Current State of the Union: 6.30.16

Thursday, June 30

Currently / life:
+ In June I celebrated probably my most terrifying birthday yet- 25! I survived :) another big hug to everyone who made me feel so loved! I also decided on a mantra of sorts for the year of 25. And you know- it's been a good start to a new age.
+ I am basically a MONTH away from my race [the SF marathon on July 31st] eek! I took training up a notch this month, out of necessity more than anything, and hit 15 miles last Saturday (for the first time in six years I might add.) Training in the humidity for a non-morning person has been a challenge, and I'm super ready to exercise just for fun again. I've also adopted the mantra "sometimes it takes six miles to warm up" which might be mental, and I'm fine with that.
+ I officially booked my flight to Europe this week, which means it's officially happening- and I'm officially broke. The plan is to meet Carina in London (on Sept. 30th) and head over to Germany for Oktoberfest (!) and then to Paris. I am really super excited. And now I'm on a spending freeze (so fun.)
+ And a quick look back at what I wore this month: I pattern-mixed, debuted my Marimekko + Target top, wore all black (and brought back the half-bun), styled tux pants for Summer, and wore a dress + trainers AGAIN.

Currently / pop culture:
+ Revival- Selena Gomez | I have to start out with this because I got to see the Revival tour last week, and I'm an even bigger Selenator now! She has blossomed into such a sexy pop star and this album is pure fire- I mean, how many singles has she had, just from this album?! Plus, if Selena Gomez can get over Justin Bieber...
+ Coloring Book- Chance The Rapper | props to my work friend Logan for keeping me relevant with this (and sending over a copy!) This album has absolutely blown up and rightly so. My favorite track is No Problem (the cameo by Weezy!)
+ 7/27- Fifth Harmony | I'll admit, I rolled my eyes and was uninterested when Fifth Harmony first emerged. But this album is the JAM. I can listen to the first six tracks through when on a long run (the true test.) You've heard Work From Home on the radio, but my current favorite tracks are That's My Girl (my feminist anthem) and This Is The Life. Nice work, ladies!
+ And a couple quick jams for when you need a pick-me-up | All Time Low- Jon Bellion (just try and get this one out of your head), Hell No- Ingrid Michaelson (new-ish single!), Good As Hell- Lizzo (hello girl anthem! She is so fun!)
+ I had just barely started Bloodline (Netflix original) by my last Current States post, and it took a minute to ramp up, but as of this week- WOAH. I watched one episode that revealed more than the entire series had so far! The show follows a family with a load of issues, running an inn in the picturesque Florida Keys. Not sure who to trust (I'm also dying to go to the Keys, stat.)

*if playlists like Beyoncé- vindictive, Chattanooga- the Big Apple, & time to get freaky intrigue you- follow me on Spotify!
Currently / beauty:
+ Urban Decay Naked 3 palette | Funny story about this guy- my brother Coren got it for me for Christmas a few years ago, and I just received it via Marisol at her bachelorette. And it was worth every bit of the wait! I've used it almost every day since and I get the hype, finally. #3 is more rose-gold centered, which I am absolutely fine with.
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray | Another Birchbox win! I've actually recieved this product twice and I'm not sure why I haven't purchased it? I borrowed this while getting ready with a friend the other night and remembered how much I love it. It's advertised as "a great alternative to dry to shampoo", and it really is- the perfect way to volumize and hold your hair after styling, AND it smells great!
Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop | "work friend Kelley" (now just life friend, btw) gifted me this for my birthday and it really IS the most lovely, shimmery pigmented highlighter. Thanks Kelley!
+ Cailyn Matte Tint | Because I can't have a beauty post without a lip color! A co-worker handed this to me ages ago because it was "not her color", and for some reason, it's become my go-to lately! The punchy pink shade is pretty perfect, and I have to admit I feel pretty cool in a matte lip. I also have the Cailyn Art Touch Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct, which is a great gloss!
Benefit Gimme Brow | And sometimes Birchbox sends you exactly what you've been dying to try! I love that the tinted spoolie really tames and shades brows at the same time, however; I need a little bit of shading help on the inside corners of my brows, and this product doesn't really stick on bare skin. A combo of a brow pencil + this works well for me!

