Current State of the Union, 2.29.16

Monday, February 29

Currently / life:
+ I don't have anything super exciting to share with you guys. I've been hanging in town on the weekends, babysitting and trying to save for Paris, and very lately LOVING the nearly Spring weather. I'm almost completely (two boxes left!) settled into my new place and absolutely loving it. This house is so cozy, bright, and charming. Maybe I'll share photos at some point.
+ I'm nearly two months in to training for the SF Marathon in July, and having some serious sensitivity in my right shin (I earned myself two nasty stress fractures running in college so I'm predisposed, unfortunately.) In an effort to not ruin myself, I've joined a Lagree Fitness studio with two friends from work for some amazing strength training (if you are looking for a fantastic new workout that will shred you and make you feel awesome- I can't recommend it enough!) And tomorrow, I'm hopping back in the pool (fun Priya fact: I used to swim when I was growing up. Also I hated it.) Hunter was sweet enough to gift & send me one of those adorable racing suits, and I found my old goggles and swim cap. Wish me luck- it is going to totally kick my butt trying to swim laps again!
Currently / wish-listing: 
+ As we speak I have two sizes of these black high-waisted swimsuit bottoms on my bedroom floor (is it a wish-list if I already bought it?) Still deciding between a S or M, but now that I've tried on a high-waisted swimsuit bottom...UH I'm never wearing anything else bye! 
+ So then I feel like I shouldn't spend $39 on ONE set of bottoms when those ^ are $18 (sometimes I just whisper ParisParisParis to myself when I want to shop) but THESE Modcloth bebes are killing me. Art deco. Sea shells?! Quick poll where you tell me I have to buy them: go. Also sorry if this is a weird pelvic shot. 
+ Once again I already bought these Kellen A+ Pumps from Target because they were on sale and I cut off the tags because I was like so cute, comfy heel, I want to wear these tonight and then I totally didn't. The top strap is weird because it's not fitted around the ankle. Anybody have these? Anybody wear a 6.5 and want to trade...Untitled
Currently / beauty: 
+ So I went to Ulta for the first time this weekend- woah! Beauty friend Emma asked me to go with her post NoVo; to check out the new line of NYX liquid lipstick. I'm not one to resist trying a new lip color- so I got one too! This stuff goes on like gloss and STAYS on like matte lipstick (the shade I got is Life's a Beach, BRIGHT coral.) 
+ (clockwise from the NYX lip) My work make-up routine has been pretty simple these days: brows, a slick of mascara, and THIS highlighting blush. It was a total rand-me-down from my boss-mom Christine, and the perfect combination of subtle shimmer, blush, and highlighting.
+ I went two-fer nail polishes with Birchbox (The Color Club polish in That's My Jam) and ipsy (Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo in Sundays- my off duty nude) and promptly gave myself a needed mani-pedi. The Color Club polish dries to a glossy finish on my toes as advertised, and the nude-y pink couldn't be more chic on your fingers (but did require 3+ shades.)  
+ This Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Mask is an OLD Birchbox sample (initial review) that I broke out the other day (I have like zero storage space in my new house so I'm trying to use it up, wear it out...etc.) I have received many masks in my subs, but this has been the one to beat. It smells wonderful and leaves my face feeling dewy. 
+ From Birchbox this month, this Arrow Balm feels super hydrating and apparently "adjusts to enhance the wearer's natural lip color" which is pretty neat (I always notice a very subtle glossy pink.) Like chapstick with a little zing! 

*If you are interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox for $10/month, you can find my referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox. Loads more ipsy/Birchbox product reviews here. *

