Weekend Update: golden

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If time is money, then weekends are gold.

Where all my working girls at?! This is totally a 9-5er (or generally working full-time...) phenomenon that I didn't experience until I graduated from college. At some point during this past weekend, I found myself thinking, what makes a weekend "good?" What makes me feel like I had a blast, but also recharged, and am ready to tackle the week ahead? Well, if I ever figure it out, I'll let you know. But I do know it's about finding that balance between:

being a master of ceremonies at Andrea's bridal shower, and hiking at Bowie Nature Park,
babysitting & dogsitting,
running as hard as I could, and napping so hard I stopped breathing,
eating cupcakes and bbq ribs,
seeing my first friend in Nashville, and picking up another friend from the airport after midnight, 
and generally, finding the balance between being a weekend warrior and chilling so hard. 

This weekend was golden.

Also notable: Saturday, August 15th, marks 6 years to the day from when I came to live in Nashville for the first time!

And this Monday...it's raining, I'm wrapped in a blanket at my desk, and counting down until I can get back in my bed! Here we gooooo this week


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

That cake is beautiful! My cousin in Texas has a cake company and I'm always swooning over how creative and masterful they are! Totally agree with you about weekends: there is a definitely a balance that needs to be struck for it to be a perfect weekend. There needs to be some adventure as well as some relaxing!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ok, I feel like there's some explanation to be had regarding your napping so hard you stopped breathing...!!!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

sound like you had a busy weekend. Glad you were able to squeeze a nap in.


Priya said...

Exaggeration :) but you know when you fall asleep so hard that you can feel yourself trying to wake up and you can't? Hunter likes to say, I slept so well I think I stopped breathing. So, just a figure of speech!

reshma said...

Couldn't agree with you more... weekends are definitely GOLD in my book as well and balance is really the key. I've been working 12 hr days lately and couldn't wait until this weekend. There is a lot to look forward to this weekend, but I really need to balance getting enough rest and enjoying the weekend to the fullest.

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