*my best beauty finds come from Birchbox & ipsy! sign up for either for $10/month: ipsy // Birchbox
and I've reviewed about a million ipsy bags and Birchboxes here*

Currently / Nashville: adding this in here as I try to stay on top of Nashville's latest and greatest
+ Clyde's on Church opened in Nashville a few months ago, after being a Chattanooga favorite for years (I got to visit the original in May!) Not sure if I've ever mentioned a) how much I love playing ping-pong and b) how few public tables there are in town. Clyde's has a great food & drink selection and is the perfect spot to meet friends (or take friends from out of town.) There was also a picture of Avril Lavigne on the wall of the bathroom I used which is an automatic 10 points.
+ Batter's Box is a baseball themed bar in a double-wide trailer that is dangerously close to my office (across the street.) And if you're too good for that, we have no business being friends. The pizza is reportedly just a frozen pizza from the grocery store, but how does it taste so good? I have gotten free beers twice- once when I was an accidental witness at a wedding there, and once when I took them their mail! Can't beat that $4 Reuben, or that patio on a sunny day.
Currently / shopping:
+ I did something I've NEVER done and ordered something random after seeing it on Pinterest (surely this was in your feed, too?) This Cupshe two piece is still en route, but I love the Summery colors, and the fact that they're separates (crop top!) At $20, it won't be a loss either way.
+ Three words: 60's botanical print. I wanted everything in this print from Old Navy, and ended up with the top and dress (and by the way- did you see this picture?? We had a [planned] epidemic at a work function in this dress.)
+ My "boss" Christine & I are having a bralette Summer. Because let's be real- these are just lacy sports bras. I've picked them up in pink and charcoal at where else, Old Navy, and have been loving layering them under tanks.
+ I had an overnight bag (from Borders books, of all places) that I loved literally to death. On a recent wedding overnight, I realized that I didn't have the perfect overnight sized bag. Enter this Vera Bradley duffel (and my birthday month coupon!) Now, I'll be the first to say that Vera can be a little basic, but do you own one of these?? I have a large duffel as well and can honestly say it's a favorite for travel- they are so easy to throw everything in AND I love the bright prints. So call me basic! 
Now it's your turn! Got a life, pop culture, beauty, Nashville (or local to you :) or shopping gem to share? Send it my way! 

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In Training

Tuesday, June 28

| lip: NYX Butter Balm in Ladyfingers | dress: Old Navy | hoodie: an American Eagle relic | purse: Marc Jacobs via Carina (similar to this one) | watch: c/o JORD | kicks: Nike outlet | 

photos by Adriane Smith Creative who I am babysitting for on Friday (!)

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: we are truly #blest to live in a day & age where trainers are in style to wear with anything. Trainers & knit dresses have become such a go-to for me lately! Which you already knew, since I posted an almost identical outfit on the blog recently (same dress, different print, different long-sleeve layer). Also, shout-out to Nicole who rocked a dress + trainers combo on her blog this week (and looked real cute doing it, I might add.) 

This ensemble is basically a dream when you're traveling- just in case you need to drop everything and run through the airport at a moment's notice- and trust me, I just tried that out traveling to and from San Diego, when I wore yet another trainers + dress combo. You just can't beat comfort + function that is still on trend! 

This was a super casual outfit for work a few weeks ago. I actually loved just how casual this zip-up (from American Eagle circa 2005. TRULY a relic that I will keep wearing even when the sleeves have holes...because they do...) made the entire look. And pretty sure the hood saved me from a couple monsoon showers. 

I think that's really all I have for you today. If you have a frock + sneaks (like, how many times can I say dress + trainers in one post- there's another one!) that you've shared recently, I would love to see it!

I've been getting together my current states post for June- be sure and check back on Thursday for what I've been into & up-to in June! Have a great rest of your Tuesday!!

Tuxedo Pants For Summer

Wednesday, June 22

| lip: PBJ Smoothie Stick (review here!) | necklace: via Amazon | top: Forever 21 via Carina | tuxedo pants: Old Navy | shooties: Payless | watch: c/o JORD |

I’m still feeling good about my 10 Wardrobe Essentials post, since my choices are re-affirmed a few times a week, when I look down and realize I’m wearing one of my picks!

