Stripey Sunday

| sunglasses: H&M | top, jeans, flats: Old Navy | purse: vintage (giveaway win!) | watch: c/o JORD |

Yesterday was pretty much the most perfect Sunday. I slept in but still made it ON TIME to church, met friends (shout-out to Ashley & squad!) at Hattie B's for hot chicken, had a long lazy/productive afternoon (including some overdue blog pics, watching football + drinking tea, cleaning up my apartment, swapping out Summer clothes for Fall, and Hunter putting up some new lights in my room), and then met some friends downtown for sushi, drinks, and more football. A few months ago I wrote about trying to find that perfect balance on the weekend; and well, I don't know how I could get closer than this.  

And this was the near perfect outfit to wear for the day's events! The weather in Nashville [blissfully] cooled down this weekend; so a pair of high-waisted jeans and a mid-sleeve shirt was a great combination with the temperature. 

Also- guess where I like to shop, haha. These jeans are the High-Rise Rockstar skinnies (I've blogged about them before) that I absolutely love. They fit me like a glove and are so comfy; and at $35 a pop, not a huge investment. I purchased this top recently, hoping it was a longer tunic style that I could wear with leggings. The two-tone stripes look so Madewell to me! It has more of a boxy fit and isn't as long as I thought, but I love it just the same.
| tee: J.Crew | jeans: Gap | shoes: Nike |

Hunter took a bunch of photos for me yesterday, and also looked cute in his outfit, so there you go. I always take test shots before we switch places, and normally he looks miserable in them (because this is the [only] part of taking my photos he totally hates.) In the next shot he's rolling his eyes or laughing at what I'm wearing, but I got a nice one for once <3 love you Huntee! 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This outfit is casual perfection! I love that top and those shoes! I wish I could pull off high-waisted jeans, but my food baby shows and it ain't a good look haha!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Dang! Hunter looks amazing in this picture! Ladies watch out! haha Love those jeans on you. Aren't the higher waist ones just so comfy? Plus they keep everything tucked in nicely! hahaa

Bri Marie said...

LOVE that striped shirt!

Priya said...

Thanks girl! I JUST bought it (for like $7 or something ridic.) Highly recommend!

Priya said...

Haha, I will pass the compliment along. He mostly hates being on my blog. Yes, I love them!!

Priya said...

You should try out a super stretchy pair like this one! You might find them very comfy and flattering!

reshma said...

So cute to see Hunter's outfit post and I love a good stripped tee!

Kristian said...

Once again another effortlessly cool outfit! I like the two-tones of stripes too.

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