Jersey Girl

| necklace: H&M | top: from Leena | belt: Francesca's (old) | jeans: Old Navy | heels: J.Crew via Carina | 

For my next outfit/set of photos with my friend Caitlin [first set / second set], I wanted to go absolutely classic. The first things that came to mind? A retro silhouette, red lip, and a splash of leopard print. Though the more I look at these photos, and even as I was putting it all on to take them...I can't help thinking it looks SO New Jersey housewife in 1985- RIGHT?! I can already hear my sisters giving me a hard time. 

Not that I have anything against New Jersey (I have always dreamed of visiting Atlantic City- don't ask me why!) or the 80's. In FACT- I am certifiably obsessed with the 80's. About once a week you'll hear me say that my biggest regret is not being born in the 80's (like it was something I had control over...hee-hee.) I'm convinced I would have absolutely thrived in the decade known for big hair and terrible pop music. These are my THINGS, you guys! 

So, I pacify this loss by rocking out to my 80's playlist on the reg, maintaining that my band name (everyone needs one on stand-by!) is Alive in the 80's, and, you know, wearing outfits like this. This honestly looks like a costume to me. And I love costumes, it's all good. Oh, and if anyone cares, I'm actually wearing this outfit, to work, today. 

It's hard to compliment a photographer without sounding like "look how cute I am!" but Caitlin really killed it with this set- the backdrop, framing, colors; I really dig it. 

I'm always working on the best ways to make my blog searchable, shareable, and helpful; in the outfit details above, I've linked other ways each piece has been worn on perfectlyP- check it out! (Also if you have any helpful tips about labeling/archiving, I would love to hear them.)

I hope your week is off to a GRAND start! I had a weekend where I made a list (not unusual) and got to check nearly everything off, and you KNOW how that gets me. I also have a blog collab in the works which is pretty exciting! Stay tuned! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Priya, you are killing it with the outfits and photos lately! I absolutely love this look! Very 80s Jersey Girl! Excited to see your blog collab!

As for labels, with every post, I would label every piece I was wearing but I'm not sure if anyone even used them! haha

Priya said...

I know, I almost feel like it's more for ME to keep track of what I'm wearing than for people to use them, ha. Thanks Lauren!! Glad the 80s doesn't look so bad. Hope you are doing well girl!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This is straight out of Grease!! You could totally be Sandy right now! Love it! Those heels are AMAZING!

Unknown said...

I love the big hair and crazy 80s combo - I know exactly what you mean about 80s mom chic. You look so glorious - this outfit is YOU Priya! Such gorgeous heels, love the jeans, the poses, the HAIR, the TOP omg I just love love love everything that is going on here. You da BOMB. xxxx

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