I shared then that it’s just important to have a pant option that isn’t jeans, and in the last couple years, I’ve become totally partial to these tuxedo pants. They look just as good in a hi-low ensemb paired with agraphic tee, or dressed up a bit with a blouse and heels. I work in an office, but it’s suuuuper casual. Every now and then I like to wear an outfit that’s professional, but still comfortable (pseudo-profesh, if you will.) I read recently about how peplum is so out but I don’t even care, you guys. A peplum top, to me, is a safe space. Safe for my lunch. If peplum is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I actually wore this outfit on the day I started interviewing for my replacement (I’m moving over to People Ops full-time, woo-hoo! Have I mentioned that on the blog?) And funny enough, on this day, we interviewed the girl we ended up hiring- the very first girl we interviewed. Her name is Theresa, and she is fabulous and lovely and we are already best friends. She’s actually super stylish, and should like, be on this blog.

In other news around here- I got my hair done! It’s nothing crazy different (my hair color really sticks to a passable spectrum) but I got some more layers AND this is the lightest it has been in my whole life. A girl in my office (who also has the plague blessing of ultra thick hair) walked in one day with a MAKEOVER hairstyle and I had to find out exactly where she went.

So I spent the most money I have ever spent getting my hair done (#quarterlifecrisis) and then proceeded to walk out in the POURING rain (Nashville I’m SOOVERIT) and went straight to the gym (because I signed up for this race that I am so regretting right now, you guys) and when I left my hair was in a sweaty ponytail AND this lady was harassing me for doing single leg squats with a kettle bell. I was in such a terrible mood.

Anyway. These photos were taken the next day. The blowout lasted a bit. I’m enjoying the color. My stylist kept using the word “lift”, yeah I suppose I feel lifted shifted higher than the ceiling. You know what they say about the girl that changes her hair…

Last thought here- when I was taking these photos a guy stopped and asked me “Are you like, a professional or something?” Yes dude. I’m a professional.

The next time someone stops me while I’m taking pics for the blog and asks “are you a model or something?” I’m gonna say “a model…citizen? Hell yeah! Now get out of my face.”

This week has been extra crazy because it's ~*Talent Week~* at work, that culminates in our big Talent Show tomorrow night. I'm honestly still a little wiped from this past weekend AND THEN last night I got to see Selena Gomez in concert! I'm not complaining I'm just...tired. You might also notice I just switched the blog over to Disqus! Comment away!! 

weekend update: Marisol's #LastSailBeforeTheVeil

Monday, June 20

photos edited with VSCOCam

So happy I could make it to San Diego & back over the weekend to celebrate my beautiful new sister, Marisol! Attending the bachelorette party for a girl that's marrying your brother is, in a word, interesting, but we had a fabulous time. 

We had a little boat time, a little beach time, a few banners (I made the top one and the very talented Eli made the bottom one), a few panties, and a LOT of selfies! 

I was so happy to see Galina & Carina, and even snuck in an evening with my brother Sundar in Carlsbad nearby. And California, you guys. Even after the heartbreak, Nashville has its' charms, but CALIFORNIA, you guys. Being there never fails to make my heart sing. I've always thought of SoCal as a "visit but never live" sort of place, but I really freaking loved being in San Diego. I went for the most killer run on Friday and just couldn't stop wondering why I ever left the Golden state. 

I'm nothing short of thrilled to be kicking off (the first of many?) Pappu weddings. Marisol is already an adored member of our family, and I love seeing my brother Coren so happy! Next up: Marisol's NorCal "sprinkle" next month (which means, per usual, I just got back from CA in time to book my next flight to CA.) Hope your week is off to a great start! Missing my Pappumas already. 

Every Bun Has Its' Day

Thursday, June 16

| sunnies: Target | necklace: gift (J.Crew) | top: F21 via Carina | jeans: Old Navy Rockstar (similar) | purse: Kate Spade (similar to this one/polka-dotted option!) | watch: c/o JORD | wedges: Target (old) | lip: e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie |

First things first (I'm the real-est): there was a time in middle school where the half-up bun WAS my hairstyle. I remember giddily thinking "I only have to straighten the bottom part of my hair today!" This style phased out somewhere in early high-school and just seemed so silly in retrospect. 

So imagine my surprise and delight when it started popping up all over as THE hipster dream girl hairstyle. No, I'm not describing myself as such! It has taken me until ^this day^ last week to welcome it back into my lifestyle. When I started seeing girls out & about with a half-bun, I just couldn't stop thinking "No way is this hairstyle back. No way! It's so silly!" And this to me seems like the quintessential old person sentiment: no way is that thing I used to wear/do/listen to when I was young back in style again! And yet, here I am. Rocking the half-up bun. And L O V I N G it.

