Current State of the Union, 4.29.16

Friday, April 29

Currently / life:
+ Welp, I can’t really decide if April was better or worse than March. I’m staying super busy, which is supposed to be like, the anecdote to my personal drama, right? In April we had our big work conference, and Stephanie + Tim and Jacqui came to visit- all fun crazy things. Most exciting, lately, is that this afternoon I’m headed to meet Carina in Chicago for sister’s weekend! Can’t decide if I’m more excited for a new city or time with my sis.

Currently / wish-listing: I need to change the name of this category all together to "Recently / purchased:"
+ Vans Late Night Authentic in “donut”- I don’t even feel like I need to rationalize or explain this purchase. 10:00am- a friend sends me the link to these shoes. 10:20am- I have ordered them and they are on their way to me. Doesn’t feel like a super “adult” purchase…but when has that ever stopped me? These make me giddy!
+ I went ham on the opening day of the Marimekko + Target collab, just like I knew I would. I got some lovely home stuff (peep this tablescape!), but my favorite thing has to be the Appelsiini top (still in stock!) The print is fun, and boxy/slightly cropped fit is awesome (I have an XS.) This makes for a fun night out-fit (will be wearing this tonight!)
+ Kate Spade Dani Too heels- can't believe I actually bought them. I'd had my eyes on them for a while when they finally went on an awesome sale on the Kate Spade website. Stay tuned for an outfit post!. Friendly reminder- sometimes you just have to BUY THE SHOES and TREAT YOSELF because no one else is going to do it for you. You're worth it.
+ new jeans- this is actually (the only) wish-list item. It seems vague, but I really just need a couple pairs of skinny jeans; darker blue (possibly distressed) and black, because you always need a fresh black pair. What I'll honestly, probably do is just order a couple pairs of Old Navy Rockstar jeans, because they always work (and at $35 a pop, you almost can't afford not to.)
Currently / pop culture: image via
+ Well, happy BeyoncĂ© week! I feel slightly sacriledgeous even posting about Lemonade because I've only had it for a few days and just watched the film last night...WOW. Sorry was instantly my favorite track, it's like it was written FOR ME RIGHT NOW. Any Bey fans out there?? She's playing in Nashville next week...will I or won't I?
+ I first heard the single from Catch & Release by Matt Simons on our local indie radio station (also called Catch & Release) and was instantly struck by how melancholy and applicable it felt to me. Matt Simons is a new singer-songwriter type (from the Bay Area!), this whole album is lovely, and bonus that there's a groovy techno remix of Catch & Release!
+ Genghis Khan by Miike Snow has absolutely been my jam lately- that beat! You might like it even more after hearing the stat: 1/6 people on earth today can trace their lineage back to Genghis Khan. Honestly the whole album, iii, is worth a listen.
+ I'm a pretty casual Ben Rector fan, but his recent album Brand New is just fun, happy music. Standout tracks include Paris (I mean, the timing!) the intriguing Men That Drive Me Places, and Crazy, which WILL make you smile. Nice work, Ben.
+ I haven't been watching hardly anything, again, but I finally saw Sisters with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler the other night (because I am theee worst at seeing movies.) So fun, funny, and I can't imagine how much fun they had making it.
+ When Jacqui visited she got me into Hart of Dixie again (a show I had picked up once and put back down.) I am such a fan of Rachel Bilson! The show is a guilty pleasure for sure. Not sure living in the South is actually like that :)

