FEBRUARY / it was the best of times, it was the Valentime's

not sure exactly what this series is, but it's a great catch-all for my favorites/happenings over the month! 
shout-out to Paper Source for my desk calendar that I love, and to Nicole for the title of this post

+ February! Maybe it went by extra quick because it is technically the shortest month of the year? I kept myself pretty busy (more about that), and stuck around town with the exception of Miami this past weekend- stay tuned!

+ Around these parts, I chronicled a weekend with my best friends, wrote a general life update, resurrected my red leather jacket, dressed for Valentine's Day, and debuted my new oxfords.

+ It was a treat yo-self kinda month. After months of being off ipsy & Birchbox, I had a little beauty wishlist that I checked off: Benefit They're Real mascara (in my opinion, probably the best), Not Your Mother's She's a Tease hairspray, Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Temper (actually ordered the wrong shade, Tampered was what I was after), this contour brush, and this multi-sharpener!

+ The nail polish and lipstick pictured above were both my picks for Valentine's Day: MAC lipstick in St. Germain and Ciaté x Olivia Palermo in Sunday My Off Duty Nude. Pink vibes!

+ In other news, I've mentioned I've been doing a "nail polish challenge", which is a silly thing where I don't repeat a color until I've worn every one that I own. This is resulting in a lot of manicures that I've been tracking on Twitter. Favorite new color so far? Odette by Zoya.

+ After eyeing them for a while, I ordered a few pairs of cut-out booties from Target: this pair, and this pair (in grey and taupe.) Proud of myself for not keeping all three (I chose the second pair in Taupe!) I made a few sales on Poshmark, and in turn picked up these Madewell slides, and Nicole's cute pineapple dress (both perfect for my trip to Miami!) I also picked up what I think is my new favorite top from Pangea, can't find it online but I'm sure it'll be up on the blog soon. Nothing crazy but it does feel like a nice little update to my closet for Spring!

+ I was so excited to for the premiere of Big Little Lies on HBO! I was a big fan of the book, and the miniseries is actually set in the Bay Area! Still time to get caught up if you missed the first couple episodes. After hearing so much buzz, I went and saw Jordan Peele's Get Out last night (instead of finishing this blog post :) and omg, wow! It's like a cross between Stepford Wives and Shutter Island, with racial commentary.

+ I'm in the middle of a few books, two of which I'm embarrassed to tell you about: I still haven't finished East of Eden, my sister just lent me Issa Rae's book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, and as I mentioned I was on a Britney bender this month and naturally checked out Heart to Heart (co-written by Britney & Lynne) and Through The Storm (Lynne's story!) from my local library.

+ I have to give another musical shout-out to Ariana Grande after attending her show on Valentine's Day- her recent album Dangerous Woman is not a joke, and her show was amazing! Of course I've been listening to a lot of Britney Spears through the years this month, and most recently my sister recommended The Staves to me, and I'm going to their show on Sunday! I'm sure I don't have to tell you I'm a big Lana Del Rey fan, and her new single, Love is soooo dreamy. Psst: follow me on Spotify!

+ I've been eating really well and staying on top of my fitness schedule, doing just about 3 Bikini Body Guide workouts/week (almost on week 4!) and running two days a week. When I feel blah about exercise or life in general, the solution is always the same: a dance blast class at the Y! I get a kick of of shaking it to the latest beats and mostly just laughing at myself.

+ One little fitness goal I'll share with you: the combo of BBG + running a good amount has left me feeling entirely wound up and tense! I'm not usually a yoga person, but I know that deep stretch will really help me out, so I'm making a small goal to do yoga 4 times this coming month. We actually have a group that practices right here in the office so, I have no excuse.

+ Favorite new place in Nashville: Inglewood Lounge; conveniently located walking distance from my house in a renovated Mrs. Winner's Chicken (no seriously.) They have the most interesting assortment of small plates, great cocktails, and 70's botanical vibes for dayzzz.

Fill me in on the latest and greatest in your life, below!

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