I also love the way this outfit came together. It seems a little edgier than normal (it's the hipster hairstyle) but I need to remember that simple is good and all black is always ok. Even in Summer? I think the accessories (sunnies + lip + statement necklace + watch + crossbody + shoes) really makes it here. It was the perfect ensemb for a day at work, happy hour with a high school friend that just moved to town, and a quick hello to my favorite family

These wedges are some of my favorite shoes, and being from Target a few years ago, are starting to look a little to'-up-from-the-floor-up. This right here is case in point, if you find and buy something you love from somewhere like Target, BUY TWO (I just ordered another pair of these sandals for when my current pair wears out.)

And another shout-out to e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick (I'm wearing Coral Cutie above!) Y'all. Show me a better way to spend $3.

Also, sorry for the obvious overload of pictures in this post- I just thought Adriane knocked it out of the park on this shoot! Nashville friends looking for a photographer- she's your girl. 

Well, I'm off to San Diego for my sis-to-be's bachelorette weekend (and I get to see Sundar and Galina and Carina!) Per usual my suitcase is half-full of craft supplies and novelty sunglasses. Really looking forward to celebrating my new sister AND some coastal sunshine (Nashville has been on & off torrential downpours all week and I am OVERIT.) 

Have a fabulous weekend! 

weekend update: Less Monday, More SUMMER

Monday, June 13

I had a little too much fun this weekend, you guys.

Friday night I was running around, getting a new bed, loading up my old bed, that stuff takes way longer than you think it will, I also took a bath for the first time in FOREVER- why has it been so long?

I spent Saturday kayaking on the Harpeth river, which is my favorite kind of Summer day EVER; the kind that you absolutely collapse at the end of (with some sweet tanlines!)

Then Sunday morning the squad & I loaded up and headed to Louisville, Kentucky, for an old co-workers' wedding at the picturesque Henry Clay in DT LOUIS (and if you're wondering if we brushed up on our Henry Clay trivia on the ride up...his wife's name was Lucretia.) This was my first ever Jewish wedding, and I am delighted that we got to witness and participate in the stereotypes- smashing the glass, the chair dance, etc. They know how to party! Congrats Kenton & Jackie! And shout-out to a really great group (ChristineMaryClaireCodyArt) to attend a wedding with.

We left Louisville at 6:30am EST to drive back and go to work soooo no, I'm not really functional. I did spend half the day training my replacement at work :D and now I'm off to get my butt in gear (and do some crafting, etc.) because Marisol's bachelorette kicks off in a few days! I could use a whole lot more Summer and a whole lot less Monday right about now. 

South Beach

Thursday, June 9

| sunnies: Target | top: Marimekko for Target (still totally stocked!) | watch: c/o JORD | bag: Marc Jacobs via Carina (similar to this one) | skirt: Old Navy (similar) | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens (similar) | 

I am totally into anything 60's botanical print/Miami art deco/vacation inspired these days, and this outfit and shoot seems to touch on all of that! Behind the bamboo plants, you can just barely see the dipping pools of Pinewood Social, just outside my office, and just outside of reach (believe me, I have seriously considered going on my lunch break, but I'm trying to like, be a professional or something.)

I picked up a whole lot of the Marimekko for Target collaboration (placemats! A swimsuit cover-up! Salad plates! My friend just gifted me a beach towel!) but this Appelsiini top is by far my favorite. Paired with black jeans & strappy heels, it's become a go-to for a night out of drinks with friends. I wanted to make it a little more classically "work-friendly", so I paired it with a fitted pencil skirt (that's a bit too fitted, and for sale in my Poshmark closet right now) and my beloved clogs. 

I loved the way this turned out! The boxy top + fitted skirt silhouette is perfect. And seriously, I can't say how much I love this top. The combo of the fun Summer-y print and flattering fit (boxy, comfortable after eating whatever you want, but STILL flattering) is a winnah!

This week has been busy with something every evening after work. I typically thrive like this, but sometimes, in the midst of all the crazy, I still find time to feel down. Yesterday at lunch I was READY to turn that mood around, so I went on a killer run, and realized I have so many great things coming up to look forward to:

- I'm getting a new bed on Friday and planning to do a mini room makeover
- Going raincheck kayaking on Saturday (literal raincheck from last Saturday)
- Old co-workers wedding on Sunday in Louisville which is going to be on giant party
- Going to San Diego next Thursday for Marisol's bachelorette (and I get to see Sundar after a LONG time!)
- And when I get back in Nashville, it will be Talent Week/Talent Night at work!

