Balayage, baby

photos edited with VSCOCam and taken by Kelley
| top: Gap via Carina | skirt: J.Crew | jacket: Gap | clogs: Old Navy |

Hi! I am making strides with my Summer 2015 Bucket List, which has made for some busy, fun days. Nashville is covered in hazy, mirage-like, Summer humidity, and this week is going to be sweltering!

On my birthday I got my hair ombréd (I believe the correct term for this style is balayage, but correct me if I'm wrong.) I haven't really posted where you'd be able to see it yet, so here it is! I was originally going for Mindy Kaling's fabulous ombré, but mine ended up a lot more subtle since I'm a hair color baby. I really love it though! It feels totally fresh and new for me, perfect for being 24. If you're in Nashville, you must go see Olive at Trim, she is the BEST!

I suppose halfway through the month is a good time for me to say that my one-word-motto for June is: kindness. I would consider myself a pretty "nice" and generally "friendly" person; but I definitely don't go out of my way consistently to be kind. This motto can seem pretty vague, and since my brain works best in a "checking it off" fashion, I'm aiming for one random act of kindness every day. So far, I haven't been very consistent about it, but it's on my mind. How do you show kindness in your everyday life? Tips greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, I wore this today. I was seriously wiped from the weekend when I woke up this morning, so I brainstormed this outfit in my bed. It's alright, but this top flares at the bottom and doesn't tuck into a skirt well. I'll be changing the bottom half of this as soon as I get home, since I'm headed to a baseball game tonight!

This is such a #bloggerprob, but I have not had a chance to take outfit pictures at all recently, though I've wanted to. This is because the perfect storm of: being with Hunter/having my camera/in the daylight/when I'm wearing a cute outfit and makeup just hasn't happened! I hope I can get around to photographing my two birthday outfits soon. 

Thanks for reading friends, I hope you're covered with pleasant sunshine or magnificent air-conditioning, wherever you are! 


reshma said...

I love your new hair! Funny to read you mention this today because just this morning I was contemplating if I should just risk it and get my hair ombréd! I'm too scared though... Plus this is an #oldageprob but I go grey pretty quick so not sure if I'll be able to keep up with the maintenance. I'm loving the colors of your outfit too... I've been seeing a lot of purple lately... Looks good on you! :)

reshma said...

P.S. Good one word motto of the month!

nicole s. said...

couldn't be more obsessed with your hair or outfit. you look amazing in purple!

Priya said...

I would definitely suggest a more balayage color that phases itself out. Go for it, girl!

Danielle Wallace said...

^^^ What Nicole said!!
The past few weeks, I've been itching to wear a-line skirt outfits like this one.. then I remember that I'm pregnant and that that is not going to work!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Your hair looks amazing! Love the new coloring. That purple tank is one of my fave items on you. Purple is such a lovely color on you. I'm a sucker for those clogs every time you wear them :)

Brynn said...

This is a fantastic outfit, Priya! I love the purple, and that skirt is sooo pretty! I really dig your new hair, as well - so beautiful!

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