Currently / pop culture: I've been crushing some music lately.
Don't You- Wet. NOTHING ELSE IN THIS ENTIRE POST MATTERS- go listen to this album. You guys. It is perfect listening during work, a long run, driving, or in the shower (I've tested them all.) My favorite tracks are "It's All in Vain" and "All The Ways" but "You're The Best" and "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" are their singles? It's all fantastic. Shout-out to Little Peanut for this gem.
+ I have tickets to see Jillian Edwards (who I've loved long time) and Aaron Krause (brand new to me!) on Thursday. Of course I did some research and Aaron Krause's album Holding on to Love is reallll good. "All My Heart" is the title track and probably my fave, "Recreational" also super cool.
+ I have this fantasy where Leon Bridges & I are just hanging out like it's 1960, fighting for rights and wearing Varsity sweaters and generally being classy as hell. I love everything he's doing in Coming Home, and I'm so impressed at how he's made the retro sound contemporary for today.
+ I've been devouring vintage Britney (that sounds terrible!) Just a reminder that Crossroads the movie exists, and its' companion album Britney (and ...Baby One More Time and Oops!... I Did It Again.) I'm becoming convinced that no one gets me like Britney Spears in the '00s.
The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala this is a song I have listened to five times in one day, it's super good, catchy beyond compare, and Rachel TRIED to tell me.
+ Can we get a moment of silence for the majesty of the ageless unicorn that is Gwen Stefani? I made a tribute playlist called simply "oh, gwen" and you can listen along with me! "Cool" is giving me life day in and day out right now.

P.S. Follow me on Spotify, if you dare, but be prepared for lots of terrible pop music.

What are you getting into in terms of life, pop culture, wish-lists, or beauty? Don't hold out on me- share below! 

pep this

Sunday, February 28

| coat: H&M | scarf: secondhand from Kelley | top: Madewell | pants: Ann Taylor via Carina | shooties: Payless | earrings: gift from Katie | watch: c/o JORD | bracelet: gift from Amanda | lip color: Maybelline Colorsensational in Fuchsia Fever

Hi there! I hope this finds you at the tail end of a really lovely weekend. After a pretty crummy week of weather, we finally got some sunshine in Nashville this weekend and it. has. been. GLORIOUS! Everything just seems better with the warmer weather, and the things that come with it- long runs outside, potting tiny plants, eating & drinking on patios, and cleaning with the doors open, to name a few for me this weekend :) 

I definitely need to get a few more wears out of this coat before the weather turns too warm (history shows that I'll have a few chances for sureee.) It has the perfect silhouette and makes me feel totally fabulous. I bought it on a whim at H&M a few years ago, and just don't reach for it for some reason.

I know all black and all neutrals are totally in style right now, but I personally, physically, cannot wear an outfit without some sort of color or pattern. Even if it's just lip color. So this outfit was in perfect harmony for me; I felt business-y and ready to get stuff done at work this day, but also vibrant, and maybe a little whimsical. I never shy away from color (there's probably only a few more years where I can get away with it!), even if sometimes it feels like a bit much. How pretty is this scarf though? I might have to save the full story of how I got it for later, but suffice it to say, it is a VERY random hand-me-down (just how I like 'em.) 

I'll be back tomorrow with my Current State of the Union for February (here's the start of this series last month, in case you missed it!) Some serious (and not serious) things I am OBSESSED with right now. Don't miss it! 

Ethan & Andrea, 10.31.15

Friday, February 26

Last set of wedding photos from my run as a bridesmaid in 2015 [Amanda / Jenae / Jacqui.] 

I was so honored to be a part of Andrea and Ethan, some of our best friends here in Nashville, 's big day this past October (with Hunter!) The whole thing was a dreamy blast. 

*And per usual with these gorgeous wedding photos, I did not take/do not own any of them! They were done by the talented Jennifer Cody of Freestone Photography, who did a magnificent job- bar none- but notably with the challenge of a rainy day after all!* 
with Mia bebecita, the incomparable flower girl
wedding at St. Matthew Catholic Church in Franklin, TN
could you die over the sequin tableclothes?? 
this one is for Hunter, doing his dance routine with Ethan & Luis
reception at the Loveless Cafe barn which was awesome! 
so Hunter caught the garter and I caught the bouquet. seriously. 
all photos by Freestone Photography

P.S. I blogged about Andrea's bachelorette party here, and did a mini recap of the weekend here

Blushing Beauty?

Tuesday, February 23

| blazer: H&M | blouse: vintage (giveaway win) | jeans: Old Navy | flats: Report via Carina | watch: c/o JORD |

Guys, I need to stop buying blazers. Or, I need to start figuring out how to wear the ones I have, and keep buying them. I think they look so so cute on other people...but I just don't find them to be comfortable! Maybe I'm not buying the correct size? Am I just incompetent? Please advise! 

I'm linking up with today with Bri at Work Clothes, I Suppose, for Third Thursday Threads: Blushing Beauty! Bri is styling a super cute sweater + blouse combo that you should definitely check out! Now that I think about it, I have a few blush colored pieces that I wear quite a bit (pleated skirt / silk blouse) but I felt specifically inspired to try this blazer for the challenge. I bought it on my birthday last year on a trip to H&M; after seeing it in the store, and yet again thinking, a blazer! How cool! I love the way blazers look! I need it! I just need to stop doing that. 

