JANUARY / new year, who dis?

Last year, in lieu of a monthly goal check-in, I opted for a Current State of the Union post, to capture the latest & greatest in my life every month. This year, I'm switching things up again! Though I do have some goals for the year, I probably won't reference them much. But I love having a catch-all at the end of the month though, soooo that's what this is! There's no telling what direction it will go. 
another year, another Paper Source calendar that I loooove

+ January was a super chill month for me, perfect for dreaming and scheming for the rest of the year. Apart from Jenae & Steph visiting over the XL weekend, I really don't have much to report!

+ Usingmy ban.do planner (it is super cheap right now!) + stickers (book one & two) religiously, in a twist of fate I also received the I Believe in Fun and I Believe in Red Lipstick pins while ordering pins for my girlfriends for Christmas! No, actual fate, they shipped me the wrong ones. ban.do everything, forever.

+ Buying | I was kinda determined not to shop this month because I have no more storage + a lot of travel plans, & I was doing just fine until we did a little walkin' & shoppin' this weekend. I picked up this life-changing dress, another pair of dressy shorts (real similar to these), and this casual boho dress.

+ Enjoying | Fran's "Healthyish" series, and wishing I had more to share with y'all about my fitness routines! I have one workout left in the 4 weeks of pre-training for the Bikini Body Guide, then the real fun begins (plus I've been running, nothing crazy!) I only eat very boring stuff, but maybe I'll make it a goal to make some interesting, healthy recipes and share them next month.

+ Glamming | There are some e.l.f. products I really love (one time I did this tutorial) including the HD blush! They are super pigmented, like, super, so you only need a tiny bit and lots of blending!

+ ListeningI'm Alone, No You're Not - Joseph, We Move - James Vincent McMorrow, Remember Us To Life - Regina Spektor (her new album that no one told me about!) I've also been crushing this blessing of a playlist: all the NOW cd's combined. You're welcome (psst let's connect on Spotify!)

+ WatchingRats, the Morgan Spurlock documentary on Netflix, in an effort to face my fears but it was truly terrifying, The 80's docuseries on Netflix because have I ever told you how much I love everything about the 80's? SNL pretty regularly (check out Aziz hosting/Big Sean performing) and The Office because it just feels like home.

+ Nashvilling | My new favorite place in town is Barcelona Wine Bar in Edgehill. It's technically a chain (??) but a great one. Cool vibe, extensive bar, and a tapas selection that will actually fill you up!

+ Reading | East of Eden by John Steinbeck. STILL working on this classic that my friend Rachel recommended, and I'm really determined to finish it! This month I also read Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. I didn't love the main character Tess, so I couldn't really root for her, but Danler is undoubtably a talented writer, and it was worth reading!

+ Blogging | I shared my favorite songs from 2016, memories from Christmas vacation, my goals for 2017, my Top 10 Essential Accessories, and I wore a dress that doesn't match my style shift, corduroy shorts, a super casual outfit for a beer crawl day, and my culottes- for the first time!

However you're tracking your goals/life in 2017, I would love to follow along. Share your links with me below!

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