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| hat: Target {similar} | button-up: Ralph Lauren via Jamie | pants: J.Crew via Poshmark [seriously- Poshmark is that good-good ] heels: Chinese Laundry via Francesca’s {similar} | 

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Do me a favor: when we meet in person (and I sure hope we do!) if I’m wearing a baseball cap, don’t ask me how many days it’s been since I washed my hair last. Deal? This will just be like a cute little inside joke between us, upon meeting. Maybe you can say a code sentence like “WOWWW you are way funnier in person, Priya!” And I’ll know what you really want to ask, and maybe I’ll even flash the number on my fingers real quick, and we won’t discuss, but we will have this secret unspoken bond that links us forever.

Or, I dunno, you can ask. I really haven’t put any thought into it.

Here’s the thing because I know there are both haters and my mother (sometimes they are one and the same ;) reading this blog: I eat a lot of junk food, but I am not a trash can human. I do bathe and take care of myself. But do you even understand that I am getting literal days of my life back by not washing my hair all the time??? First of all, it takes a full day just to DRY. And second, maybe most importantly, I just do not care. I would wear my hair in a ponytail every day if I didn’t have this blog, I swear.

Anyway, just know if I’m wearing a cap, this is the last and final day and things maybe have spun out of control and lucky for me it’s also a fashion statement! And the last thing I’ll say about this is if I didn’t exercise I would literally never wash my hair ever. I'm hoping to do a post about this soon!

Oh and remember when we discussed that phenomenon where you think you’re a fashion prodigy because you’re wearing this cool outfit and then you find out you actually pinned it years ago? Talk about betrayal! Talk about a roller coaster of emotions! [I actually have an entire board of outfits I’ve pinned and then re-created! Check it!]

I like this outfit because it’s Summery and casual and preppy and I could swap the heels for slides and make it Saturday-ready so fast!

What else is new?? Big plans for your weekend? None for me (and I'm not mad about it, especially after being gone last weekend.) I'm hoping to finish a new book, tackle some organizing projects in my room, maybe do a little cooking, a little playing around in my closet, and maybe get super ambitious and clean my car. We'll see. Enjoy!

Shop the look below! Never wash your hair with me!

photos by Adriane Smith Creative- who just had her little girl! Congrats Adriane! <3

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