This ensemb is interesting to me in retrospect. I mentioned recently how my favorite outfits lately have been a mashup of different styles- this one seems to be a mashup of a BUNCH of different styles. The high-waisted jeans + floral peasant blouse are totally 70's, while the blazer polishes it for the office, and the sparkly flats add a hint of glam. Too much? Well, the cool thing about blogging is it's all trial & error anyway! 

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week! I had a crazy busy weekend, for the most part, so I'm just getting back in my normal groove and hoping for some sunshine. Talk to you soon!

SmileBrilliant Review {final}

Monday, February 22

A few months ago, I came clean on perfectlyP about basically my only insecurity- my teeth, which are nowhere near as straight and white as I would like. I was excited to try out the at-home whitening treatment that had been sent to me by SmileBrilliant (check out that initial post here), because as I said then and I'll say again now, who doesn't want whiter teeth? 

So I've been whitening at home for the past few months, finally finished up, and now I get to share my experience with you! Disclaimer: my timing wasn't the best (throwing the holidays in the middle- not great) and this is the only teeth whitening I've ever done, so I don't have much to compare it to.

- the getting started process was thoroughly explained, and simple to do! 
- you just can't beat a whitening system where you're using trays that are a *custom fit* to your teeth. The trays stay in place, and I can't imagine another system whitening my teeth specifically as well as these did. 
- this sounds silly, but realizing I was trying a whitening system that would normally cost $500+ for FREE was a definite pro :)
- my biggest concern about using the gel was that it might irritate some sensitive spots I have, but it was totally fine! I started with 15 minute treatments and went up to over an hour, with no pain. 
- SmileBrilliant was completely lovely to work with. I had a contact the entire time that answered questions promptly, and checked in with me throughout! 
- maybe the only pro that matters--it actually worked! I started seeing results after two treatments, which was perfect because I'm one of those instant-gratification people. 

- if you do happen to get the whitening gel on your gums, it will burn. this could be user error.
- towards the end, the hardest part for me WAS finding an hour or so where I could plan to wear them at home. Having custom fitted trays is a plus, but you definitely can't go out and do anything with them on. 
- this could also be user error, but I ran out of desensitizing gel with still a few treatments of the whitening gel left. 

I know all you really care about are the before & after photos, so here they are!

My teeth are noticeably whiter; and I have to say, I've felt a little confidence boost as well. 

If you've had a teeth whitening experience (SmileBrilliant) or otherwise, I would love to hear about it! Also, if you have any questions I can answer about the process, let me know below.

You can see loads more reviews here (check out Bri & Hannah's posts!)
and a video about how the entire process works here

Thanks to SmileBrilliant for providing me with a whitening kit to review! All opinions are my own. 
How Much Is Teeth Whitening

Urban Tuxedo

Thursday, February 18

| jacket: Gap | blouse: Old Navy | purse: Marc Jacobs via Carina | jeans: Gap | flats: Old Navy |

Three things:
1. This outfit is a pin for the win from this pin. And yeah, that first photo is an exact recreation. I never claimed to be super creative, alright? Something about a silky blouse paired with ripped jeans just got me. Like most, lately I've gravitated toward styles that have some sort of unexpected pairing- this outfit expresses it exactly. 

2. I realize this is yet another (Canadian, or whatever you want to call it!) tuxedo! At this point, let's all just agree- denim with denim isn't even weird, or a statement. These shades of denim are different enough (+ a VSCOCam filter) that it barely even looks like I'm wearing denim on denim. 

3. My mom was in town last weekend, for the first time in a few years. It was a wonderful, "mom" weekend. We cooked, we snuggled, we shopped, and the weather was crummy but it hardly affected our cozy plans. Nothing is like having your mom around. I took maybe three photos, two of them being selfies, but here we are baking Finnish buns (called pulla) on Sunday! 

photos edited with VSCOCam and taken by my friend Hillary, who has a really cool life

Jenae & Daniel, 6.28.15

Wednesday, February 17

It's LOVE month! So what better time to share the remaining wedding photos I have from last year, right? These are a bit delayed, but nonetheless, important days I was overjoyed to be part of (during my epic run as a bridesmaid last year. Don'tbelievemejustwatch.)  