And that is how I'm laughing instead of crying today. Did this just turn into a Thankful Thursday? I think so! 

What's coming up in your life that you're looking forward to? Share with me so I can be excited with you! 

Sometimes you win,

Monday, June 6

So, I'm 25! Now I can officially call it a quarter-life-crisis, teehee. 

Many thank yous and hugs to everyone who spent time, texted, called, tweeted, 'grammed, and Facebooked to make sure I felt so loved and thought of yesterday. It was a good, chill, day. 

As I mentioned recently, I've been searching for a mantra (sorry, Mom!) of sorts for the year of 25. Something to keep in mind any time this phase of life feels unwelcome, different, or tough. I've decided on: 

Because what if this year, I looked at every disappointment, setback, and challenge as a lesson instead of a failure? 

Onward & upward. Here we go, 25! 

and with it, brand new leaves

Saturday, June 4

| earrings: Old Navy | cardi: secondhand Target | dress: from Galina | watch: c/o JORD | flats: Old Navy | 

I suppose a quick note about this outfit is in order to start- in switching my cold weather/warm weather clothes out, I'm doing that "if I can't wear this tomorrow it has to go" thing. Both of these pieces had to prove their worth! I actually love how this pattern and color mixing came together, along with the bow layered with the sweater! Guess they earned their keep, for now. This outfit really made me feel like Emma Pilsbury- anyone? Anyone? 

With the hazy humidity and violent thunderstorms, Nashville weather leaves something to be desired, sure. But I can't help but love just how GREEN everything is right now! The seasons around here pretty much explode, which has been a delight to me since I came over from Northern California (where the seasons kinda sizzle, thought the weather is pretty much perfect year round.) I don't ever recall seeing this much widespread greenery in California (and certainly not lately, with the water troubles they've been having!) The lush green just makes me feel rejuvenated. Which is timely, because:

I'm gearing up for my birthday weekend and totally freaked out about it. 

In an effort to calm myself down and get my ish together, I've been searching [Pinterest] high & low for a mantra for year 25. I'll share that soon...but while I was looking, I came across this poem I first read years ago and has stayed on my mind since. 

And that brings us to the title of this post. 

Current State of the Union, 5.31.16

Wednesday, June 1

Can we all pretend this post went up yesterday? No one really cares anyway right? Cool. 
Currently / life:
+ What have I been up to lately? Mostly welcoming Summer with open arms and waving a quick goodbye to this Spring. I hung around Nashville this month (and loved it) apart from a quick weekend in North Carolina for Amir's graduation.
+ I'm staying super busy at work as I get ready to transition into a new role, and also with various side hustles as part of my baller on a budget lifestyle (& saving for Paris!)
+ Blogging took a backseat this month, but I do want to highlight my 10 Wardrobe Essentials post that I worked on for a while & was really pleased with!
+ My brother Coren is getting married (to Marisol) in August, which will fill my wedding involvement quota for the year :) we're gearing up for the bachelorette party next month in San Diego, bridal shower in San Francisco in July, and I'm helping my mom with the rehearsal dinner! Plenty of planning stuff to do there!
+ One other little bit of life- I'm just about two months out from the San Francisco marathon on July 31st, and taking my training to the next level. My long run hit 12 miles a couple weekends ago, and I'm still swimming and doing strength training. It feels like I'm getting there! I also have no idea what I'm doing, so any advice is welcomed!

Currently / pop culture:
+ Nine Track Mind- Charlie Puth, my album of the month, hands down! SO good and so relevant. My favorite tracks are Dangerously and We Don't Talk Anymore, which imho is one of Selena Gomez' best vocal performances ever. And this is on top of the four singles that are already major radio hits.
+ I actually went to a bunch of shows this month! I saw Tokyo Police Club, and We Are Scientists (funniest band I have ever seen), and then Silversun Pickups, Foals, & Joywave together at the Ryman. The latter two are really new to me, and solid recommendations. Joywave's 2015 album How Do You Feel Now? is solid through & through (think video game music), and Silversun Pickups have a fantastic Greatest Hits-ish album The Singles Collection, that I love listening to at work.
+ If you haven't checked out The Lumineers new album, Cleopatra, you must! The single Ophelia is very catchy, but my favorite is actually the first track, Sleep on the Floor, which might be the perfect song for this Summer.
+ EDIT: I just finished watching The People Vs. OJ Simpson. It was fascinating for me to realize how little I actually knew about this case and how it defined the term "media circus." I've also loved discussing with people that were older than me when it happened the "cast of characters" - I think they did an awesome job casting, from what I can tell!
+ And as of last night (per my hairstylist's rec) I started Bloodline on Netflix. Any fans out there?

