Current State of the Union, 11.30.16

Wednesday, November 30

Currently / life:
+ Hey out there! If you're anything like me, you're a) wondering how in the hell it is already the last month of the year and b) feeling a little anxious about the holidays. If I'm being honest, I'm actually feeling doubly anxious this time around...but you know, we're gonna make it!
+ November was a good month. It was a little quieter around here, which I'm totally ok with. I debuted a few more pieces in my Fall Uncapsule, including leopard pants, metallic pants, and my velvet bomber jacket.
+ I was also so excited to finally share photos (and my speech!) from my brother's wedding back in August, and so glad to bring Thankful Thursday back to the blog (for Thanksgiving.)
+ Like every month, I'm sitting here like, another month come and gone and what did I actually do apart from work and blogging? Well, my dear friend Rachel came to spend the weekend in Nashville, most recently I spent the long holiday weekend at home (with nothing but memories to show for it!) and otherwise, I've just been hanging around.

Currently / pop culture:
+ Insecure - HBO | Is my favorite show on TV right now. Have you guys seen this yet? The very best part of the show is Issa & Molly's friendship, which is everything I've ever wanted in a best friend AND MORE.
Joanne- Lady Gaga | I have to confess that sometimes, I include albums on here that I've only just started listening to, and therefore, later when I'm really into them, I have to re-share. So that's Joanne. Have you guys listened yet?? This album is phenomenally great. If you're expecting Bad Romance, I'll have to worn you that it's full of more funky, Americana, sounds, but I dig it 100%. Listen to (faves of the 'mo:) Diamond Heart, A-YO. 
HERO- Maren Morris | Maren won the CMA for "New Artist of the Year", which prompted me to give this album another listen, and it's been on constant rotation since. HERO is exactly what country music has been missing lately, right down to the heroine, Maren. This album is amazing. Listen to: Sugar, 80s Mercedes, Once. 
+ I saw Wet in concert last month and they were A MA ZING, so another reminder about them (they also released a couple new songs recently!) Listen to: All the Ways, It's All in Vain.
+ On a nostalgic note- this past rainy Monday I worked from home and Dashboard Confessional was the most perfect soundtrack. Don't forget about them! Listen to: Stolen, Bend and Not Break. 

*I'd love to connect with you on Spotify! Always listening to bad pop music & looking for new tunes*
NYX liquid lipstick
Currently / beauty: you already know I'm obsessed with NYX Liquid Lipstick, so here's something new for this month's beauty beat. I was gifted the NYX Liquid Lipstick sampler and have been eagerly trying out new shades, and here are my three new favorites (left to right.) Sorry if these photos are awk.
+ Sandstorm | I promise this is the equivalent of Soft-Spoken for those with fairer skin, and a super nude for me.
+ Cherry Skies | A gorgeous, vampy dark red. Did someone say holiday party?
+ Vintage | A more brown-red, that has to be the stand-out of my new faves. I wore it in this post and felt like J.Lo.

*I first met my MLBB, Soft-Spoken through ipsy! Sign up for ipsy/Birchbox for $10/month OR gift them to someone you love (I did this for my sisters last year, & it was a hit!)*

Currently / Nashville: When Rachel came to town, I was re-acquainted with my favorite bars on Broadway in Music City, so today it's the "Where to go on Broadway" edition! This route is tried & true.
+ I like to start at The Stage for some fun country jams that aren't too bro-y, in an environment that's not too crazy (pro-tip: go through the back alley entrance- trust me!)
+ Next up is Robert's Western World, "the original honkytonk", where you can get a bologna sandwich and PBR for $5, along with some rad, more traditional sounding jams and adorable old people line dancing.
+ I like to end the night at Honkytonk Central for several reasons: three story views of the entire, neon Broadway strip, and a rowdy band on every floor, but mostly because you won't want to be there unless you've had a few drinks and are about ready to go home :)
Currently / shopping: this was almost a *wish-list* for the first time, then I did some Cyber Monday shopping.
+ I picked up some super cheap drapey tees from Old Navy with Cyber Monday + super cash deals (as I was picking out a few Christmas presents, of course.) I have a few boyfriend tees from Old Navy and wear them out, so I figured it was a good time to stock up.
+ I still have a few seasonal holes in my closet, namely black booties. I ordered a pair from Target, fingers crossed, & also ordered this pair of OTK boots because they were super on sale & I've been dying for a pair! Stay tuned.
+ Then this is purely wish-listing, I'm in the final rounds of picking out my outfit for our holiday party, and how amazing is the holiday/Jacquard collection that Old Navy has out right now? These pants are amazing (and sold out) so is the companion jacket, but I'm wondering if I'd ever wear them otherwise...OH, and they have a jumpsuit!

