Simple Season

 | jacket: Nixon via Carina {similar} | tee: Primark {similar} | jeans: Old Navy Rockstar
| boots: Frye via Carina {similar} | 

How's everybody doing out there? This week, for me, has been exactly how I anticipated: nutty! It's our big holiday party week at work; yeah, it's a week long celebration with activities throughout, culminating in the big bash tomorrow night! I'm lucky that, even though my role has shifted (from Operations --> Talent), I still get to be involved in lots of the fun employee engagement stuff. This includes things like Team Giving Back, gingerbread house happy hours, and our blow-out year-end staff meeting- all of which happened this week! 

So when I haven't been at work or work functions this week, I've been squeezing in exercising and showering and eating and crawling into bed. Such a crazy (and fun) week!

I didn't fully get my stuff together for a fabulous new outfit that I'm totally proud of for our party tomorrow night, but I'll of course be wearing something (I'm thinking sequin pants...) stay tuned, hopefully I can share it on Twitter!

On to the outfit: so simple, and I loved wearing it. Both the jacket and boots are from Carina's recent purge (thanks sis!) I've been wearing this jacket non-stop! It's basically the same as this jacket, but for warmer temps.  And how gorgeous are these boots? I ended up selling my Frye boots on Poshmark and keeping these ones instead!

Are you guys familiar with Primark? Old news? I picked up this shirt recently when I was out of town, and it has filled a hole in my closet I didn't know existed! They have some great basics that are all super affordable. Now if only we could get one in Nashville...

Well, that's all for now! Hope you all are staying warm & chic out there. Thanks for reading! 

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