" Oh the irony. As they say though, on with the show! 

If you're interested in any other series around here, check out that handy list I finally added at the bottom of the page! Be back soon with an outfit I put together from this limited packing list. Hope you're having a great week, and thanks for reading along!



Alissa said...

Yay for long weekends! Your packing is on poooiinnnnt girl! Bravo to you!

Danielle Wallace said...

I'm totally an over packer. No matter how hard I try! I always want to be smart with my packing like this and bring remixable items but I always chicken out! I hope we'll get to see some of the outfits you put together with these pieces :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

You're so good at packing! Love all of these pieces! Have fun!!!

Larissa said...

I like this idea of packing three of each kind. Like that you still got to choose what to wear and you keep some flexiblity but still you do not overpack. I usually take entire outfits with me and I also often forget things... or I realize too late that the shoes I packed do not fit my outfit or something like that :D

Priya said...

Next time, start thinking about it well in advance. If you take some time to brainstorm, you could totally do it!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Priya, you did so great with your packing!! This was the perfect amount for a long weekend home. Has it warmed up in Nashville at all since you've been back? Spring is teasing us here and I was able to wear my Converse yesterday and ankle boots the day before! What is this craziness?? So sad to hear about your dress! I laughed at your mom's comment :)

Kristian said...

Smart packing (and what a fun post!)

Emily said...

Ooh I totally feel you about the scarf-doubles-as-a-blanket while traveling thing. I felt like a genius when I figured that one out! Bonus points if it's cotton and washable, because I pretty much always manage to get something gross on me while flying.

Also: Purple and red - YES.

Priya said...

We JUST, like today, had a beautiful day. So we're getting there!! Yes, I just have to get my dress dry-cleaned I should be fine :)

Priya said...

I should definitely wash my scarf as well, after dragging it around all the airports and planes!

Yes! It's such an unexpected combo I wouldn't have thought of at first. Now I love it!

reshma said...

Just found your blog and it's super cute! I am always looking for inspiration and packing tips! I seem to never get it right. I really like how each category has a statement piece - like the pop of color with the top, leather jacket and the necklace. I hope you will post the different looks you put together with these pieces.

Priya said...

Thanks so much! I honestly didn't even think about having a "statement" in each one, but you're right about that. It worked out well. I actually only took one set of photos with these pieces, here: http://perfectlypriya.blogspot.com/2015/03/black-velvet-and-those-little-boys.html. Some other outfits can be seen in the general post about my trip: http://perfectlypriya.blogspot.com/2015/03/weekend-update-spring-fake-second.html :)

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