Currently / on the nightstand: I'm in the middle of three different books right now :)
+ East of Eden - John Steinbeck | So while I didn't finish this in time to send it back with Rachel like I hoped, I am over half way done, and determined to finish it! I can say so far I totally understand why this is a classic, and also I have to be 110% focused while I read this or I miss everything.
+ The Devil in the White City - Erik Larson | I put this on my Kindle for the trip home and have barely started, anyone out there read this? It supposed to be historical non-fiction meets crime drama to which I say- yes please!
+ Sweetbitter - Stephanie Danler | Carina loaded me up with books when I went home (as she does!) and this is the one I've started first. I've heard Carina rave about this book since we were in NYC when, fun fact, we actually saw the author out & about (yeah, how did Carina recognize her? No idea!) Super excited to read this!
Oh, here's one picture from Thanksgiving- we went wine tasting in Healdsburg! 

Ok, that's all for now! I'd love to hear what you're currently into and up to, in life, pop culture, beauty, Nashville (or your city ;), shopping & wish-listing, and on your nightstand! Share below!!

Plenty of gems in my back log of Current States, which you can find right here.

Thankful Thursday, #9

Thursday, November 24

NO filter (can you believe that?!) in the gorgeous Sewanee, TN

A while ago I started a series called Thankful Thursday on my blog, as a way to practice gratitude and keep track of things I was thankful for in the moment. Well, it has been over a year since I've done an installment of my gratitude project! It hasn't been the easiest year for me, and when times are tough, it seems so easy to focus on what we don't have. No matter what's been going on, I have SO much to be thankful for. What better day to bring this back than the holiday dedicated to thankfulness? 

48. my team at work.
49. my cozy current living situation.
50. dark chocolate.
51. darker nail polish.
52. Bay Area weather.
53. my 2017 planner.
54. post-Thanksgiving dinner couch snuggles.
55. the annual Pappu Family & Friends Thanksgiving Doubles Ping-Pong tournament!
56. velvet leggings.
57. Adriane- who is a darling and takes amazing photos for me!
58. coffee all the time, forever.

Wishing you the very best Thanksgiving (or just Thursday!) Thankful for you guys. Thanks for reading! 

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Don't Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got

Tuesday, November 22

| sunnies: random stall in London {similar} | necklace: Amazon {similar} | tee: Hanes | bomber: Joy London {really similar} | skirt: Madewell via Carina {similar} | trainers: Nike Juvenate | lip: NYX Liquid Lipstick in Vintage

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...because they are obviously faux. This outfit made me feel like J.Lo (the combination of shades + athleisure velvet bomber, I think?), but seeing these photos, I look like our other favorite Latina songstress, Ariana Grande, as I'm rocking my new favorite hairstyle. 

This outfit is a combination of a bunch of my new favorite things, and I loved the sassy street style vibe. 

I picked up this jacket and the sunglasses while walking around London with Laila (and Carina), on the last day of our Eurotrip. I wish there were some way for you to FEEL this jacket. I love any kind of velvet, and am jazzed that it's THE texture of the moment (not that I ever stopped wearing it...) but this is some high-grade stuff, seriously. On the day I wore this to work, some guys actually asked me where the other half of my FUBU tracksuit was, lol. It's fiiiine because I'm totally into it. Both the velvet bomber and my Nike Trainers are fresh off my Fall Un-Capsule

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that as a gift for my three year work anniversary (or, Emmaversary, as we call it) my team that I adore got me the best gift: the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Vault (so basically, a mini in every shade available.) I've raved about Soft-Spoken (my favorite!) probably too many times on the blog, and I am having a blast trying out every single color. Vintage, the color I'm wearing above, is rapidly becoming my second favorite from the line! 

Hope you're having a fabulous holi-week! The temperature has dropped in Nashville, just in time for me to head to the sunny and always perfectly mild Bae Area on Wednesday afternoon. Not before a jam-packed 2.5 days at work and our office pizza/shenanigans send off!

Quick Thanksgiving poll: where will you be spending the holiday? And what is the menu item you're most looking forward to?

Coren & Marisol, 8.19.16

Saturday, November 19

So happy to finally share photos from my brother Coren & the stunning Marisol's beautiful wedding back in August (my pics, here!) The incredible venue is Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, CA. 