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Currently / beauty: clockwise
+ Marc Anthony Argan oil- I’ve started a new hair washing routine to set myself up for the best air dry possible. Part of this is using oil on my ends while my hair is damp. This stuff, originally from ipsy, smells amazing and makes a noticeable difference on haggard ends! It is also super messy. 
 + Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow primer- Nothing is worse than eyeliner or shadow getting creased after a few hours. Generally if I’m really going for it, I’ll use a bb cream or concealer all over my face that doubles as a primer; but when I just need staying power for shadow, I reach for this! Works like a charm.
 + Milk gel brow pencil- This looks tiny because I’ve almost used the whole thing! Like most, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect formula for my brows (would love to hear what you use! Powder? Gel? Pencil? All of the above??) This is the perfect combo of pencil + gel which results in gorg, natural looking brows.
 + PBJ Smoothie Stick- Like I could do a beauty round-up without a lip color. This is a fab berry color, smells awesome, and goes on so creamy. I’m now kinda obsessed with the idea of a lip crayon.
 + ModelCo lip liner- This is a dumb duh, but first of all- lip liner, y’all. If you’re a lazy beauty baby like me…just try it once, promise! What I love about this one is that it’s a very neutral/pinky that can be the base of just about any lip color or product.
 + Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball- This is mostly a case for perfume rollerballs everywhere, as pointed out by my friend Steph: the perfect way to try out a fragrance (bonus that you can travel with it!) Also Daisy is a wonderful fragrance if you’re not familiar.

*ipsy/Birchbox seem to be where I get my best, newest products! If you are interested in signing up, you can find my referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox. Loads more ipsy/Birchbox product reviews here. *
I would love for you to share your latest & greatest life, shopping, pop culture, beauty, etc. etc. moments with me! Alright, I'm out. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! And you know what? I have a really good feeling about May. 

Graphic Tee Time #4 + link-up!

Thursday, April 28

| glasses: Target | necklace: H&M | tee: WhatNashville | skirt: Ralph Lauren from Mom | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens

photos edited with VSCOCam / by Adriane Smith Creative (& an iPhone 6!)

I'm so excited to present the grand finale of #GraphicTeeTime, co-hosted by Shades of Sarah! We've come a long way, y'all. You let me geek out about space. You let me harp about the golden state. And you didn't leave my side when I told you I was a Beastie Boys fan. For that and more, I will be forever grateful. 

Yesterday (when I wore this outfit because I'm so editorial about blogging you guys!) I went to Happy Hour with some co-workers, and a friend straight up said to me "Priya can you please give me some tips for wearing a graphic tee?" You KNOW how much I loved that. 

I said to her (a LOT of things) what I keep saying: I love graphic tees because they're the perfect way to showcase your weird interests that might otherwise go unsaid. 

Additionally, while I realize minimalism and solid colors and stripes are V FASHION right now (don't get me wrong, I love this aesthetic too!), I'm a maximalist at heart that will never tire of kitschy prints and funny graphic tees. So there's my last little soap box on graphic tees (for now!)

This tee came to me via a co-worker's husband, who is an awesome designer! ^ Linked to the etsy shop above, which doesn't seem to be currently selling this tee, but I'm sure you could get a hold of one if you wanted! This skirt (previously worn here) is a very random, gorgeous hand-me-down from my mom, who had gotten it from someone else, years ago? She had it hanging in her closet and came across it once when I was home, and it took me three seconds to steal it.

This is the blog debut of my *NEW CLOGS*! You guys, they are so perfect. Not quite as comfy as my trusty-cheapy Old Navy clogs, but once I break them in, they will be! If you're on the fence about some Swedish Hasbeens- DO IT. Finally, this bun in my hair came to me via a very busy week. Haha, yikes. 

Here's a look at the different ways Sarah & I have worn our graphic tees:
linkup button-final
teapot graphic by Taylor

Now- you know what to do! LINK UP BELOW! 

All we're asking is that you 1) grab the button and add it to your post, and 2) follow along with me and Sarah, however you choose (Bloglovin', Twitter, Pinterest, whatever!) Oh yeah, and share the ish out of your post using #GraphicTeeTime. 

Any recent-ish post is fine, and the link-up will be live for a while (no worries if you're still getting that look together.) 

Can't wait to see your graphic tee outfit! Thank YOU for following along with #GraphicTeeTime! And a special thank you to my wonderful co-host, Sarah. Graphic tees 4ever & ever!

weekend update: Jacqui in Nashville!

Wednesday, April 27

| top to bottom: | 

+ pro-tip: there is a second, lesser visited "I Believe in Nashville" mural on Woodland Street on the East Side
+ this has nothing to do with Jacqui (though this was for dinner we made together) but my Marimekko tablescape, ftw!
+ gorgeous Burgess Falls, on the most beautiful day. Jacqui *really* got a driving tour of the TN countryside on Monday!
+ the Bay has the Giants, we have the Sounds & their cute stadium! baseball babez (guess how much of the game we saw.) 
+ Jacqui calls this her Girl Scout pose (whatever that means.)  

