| sunnies: H&M | hoops: Target | tee: from Galina | skirt: H&M | purse: from Carina | loafers: Old Navy | 
 *photos edited by VSCOCam and taken by Hillary*

Not sure exactly when I became a skirt & dress girl. As a kid, I was an interesting mix of total tomboy (playing outside with my brothers, lots of sports, lots of shorts), and girly girl (I loved dolls because I loved making things up- I still do, actually [make things up, not dolls]!) Somewhere in middle school I really started to love pretty skirts, and of course, you know by now that I'm super into dresses. 

I think style is about 90% governed by functionality in your life. So though I still love skirts, I'm looking for a way to make them functional in a casual office. As a 24-year-old who still likes graphic tees (and loves Sierra Nevada.) I stole this shirt from my sister Galina, who had picked it up at the Sierra Nevada brewery in NorCal, awhile back. My love for Sierra Nevada beers is equal parts California statriotism and a propensity towards IPAs (my favorite type of beer!) 

I definitely didn't plan on taking outfit photos this day, but I got enough compliments at work (guys- beer t-shirt, girls- ensemb) that I decided to run outside and take them. And I did really like this outfit.

This combo is VERY similar to this recent outfit- just swapped the graphic tee! It's a formula I just keep repeating again and again (especially lately), because it feels so ME! If you have a take on a graphic tee for the office, I would love to see it! 

Oh- lastly, if you're wondering if you can wear hoop earrings- you can! 

Also, did you notice? I've officially shifted into my "Spring fashion" label for outfit posts, because it REALLY feels like Spring has Sprung. All my outfit posts are labeled by season, for your convenience: Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter. Check it out! 

Happy St. Patty's Day AND March Madness. I (mistakenly I'm sure) entered into a bracket challenge at work. To me, these challenges always feel like "who wants to take my money, for free?" Maybe I'll have the luck of the Irish on my side this time. 


Alissa said...


The Adored Life

reshma said...

I'm really loving your formula of the graphic tee and skirt! You're definitely making me want to try this formula out myself. The sunnies and shoes totally complete this chic and edgy outfit. <3!

Priya said...

Thanks Reshma! Definitely try it out. We have a link-up in the works and would love to see what you come up with!

Hannah said...

Possibly my favorite outfit EVER. Like, I want to emulate this to a T.... Pun intended.


Brynn said...

You look so badass in this outfit, Priya!

Applewood Road said...

Catching up on your blog! I agree with your coworkers, this outfit is smokin! I always try sneaking graphic tees into my work wardrobe by throwing them under a blazer. Madewell makes some pretty cute ones too :)

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