Please note: I did not take any of these photos, they were done by the amazing, talented (and scrappy!) Kreate Photography- if you're in California, I would completely recommend her. 
venue: Camarillo Ranch- now I'm convinced an old Victorian House is the most amazing photo backdrop
how beautiful is my new sister?! can you believe that hair?
spoiler: this is our family Christmas card for the year (sorry Mom!)
L O V E my people! 
could you die over how handsome my brothers are?! I could hardly stand it.
the mariachi band was one of the highlights of the wedding
now presenting, for the first time, Mr. & Mrs. Pappu!
Tuppy saying "I messed up" during I Won't Give Up- didn't hurt the performance a bit
me being funny during my speech! sometimes my jokes are good ok?!
that lighting + those faces + that garden! 
all photos by Kreate Photography

adapted from Coren’s birthday post from a few years ago

“Hi everyone! For those of you I don’t know, my name is Priya, and I’ve known Coren for about…25 years?

I’m Coren’s youngest sister. And when I think of Coren, I’ll always think of two things: music of all kinds and my entire family around the table laughing.

So Coren is six years older than me, and though it doesn’t feel like a lot now, growing up, it was a LOT. Any of you that are younger sisters can relate- you idolize your older brothers, but you’re the annoying little sister.

So when I was 11 and Coren was 17 (again, that’s a 6th grade girl and a Senior guy so like, nothing in common), Coren drove me to middle school on his way to high school. And at first it was like, whatever, I need a ride to school, and for a while he was dropping me across the street from my school at Jack in the Box so he didn’t have to make a u-turn, which I did not appreciate (and when I told my parents they got really mad), but once we worked past all of that: it became this incredible time for us to bond over music.

I was exposed to rock & alternative for the first time, as we listened to Channel 104.9 every day, and Coren would ask me about what I liked, which was a huge deal to me as an 11-year-old girl, that my older brother was asking my opinion on something. To this day, when I hear early Maroon 5 or Pearl Jam or Smashing Pumpkins, it takes me right back to driving in what I think we called “the small car.”

This established an eternal bond for us. In 8th grade, Coren set up my first iPod for me. In high school, he was the one buying me band tees for my birthday (that my Mom didn’t want me to have.) We would go to shows together, and even to this day, one of my favorite things is being able to be around Coren and Tuppy as they jam, and Coren is still sending me music (literally the other night he texted me and said “do you like this song, it’s K-Pop.”)

Second thing: if you’ve been to our house, you know there’s this giant dining table that’s the epicenter of it all. Because of family is so big, we can rank even to third place things like ‘smartest’ *points to Carina* ‘slowest’ *points to Amir* and funniest. Coren has held the title of funniest I think since he could talk? So then I think there were a few years in there it was Galina, but I’m sure even then Coren was just starting to write his jokes and think ‘I can’t wait until I can talk & don’t have to listen to Galina’s jokes anymore!’ I have so many memories of us all around that big table laughing at something Coren said- whether it was an impression of my dad, a memory of me and the twins when we were younger, or a South Park quote.

Marisol, I couldn’t be happier to welcome you in to this crazy bunch. -We get it- there’s a lot of personalities, a lot of culture (you know a little bit about that ;) many different dynamics, and it has been awesome to see you jump in and take it all in stride. I mean, we’re all pretty nice. Amir gets angry sometimes- but that’s about it. From the moment I met you and we all met you, we were so pleased with how warm you are, and your effort to get to know each of us has been so apparent. I mean, you may have noticed that all seven of us are in the wedding, which is so thoughtful- but to be clear, as some of us are still single, not a requirement.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better match for my brother. Congrats, Coren & Marisol! I love you guys.

And my prayer for you is that your home will always be full of music and laughter.

So raise your glass to the couple of the year, the couple of the decade, the couple of the century- Coren & Marisol!”

Providential Pants

Friday, November 18

| jacket: Old Navy {similar splurge!} | tee: H&M | pants: Topshop | loafers: Zara | earrings: gift from India | 

This is the story of these spectacular pants. 

The scene opens: DryBar Bryant Park, NYC, Fashion Week. I made appointments for me and Carina to get our hair blown out upon arrival (a genius travel strategy I got from Jessica) as to not waste any time during our super quick trip washing hair, and generally just feel fabulous. 

Being the worst blogger of all time, I didn’t even realize it was Fashion Week while we’d be in the city, but the buzz was everywhere! We played a game called “Model or Extraordinary Civilian” all weekend, searching out the gorgeous amazonian models-off-duty everywhere we went. I was so tickled at the street style I saw on every corner, and I know that’s pretty normal for any time you’re in the city, but I’d like to think it was slightly elevated as people were headed straight to runway shows. 