I'm staying busy over here, hosting friends in town (and getting ready to travel myself!) Jacqui flew in on Friday night (after working overnight- what a trooper!) and we immediately got dressed up and headed to Josephine for her belated birthday dinner (highly recommend!) 

The rest of the weekend was a pretty perfect blend of going out and running around town as part of my Nashville "points of interest" tour (basically anything I'd mentioned in a letter), and sleeping in and just spending time together, over coffee, gelato, nature, Hart of Dixie, etc. 

Jacqui is such a dear friend, that I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid for last year (engagement / bachelorette + shower / wedding / wedding offish.) All of that was a blast for sure, but I couldn't help thinking how nice it was to just spend time with her as my friend again :) some of you probably know what I'm talking about. 

Nashville spoiled us with the most beautiful weather, and I was pumped to show her around my city for the first time! Now I'm halfway through a bizzay week- IRL and on the blog. Stay tuned! 

Graphic Tee Time #3: No Sleep Till...

Thursday, April 21

| earrings: Kate Spade | tee: Forever 21 + DIY | jeans: Old Navy | clogs: Old Navy (this year's model) | watch: c/o JORD
| nails: Essie Jazzy Jubilant |

HI! This is likely the only peep you'll hear out of me this week, as I've been knee-deep in a conference we hosted at work from Mon-Wed (#MarketingUnited on social if you're interested!), and getting ready for Jacqui to arrive in Nashville on Friday! In the midst of and in between that, I'm barely even thinking.

BUT Graphic Tee Time is a top priority. Thanks for joining me and Sarah for #3! 

I really didn't intend to show-off and take this series to the next level, promise. But I kinda DIY'd this tee! Actually, I totally did. Initially, I wanted to make my own version of a blogger favorite (the CĂ©lfie shirt), when I realized I had leftover iron-on letters from a bachelorette party. But when it got down to it, I decided on something that was a little more me (though don't get me wrong, I unabashedly LOVE SELFIES.) 

Another fun fact about me is that I love the Beastie Boys. You caught the reference behind this tee, right? The cool thing though is that the reader gets to fill in the blank. Several times at work when someone said to me "No sleep sleep till what?!" I rolled my eyes and said "I don't know, tonight when I go to sleep, or when I nap under my desk, whichever comes first." My friend Emma went as far as to read the shirt and furiously demand an explanation, stating it "wasn't a complete sentence." To which I replied "Read a book, Emma." 

Now, if you're not picking up what I'm putting down, don't even sweat it. Just listen to some Beastie Boys. And remember- we all have the power to create any graphic tee we want! But with great power comes great responsibility and probably some backlash so just prepare for that. 

Enough about that. You've been so kind to join in on tee time so far, and next Thursday, 4/28 is. the. DAY! You can share *your*graphic*tee*outfit*right*here, and I can't wait to see it! They just look good on everyone. And they're such an easy way to show what weird, random things you're into (at least in my case.)  

For example;
[left to right] I shared that every day of my life is an emotional roller coaster & I like space & tux pants (#1: I Need My Space)
I dressed up my statriotic Home Tee with red lips and a red midi skirt, and boy do I love California (#2: The Home Tee)
And today! Not much else to report besides I dabble in questionable DIY crafts and rap rock bands.
Graphic Tee Time Roundup 1
Sarah has some great stuff going on, guys. I love that she kicked off with a retro looking athletic tee + flares. So CURRENT. 
Her Home Tee 'fit is cool as hell, and I can see myself copying it very soon for a casual weekend hang.
At press time, I haven't gotten the full scoop on today's outfit, but I can only assume she went to Fordham? Mad ups for making your alma mater swag still relevant, and a tee + skirt combo which is always a favorite of mine! Head over to Shades of Sarah for the deets. 

linkup button-final
teapot graphic by my awesome friend Taylor

Thanks for checking out #GraphicTeeTime! Hope you've had a fabulous week! I am deliriously tired, so no sleep till likerightnowBYE. 

