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| cardigan: Banana Republic {really similar} | brooch: vintage- my mom's! {similar} | culottes: Old Navy (still available!) | socks: Target | clogs: Old Navy {similar} | lip: PBJ Smoothie Stick |

all photos by Adriane Smith Creative
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At this exact moment, as this post goes live, I can promise you I'm getting frantic texts/phone calls/emails from my sisters like "what in the HELL are you wearing??" So, here's the story, and yes, there is always a story! 

I picked up these culotte's, a buzzword that I honestly can't pronounce, recently, the same way I always try out new trends: by adding them into an existing order at Old Navy because they are super cheap and why not? These are even available in Petite sizing which, at 5'2", I have to have with styles like this (I am wearing a 4 Petite for your reference and they are still available online!)

So once I got them in the mail, and they fit, and are totally badass and on trend with the resurgence of the 70's, I just couldn't wait for the weather to warm up to wear them! I played around with wearing tights, but couldn't pass up the knee socks when I tried them on.

Bonus that this outfit brought this cardigan back to life out of the depths of my closet! So, this look might be a little kooky, but I can't wait to break out these babies when it warms up. Are you team culottes? Styling tips, appreciated! 

As of this evening I am OFF for an XL weekend with two of my best girlfriends from high school (Steph & Jenae!) We have not spent this much time together as a trio...probably since high school? An XL girls weekend is just what the doctor ordered, and I am super excited to laugh until I can't breath and eat junk food and cram the three of us in my tiny bedroom. Catch you on the flipside!

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