snapshots of life, XIII

This snapshot post is a bit of an unorganized mash-up, because there's been random goodness all over my life lately. 
At the very least, these are all moments from 2016 so far! 
(left to right) - did I mention my roommate got a puppy? meet Baby Wilson. 
- so I babysit a LOT, and this little cherub (who I've been hanging with since month 3) just said Priya for the first time!
- Betty (my steed) has been missing a hubcap; meet Scot, my co-worker/newbestfriend who gifted (& installed) a new one!
- don't you love having time to get ready in the comfort of your room? + cute mug + silk robe? I know I do!
- one more pic from my time in Denver, with Rachel, at the Coors Brewery <3
- I hope this selfie isn't so tiny that you can't see my namesake "Priya Pickle" (Mom & I picked this up at the Indian grocery)
- seriously stumbled across this lucky sunset on an evening run from my office. Nashville, guys! 
- one more pic from a quick weekend in Asheville, NC. give me all the local brews! (at Pisgah Brewing Co.) 
- so you know how on Pinterest you see pics of unmade beds and they look so dreamy? I think I came close
- best part of my new house? original, vintage, green tile in the bathroom 
- i love shopping at Cracker Barrel and I will NOT be shamed. this cute (+ accurate) print is about to go on my wall
- new running shoes! in my lifestyle favorite color, purple! Mizunos are the best guys. they feel so great 

But like, where would all these gems from my iPhone GO if it weren't for snapshot posts??

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Unknown said...

Silk robe and tea is me most nights if I'm honest! It just is. :) xxx

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