Today I'm sharing from Jenae & Daniel's sunny Santa Cruz wedding last June (stay tuned next week for Andrea & Ethan!)

*I assume this is a duh, but I didn't take/don't own any of these photos! They were done by the lovely Leah McEachern, and if that name sounds familiar, she's the sister of my friend Michael (+ Amanda :) we all went to high school together! Just some small world Priya stuff.*
how beautiful is this chapel in the Redwoods where the ceremony was?!
Daniel crying through their vows which, was hard to top as a wedding moment
this bridal party was a total blast, including Jenae's three sibs whom I adore (and Steph!)
unnamed (1)
we've been doing exactly this since high school! she might be the reason I love the aggressive hug!
I should note again that this was THE most comfortable bridesmaid ensemble of all time.
gosh I just really love this couple! 
evidence of me being crazy, this photo is creepy and embarrassing, but a gem to be shared, just for you!
some of you are wondering, what are Jenae's actual credentials for being my best friend? This right here ^ 

p.s. check out my recap of that weekend (with actual memories because it had just happened!) right here

We've Only Just Begun

Thursday, February 11

| hat & sweater: Urban Outfitters | t-shirt: H&M | jeans: secondhand Gap | clogs: Old Navy | watch: c/o JORD

So I legitimately, statistically, wear this hat once a year (2015 / 2014 / 2013). I work in an office that is extremely casual, like, the only heels I ever wear are my beloved clogs; so I always feel a liiiitle bit costume-y when I break it out. I used to not consider myself a hat person at all, until I realized, we can ALL persuade ourselves that we're hat people when our hair is dirty enough ;) 

With all these 70's elements combined (flares + clogs + drapey sweater + floppy hat!) this outfit felt more boho than anything I ever wear; it was one of those that grew on me throughout the day.

The lip color I'm wearing here is the Pacifica Power of Love Natural lipstick in Sweet One (reviewed in my currently / beauty segment for January.) It's a darker neutral color that I would have never picked for myself- I love that about beauty subscription services! I've been wearing it all week, and the beauty girls in my office have been buzzin'. 

Life has been busier lately than I prefer- I've been in a stretch of a few weeks where I've had something every night after work, and then taken off for the weekend! I can't complain, but I'm ready to do a little bit of nothing. My mom is coming to town on Friday afternoon for the weekend, she hasn't visited Nashville since I graduated college (it'll be three years in May- WUT?) She's definitely more chill than a typical weekend guest :) so hoping for snuggles and cooking at home. 

P.S. This title is a nod to the quintessential 70's musical group- the Carpenters! I think I've failed to mention (not sure how) that I've been obsessed with them since Christmas. Here's my favorite oldies playlist, (heavy on Karen Carpenter) if you're interested!

Gray Day

Monday, February 8

| coat & top (layered): Old Navy | necklace: gift from Andrea | dress: H&M | tights & booties: Target | watch: c/o JORD |

I've got my new room/closet mostly sorted, so I need to stop thinking that I have "styler's block"; do you know what I mean or is that totally ridiculous sounding? 

This is nothing ground-breaking, but I've found the easiest way to look and feel like you put some thought into your outfit is ~layering~. The top I'm wearing here is actually this trapeze top; it fit perfectly under this new-ish dress I picked up at H&M recently for pretty cheap; and I also loved what the "textured" look of the top added to the outfit. 

And purple tights! I'll know I've made it in life when I have tights that are every color of the rainbow. These are dark enough to almost look like a neutral, but surprise, they're actually the best color. 

This necklace was a present from my friend Andrea (last Christmas? my birthday?) I will never tire of statement necklaces and costume jewelry in general. What's not to love about giant faux gemstones? (*Gemstone anecdote* in the car this weekend, Hunter asked me, "What's one random hobby or topic that you'd like to learn more about?" And I said "Gemstones?" I'm not entirely sure where that came from...but the more I think about it, I DO want to randomly learn about gemology.)

And a couple quick pics from my weekend in Asheville:
We drank a lot of craft beer, went on a hike that was double what we intended, made two brand-new genuine friends, actually enjoyed some vegetarian food, listened to a lot of 80's music in the car;

and we'll definitely be back.

Hope your week is off to an awesome start! Thanks for reading.