Graphic Tee Time #2: Home T

Thursday, April 14

| tee: The Home Tee (gift) | skirt: thrifted | clogs: Old Navy | lip: Stila Liquid Lipstick |

Good afternoon, and welcome to Graphic Tee Time, The Home Tee edition! Thanks for joining me and Sarah for the most lovely part of the afternoon. 

I hope there's no way you don't know this, but though I've lived in Nashville, TN on & off since 2009, I was born, raised, and will always return "home" to California. It's so much more than just a (n amazingly beautiful!) place to me! It's my heart and soul, my heritage, and where so many of the people that made me, ME, call home. I could go on forever...I am very statriotic. I love living in Nashville, just don't ever call me a Southern belle, cool? 

Shout-out to my sister Galina for gifting me this awesome t-shirt, that reps my home state wherever I go! I didn't even realize the full concept behind The Home Tee, which debuted on Shark Tank, and is committed to manufacturing in the US AND donating to Multiple Sclerosis research. Not bad for what's also an insanely soft t-shirt! 

For my second attempt at styling a graphic tee (this time around, anyway. Graphic Tee Time #1 here) I went with my never-fail red midi skirt. I've pinned several graphic tee + pencil skirt looks that I absolutely love, but when I went to put one together, I realize I don't really own pencil skirts! I rocked a graphic tee with jeans every day of the week in grade school, but nowadays, an outfit like this is a lot more conducive to my lifestyle (working in a super-cas office, but still dressing up a bit.) I think a pretty skirt and red lip (and of course clogs because #clogsforever) were the perfect way to dress up this tee! 
How do you dress up a tee for work?
While I'm reppin' the Golden State, my co-host Sarah is showing some love to the Sunshine State- Florida (which I also enjoy, btw!) I love the overall cool-girl vibe Sarah has going here; with the shades, lipstick, fitted pants & flats really elevating what would otherwise be a tee + jeans. 

Be sure and head over to Shades of Sarah to see her the full post! 

Thanks for following along with #GraphicTeeTime! Don't forget, on Thursday, April 28th, we're making this a full on SHEBANG where we'd love for as many of you as possible to link up YOUR graphic tee outfits! Ladies, start your engines. 
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teapot graphic by my wonderful friend Taylor


Tuesday, April 12

| sunnies: Banana Republic | necklace: gift | jacket: Gap | dress: Old Navy | purse: Kate Spade (similar) | trainers: Nike (similar) | watch: c/o JORD | bracelet: gift | 

If you've read my blog for two seconds (or talked to me for two minutes), you know how much I love abbrevs- of all shapes and sizes! Recently, my dear friend Steph introduced me to MLBB- my lip but better. That is, the holy grail lip color that every girl spends their life trying to find: your natural lip color, with a little bit of polish.

Well friends, I'm here today to tell you that I've found my MLBB- NYX Liquid Lipstick in Soft-Spoken. It came to me via ipsy, no less! I actually blogged about it recently, but this was before I understood the majesty entirely. I've been wearing it every day since, including, of course, for the above photos. And just bought one to send to Carina. Whether or not this could be YOUR MLBB, I would definitely recommend giving the product a try. I have it in two colors!

I wore this outfit the other weekend for my boss-mom's bday festivities at Southern Grist, a new brewery + taproom here in town (actually started by husbands of two of my co-workers!) If you're in Nashville, I can't recommend it enough.

A bodycon dress wasn't necessarily the best choice for multiple flytes of beer and pizza and pretzel bread; but otherwise, the casual knit dress + trainers combo was perfect for a sunny daytime party. So happy to be alive in a time where athleisure is a thing. Christine told me I looked very Karlie Kloss- I'll take it!

These pictures were taken right across the street, in front of a mural I've passed many times and filed away for blog pics. Steph also took these photos for me, because she's a GIVER. If you find a gem of a friend like this, don'tlethergo!

