Thankful Thursday #5

It's Thankful Thursday time, y'all! Things are mostly good, besides an insane allergy attack today. I feel like a leaky faucet. TMI? Anyway, I'll kick off TTh with...
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25. Spring flowers. Especially when I can see them on a walk around my neighborhood, in front of beautiful homes. ^^^

26. Lunch dates with Huntee. I should add, during the workweek, which never happens. I had an errand to run this afternoon and combined it with meeting him for lunch. We met at a girly place and finished with cookies, white chocolate macadamia for him, molasses for me, and it was lovely!

27. Fun-size 100 Grand Bars. And whoever stocked their office candy dish with 'em. BEST.

28. My lucky pants. Especially when I wear them after a long time, and the dad of the new family I babysat for (yesterday) said, "Nice to meet you, cool pants!"

29. Being in constant contact with best friends. Brought to you by a group message and Bachelorette Party planning. Also counting down until next weekend when I get to hang with Jenae and Steph for an entire weekend, which again, never happens now that we're adults!

30. Galina! Who is coming into town late tonight! She's running the Music City Marathon Saturday morning, and we'll spend the rest of the weekend eating and doing our favorite sister things. So mostly eating. Be back Monday!!

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reshma said...

I love your Thankful Thursday posts! I'm really enjoy all the beautiful flower this time of the year... speaking of which, I just bought another potted mini-rose bush yesterday. I hope I can keep all of them alive!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Doesn't every girl need a pair of lucky pants? I'm not quite sure what mine would be now that I think about it. My favorite blue jeans? Too easy? I'll think on it. Yay for sister weekends! I hope you guys have an absolute blast. Eat something especially delicious for me :)

Unknown said...

Now I really need to know what a funsize 100 bar is? x

Priya said...

I know British candy has its' charms too...but check these out if you ever get a chance:

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