weekend update: Steph + Tim!



Whew. Talk about a (MUCH needed) friend-bender weekend. Stephanie and Tim came into Nashville on Wednesday afternoon, and just left Sunday afternoon! Still getting my life back together...

Seems like when you're younger, you're constantly surrounded by friends; between school, extracurriculars, your neighborhood, church, etc. As I explained to several people this past weekend, my friendship with Steph covers many of those bases (we met through a mutual friend when we were in grade school, and then had intervals of going to church together, doing theater together, and eventually went to high school together.) 

Now that I'm older and away from where I grew up, I am convinced there is no warm fuzzy like friends you've known forever, and getting to spend time with them. Also for what it's worth, I believe the phrase "you'll always be my best friend, you know too much" was written ABOUT me and Steph. 

I should note that the weekend really kicked off with my sweet friend sending the most beautiful flowers to my office on Tuesday afternoon! 

Steph & I agreed that our love language is color coded itineraries, so I had one drafted up for the weekend that packeditIN. Though, we did kick off the whole thing with a picnic table full of food (top photo), a life-changing nap, and a walk on my greenway, so you know, priorities. 

Two fun things miraculously coincided with their stay: Christine my boss-mom's bday celebrations at Southern Grist (Nashville- do not miss!) AND my company tickets to the Preds Sharks game (um, go Sharks!) 

And what was perhaps the crown jewel of our weekend (ah, besides eating Hattie B's as we walked down Broadway to the hockey game, exhibit E) (oh and you BET I had Steph the profesh photog snap some outfit photos for me, stay tuned) was our #bbqbracket

Here's how that came together: while Steph & I naturally had 100 ideas of things to do, Tim's only request was "to eat some good BBQ." And I knew I have the right friends for me when I said "so here's a fun/crazy idea...what about like a progressive BBQ lunch --> dinner where we have scorecards and stuff, in an attempt to find the best BBQ in town?" And they said "totally down!" So we did it pig (ha.) Martin's, Peg Leg Porker, G'Z, and Edley's, backtobacktobacktoback. I could talk about this for SO much longer you guys, but we had a notepad, chalice for our privately entered scores, ended up with some pie charts, etc. and Martin's won by a good bit because we had the most UNREAL service that changed the entire game and set the bar too high for anyone else (like, we decided they must have thought I was a food blogger and rolled out the red carpet. Idk, maybe I am.) Upon thinking about it further, I decided that was the best service I've gotten at a restaurant in my life. Ok, I was slightly biased because Martin's was my favorite BBQ in town before we did this anyway, but, at least now I've done my homework. [Oh, and I MUST give credit that this whole idea was modeled after #wingabout- if you want to know more, just ask.] 

So we didn't eat or drink hardly anything this weekend...actually, no, the opposite of that. Now we're all doing a cleanse :) Also shout-out to Tim who I spent more time with this weekend than in the nearly 10 years I've known him combined! Oh, and super enjoyed that time, I might add. 

Friendship. Ah. That's all. 

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Elana said...

This looks like such a blast! There really is nothing like old friends. I have a friend who is my COMPLETE opposite, but we've known each other since we were 6 and 7, so I will forever want her in my life. You guys look like you had the best time!

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