And speaking of gems- thank you, sincerely, to everyone who texted, tweeted, or commented after my last post. I can't thank you enough for your thoughts. My allergies are destroying me this week, but otherwise, I'm feeling ok. And you're a part of that, so THANK YOU. Talk soon!

behind perfectly Priya, right now

Saturday, April 9

life feels a lot like this, these days

Ah, blogging about blogging. It has to happen every now and then, doesn't it?

I'm so happy about what this space has turned into for me. Did you know that I started blogging during my junior year of college, after I stopped running on the track/cross-country team? It was something I had wanted to do for a while, and finally felt like I had the time slot for. Since that time, my blog has been a tremendous hobby, creative outlet, source of community, and record keeper (which I am SO about, you guys, I can't even say.)

I've somehow, slowly, acquired more readers than just my mom, which makes the writing even more satisfying. I always get a little buzz when someone I work with, or run into back home, or whatever mentions they read my blog recently.

I have always striven to be candid and honest around here, I mean, I feel like I have all but given you my address several times. Part of it is that it almost seems like more work to be constantly writing with a censoring mindset? But the other part is that that is the person I am, an open book, so it makes sense to be that kind of blogger too.

You might think I'm setting up to say I quit- au contraire! The opposite is true- I feel more into perfectlyP than maybe ever before {though the name could use some work...but that happens to everyone, right?} I am proud that my blog has remained exactly as I wanted it to be- a place that's a collaborative extension of my journaling, where I can share and do pretty much whatever I'm feeling.

To anyone that takes the time to read what I have to say, or drop me a line with feedback- thank you. I value your support so much. So much, in fact, that I have two things I should say:

+ Hunter and I are not together anymore. He has been a fixture and big supporter of perfectlyP since the beginning, and likewise a fixture and supporter in my life for the past six years. So, I owe him a lot for a lot of things, but that's one of them. I am NOT telling you this looking for attention, promise. I just want you to know, because though it's recent, and soverystrange, I don't even feel like coming here pretending for another minute that my life is the same. Because, alternatively, I can't imagine anything changing my life more right now. So there's that.

+ and perhaps, even worse (laughing so I'm not crying): I finally figured out how to use affiliate links on my blog! I had never cared enough to do it before, but here's my angle on this: I'm not trying to make money off of you. I just figured that in those [RARE] cases where I'm sharing a link of something you could currently buy, I may as well. I promise you these links are scattered, though not hidden. I'm still not blogging with the grand purpose of monetization (could be cool though?), but, definitely wanted you to know.

That is ALL for now. Thanks for reading. The only way to go is up! Onward! 

Graphic Tee Time #1: I Need My Space

Thursday, April 7

| earrings: Kate Spade | tee: Kennedy Space Center online | belt: Target | pants: Old Navy (similar) | flats: Old Navy (similar) | | lip color: Maybelline Colorsensational in Fuchsia Fever

with photos by Stephanie KB Photo and hair by Amanda McEachern

GUYS! Several exciting things happening today. Least of all, it's nearly the weekend again, which is always a great feeling...

I'm so excited to be kicking off a new series with Sarah from Shades of Sarah. You probably already know that I'm obsessed with graphic tees...have always been (Graphic Tee week, anyone?), and will always be. I love a solid or striped tee as much as the next girl, but something about a loud graphic tee appeals to the maximalist in me. The stranger, the better. 

I've been sharing a LOT of graphic tee + skirt outfits on Twitter, because I can't get enough, and Sarah was kind enough to reach out about a collab. Like I needed much of a reason to wear MORE graphic tees and share them on the blog. So, curl up with a cup of Graphic Tee Time, by Sarah & I!

We'll be styling and sharing our favorites, right here, every Thursday in April; leading up to a grand finale on April 28th where *Y*O*U* get to link up your graphic tee 'fit too! That gives you pleeeenty of time to get your tshit and post together, so no excuses, everybody. I seriously just want you to link up because I'm always looking for more ways to wear graphic tees. Because they are in my top 10 favorite things ever. Cool? Cool. 

