Gift Guide: for me!

As I woefully discussed with Valery on Twitter, I am seriously impressed with bloggers that can live life during the holidays AND produce holiday content (no shade- genuinely impressed.) How do you all do it?? 

So in my feeble attempt to acknowledge the most wonderful time of the year: here's a little gift guide I put together! I haven't written a Christmas list in years, but this year, to help out with our family Secret Santa (we've done this for years now because there are so many of us!) we put together a Google doc with suggestions. As I was filling that out, I realized I had a nice little list going and thought, hey- holiday content!

So here's my Christmas list (it's not really a gift guide- I get it.) 
The Transport Tote • Madewell • | I'm in search of the perfect work tote, something equally chic & roomy!
Chanel Chance • | I'm generally just in need of new perfume, and I've always wanted to try this.
Stadium-cloth cocoon coat • J.Crew • | A camel coat is leftover from my Fall wishlist, and I love the cocoon fit!
Mizuno Sneakers • | I ask for new trainers nearly every Christmas, after I run through them every year!
Paper Source calendar • | I love the Paper Source calendar that sits on my desk at work, and it's time for 2017!
Cord Button Pencil Skirt • | Another Fall wishlist leftover, such a trendy piece that I'm still missing!
Bluetooth Speaker • | If you're like me, and love having music playing all the time. This has been on my list forever!
Stila Liquid Lipstick • | Y'all know I love my NYX Liquid Lipstick, but this stuff is truly the best.
Madewell Turtleneck Sweater • | Last Fall wishlist item is a big, cozy, preferably maroon turtleneck sweater. Yum!
Karen Walker Sunglasses • | Emily rocks these sunglasses on the reg, and that landed them on my list too!
White + Warren Cashmere Wrap • | I loove a blanket scarf, can't imagine how luxe & cozy a cashmere one would be.
Mini-Prep Plus Processor • Cuisinart • | I make salads daily for work & honestly just want this to make kale salad.

What's on your list this Christmas? Any other suggestions for me? And how the heck do you balance blogging/life/holidays? 

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