*psst- follow me on Spotify, if you like good Indie music & bad pop music!*
Currently / shopping: I went ahead and changed this category name from Currently / wish-listing, since I'm shoooopping.
+ I am 100% on board with the chambray Americana thing that everyone has rolled out for the Summer. Per usual I am obsessed with Old Navy and they nailed it! I bought a few things, and got Super Cash, to hopefully pick up a few more things [atop my list for round two: a ^ sleeveless swing dress ^ this palm print dress <3 botanical print <3]
+ These three chambray pieces I now own and love. The button-front sundress is a dream and fits so well. I literally had a dream about the ruffle off-the-shoulder dress, test-wore it this weekend, and while it makes me feel like a Chiquita Banana queen, the off-the-shoulder trend is SUPES ANNOYING TO WEAR (#fashionispain.) And this ROMPER! It's out of stock and for good reason. I ordered it online just for fun, but it actually fits me and this kinda stuff never ever fits me. Coming soon to an outfit post near you.
+ I also picked up a few boutique + Anthro goodies (got the notebook and this dress) in Chattanooga over the weekend that I can't wait to share! After my birthday I'm really truly done shopping Mom, I promise!

Currently / on the nightstand:
+ Since I last wrote, I finished All The Light We Cannot See (gorgeous writing, snoozefest. Had a hard time getting into it and never really did. Wouldn't necessarily recommend...) and grabbed Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng from Carina in Chicago. While I found the first generation American/mixed race kid perspective fascinating, the book was v sad through and through and maybe not the best read for me right now.
+ My friend Rachel is probably the wisest person I know, and an avid reader. When she gives me a rec of "maybe the best book she's ever read", I have to go for it. So, I started East of Eden by John Steinbeck, and I'm gonna read it this Summer. I'm really gonna do it.
Currently / beauty: how cute is May's ipsy "bag" ? The perfect envelope in the perfect color for brushes while traveling!
+ New tradition! I'm using up products I have and pampering myself by doing a masque/week. First up- this Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty masque that was given to me years ago...(do masques go bad?) I can't find this anywhere online, but you can find products in this line here. It's a great one!
+ (clockwise) I could write an entire post on e.l.f. products I like, first up- the Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie. Probably my favorite Spring shade, it's glossy, smells good, and oh, it's $3.
+ My boss-mom Christine dropped this Wet n Wild Highlighting Stick off on my desk the other day because "she loved the packaging and had to buy them all but this one isn't her color." After lip color, blush is my favorite beauty product and I have been absolutely loving this in my routine lately- it literally takes one swipe to get a little blushing/highlighting/shimmer action.
+ Galina brought me this Lakme eyeliner back from India- apparently it's what all the locals use! It's long-lasting and liquid with a tiny brush, still perfecting my hand, but it's a solid product.
+ I recently used my Birchbox points to pick out some new mascara- the thing you always need and always run out of. I was interested to try the Elizabeth Mott It's So B!G mascara because I like their primer SO MUCH, and I'm pretty pleased! It's nothing super special but the brush is nice and it works well, plus Birchbox has a great full-size + travel size offer for $18.
+ All hail Lincoln Park After Dark, the best polish color for any time of the year. I've loved this shade for a while, but never actually owned it, until I got it in a very belated Christmas present from Christine (she spoils me!) I promptly gave myself a manicure, and yes, it's even the best color when you do it at home!
+ I've got nothing to show for this yet, but I'm getting my hair done today! Shouldn't be too different- a few inches off, a few pounds thinned out (ha) more layers, and more balayage! I'm super looking forward to what has become kinda a birthday tradition for me.
*interested in ipsy/Birchbox for $10/month? referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox
literally one million more ipsy/Birchbox product reviews here. *
What's the latest in your world in life, pop culture, shopping, reading, & beauty? Don't keep it to yourself! Share below!!