Like I said, the weirder the tee, the more it tickles my fancy. I've wanted a NASA shirt since high school, and this once particularly since I saw it on the lovely Chloe. A few weeks ago, I took a babysitting charge to Nashville's Adventure Science Center, where we went through a "space walk", learned about planets, and I read this quote:

" is for everybody. It's not just for a few people in science or math, or for a select group of astronauts. That's our new frontier out there, and it's everybody's business to know about space." 
- Christa McAuliffe, all-around badass, December 6, 1985

And then I realized...I need my space. So do you. And, ironically, both the literal and emotional meaning are actually PERFECT for my phase of life right now! 

There are plenty of fantastic options for NASA tees online, this one is literally from the Kennedy Space Center online store (and a cool $10 for a kids size.) Generally my go-to for a graphic tee is tucked into a skirt, but tuxedo pants also look pretty freaking cool, as a tried and true formula

Lastly- sorry for the novel today- I had an impromptu shoot with Steph (when she was in town last week) and my dear friend Amanda, who is working on her bridal hair styling. Thanks, Amanda & Michael for letting us take over your house in a pinch! More photos by Steph to come. 

Be sure and head over to Shades of Sarah and check out what my sweet co-host is rocking today! And mark those calendars for April 28th! It will be a par-tee. Ok, I'm out.
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teapot graphic by my talented & sweet friend Taylor

weekend update: Steph + Tim!

Tuesday, April 5



Whew. Talk about a (MUCH needed) friend-bender weekend. Stephanie and Tim came into Nashville on Wednesday afternoon, and just left Sunday afternoon! Still getting my life back together...

Seems like when you're younger, you're constantly surrounded by friends; between school, extracurriculars, your neighborhood, church, etc. As I explained to several people this past weekend, my friendship with Steph covers many of those bases (we met through a mutual friend when we were in grade school, and then had intervals of going to church together, doing theater together, and eventually went to high school together.) 

Now that I'm older and away from where I grew up, I am convinced there is no warm fuzzy like friends you've known forever, and getting to spend time with them. Also for what it's worth, I believe the phrase "you'll always be my best friend, you know too much" was written ABOUT me and Steph. 

I should note that the weekend really kicked off with my sweet friend sending the most beautiful flowers to my office on Tuesday afternoon! 

Steph & I agreed that our love language is color coded itineraries, so I had one drafted up for the weekend that packeditIN. Though, we did kick off the whole thing with a picnic table full of food (top photo), a life-changing nap, and a walk on my greenway, so you know, priorities. 

Two fun things miraculously coincided with their stay: Christine my boss-mom's bday celebrations at Southern Grist (Nashville- do not miss!) AND my company tickets to the Preds Sharks game (um, go Sharks!) 

And what was perhaps the crown jewel of our weekend (ah, besides eating Hattie B's as we walked down Broadway to the hockey game, exhibit E) (oh and you BET I had Steph the profesh photog snap some outfit photos for me, stay tuned) was our #bbqbracket

Here's how that came together: while Steph & I naturally had 100 ideas of things to do, Tim's only request was "to eat some good BBQ." And I knew I have the right friends for me when I said "so here's a fun/crazy idea...what about like a progressive BBQ lunch --> dinner where we have scorecards and stuff, in an attempt to find the best BBQ in town?" And they said "totally down!" So we did it pig (ha.) Martin's, Peg Leg Porker, G'Z, and Edley's, backtobacktobacktoback. I could talk about this for SO much longer you guys, but we had a notepad, chalice for our privately entered scores, ended up with some pie charts, etc. and Martin's won by a good bit because we had the most UNREAL service that changed the entire game and set the bar too high for anyone else (like, we decided they must have thought I was a food blogger and rolled out the red carpet. Idk, maybe I am.) Upon thinking about it further, I decided that was the best service I've gotten at a restaurant in my life. Ok, I was slightly biased because Martin's was my favorite BBQ in town before we did this anyway, but, at least now I've done my homework. [Oh, and I MUST give credit that this whole idea was modeled after #wingabout- if you want to know more, just ask.] 

So we didn't eat or drink hardly anything this weekend...actually, no, the opposite of that. Now we're all doing a cleanse :) Also shout-out to Tim who I spent more time with this weekend than in the nearly 10 years I've known him combined! Oh, and super enjoyed that time, I might add. 

Friendship. Ah. That's all.