Carina & I were mid-blow-out (a Cosmo-tai for me, a Cosmopolitan for her) when two insanely stylish girls were seated opposite to us. I looked them up and down, and not in a judgmental way at all, I just wanted to absorb every detail of their outfit (PLS tell me I’m not the only one who does this??) I whisper-hissed to Carina (super subtle) “THEY ARE GOING TO FASHION WEEK”, I just knew it! One of them was wearing THESE PANTS and looked spectacular. I can't even tell you what else she was wearing. I just couldn't stop thinking about those pants.

Fast-forward to a few weeks later, when I found myself in a Topshop in London, on my way to Paris via Munich with Carina (more on that adventure.) We were browsing the Petites section, when lo and behold: THE pants. I knew instantly they were the same pants I saw on my style crush at DryBar. Carina wasn't totally on board at first, but I knew they were coming home with me, and it was destiny! 

I spent the rest of the week preaching to her about wearing what you like, because you like it. Are they a little zany? Sure. Was I going to Fashion Week on the day I wore this outfit? Nah, I was going to work. And I can tell you now that my ideal outfit with these pants is this crop top and these heels, (tested this for a cocktail party recently and it was perf) but in the mean time, I think this was a decent styling attempt to make these pants work-ready.

So here's my takeaway for today: if you see some pants you love, let them go. If you see them at a Topshop several weeks and countries later, it is meant to be. Also happy FRIYAY friends! 

Weekend Update: Mrs DeVries Takes Nashville!

Wednesday, November 16

My dear friend Rachel came to visit me last weekend, which was her very first time in Nashville! We actually had a lot to celebrate because she just (like, a week ago) got engaged to the wonderful Ray, whom I absolutely loved meeting and hanging out with when I visited them in Denver in January.  

We had a jam-packed two days, in beautiful Fall weather, where I tried to cover everything I've come to know and love in Nashville over the past seven years (wow, have I really been here that long?) This included but was not limited to: hot chicken, a stroll through downtown and 12 South, a dressed-up dinner at City House, a walk on the Shelby Bottoms greenway, a pit-stop at a co-worker soiree, cooking breakfast at home, introducing Rachel to a curling wand and NYX liquid lipstick (duh), a night out on Broadway, donuts from Donut Den, an afternoon at the Filling Station playing cards (new favorite activity?) and actually some snuggly down time at my house, which usually happens. 

Evidence that Rachel is an amazing friend: she has a million friends. It's not uncommon to be with her and hear stories about her other friends, or even FaceTime them :) I think it's just because everyone wants and values having her in their life, and I sure do!!

Oh yes, I did make her an itinerary for the weekend because I am insane.

Love you, Mrs DeVries to be! Thank you for coming to Nashville and being one of the very best people I know. Can't wait to continue celebrating with you soon!

Impulse Trousers

Monday, November 14

| earrings: Nashville Flea Market | sunnies: random stall in London | top: thrifted in Finland | watch: c/o JORD |                | trousers: Old Navy | flats: Target | lip: Pixi by Petra Mattelustre in Rose Naturelle |

Hiiii. How's everyone doing out there? Had a fun Halloweekend? And a great start to November? I've had a very busy couple weeks at work, which always results in a very chill outside of work lifestyle, with no laptops, and no blogging. Then this weekend my friend Rachel came to stay (more about that, later!) Hope y'all are doing ok. 

These pants! They were somewhat of an impulse buy, but I had faith in them because they fall into my Wardrobe Essentials list (trousers, or pants that aren't jeans.) I also owned two pairs of trousers from Old Navy already that I wear constantly (tuxedo / emerald.) The fit of these is slightly different and less fitted, and the print definitely on the wild side! They quickly landed on my Fall Un-Capsule list so, who says impulse buys are always a bad thing?

These shoes! Lace-up flats are undeniably the shoe of the season, and I resisted them for a while because I just didn't think they were my style? I picked this pair up at Target after sticking them on my Fall wishlist, and though they add about five minutes on to getting dressed, I'm really digging them! They add some real visual interest to what would otherwise be black flats. One bit of uncertainty- am I tying these right? How do you guys tie your lace-up flats?

In retro (which is what this blog is partially about) though I love this color palette, the combination of billow-y half-tuck and straight leg trousers is looking a little frumpy to me. I'd like to re-do this outfit with a more fitted blouse (or a full tuck!) I think with the right proportions I'd be 100% on board.

Ok, hope your week is off to a lovely start. Be back soon!