Weekend Update: HipHipHoorayRae (& the Bay)

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday (I guess? Is that where we are?) I’m fresh off a really lovely long weekend in the Bay Area, which culminated in the beautiful wedding of Rachel and Ray (the last of the season for me!) 

It’s funny that I just wrote about experiencing California blackout mode, since this weekend was a bit atypical. I got home on Thursday evening to an empty house, my parents were in Finland ‘til Sunday night, and I even had time to like, exercise and nap and think. Which I’m not mad about!

Other shenanigans (always with the scheming and dreaming) included: playing Monopoly Deal for the first time with Amir and Steph, running and kayaking in beautiful Monterey with the dearest friends, running ~ a mile with Amir to catch Tuppy’s Summer gig as a game show host, followed by a couple hours in the theme park of our youth (the most perfect nostalgic Summer evening that will not be topped), breakfast at my wonderful neighbors, and a Saturday afternoon ALONE AT HOME (yeah! I was like…what is this??)

Rachel and Ray’s wedding festivities kicked off with a ranch rehearsal bash in Livermore that everyone was invited to, which is such a cool idea! I absolutely adore Rachel’s family (Grampy included, or maybe even most of all) and I hardly get to see them anymore, so that was a blast. Also I live for the chances to see my “auxiliary” friends from high school, that only occur during wedding festivities (<3 Monica Hannah Bekah Leighah Claire!) I also live to sit in between Katie and Jacqui for a while and just be a sister wife for an evening.

On Sunday I finally got to see Galina’s new place and hang with her and have baby’s first acai bowl, I stopped by and saw Jenae and Dingo Dan’s awesome new house, and then basically had a glam squad as Galina did my hair for the wedding- which I can get used to!

The wedding was in San Ramon and it was HAWT and so beautiful. Rachel and Ray seemed so joyous the whole time. If their marriage is anything like their wedding was, it’s gonna be a FUN life. Also- Rachel is actually everyone’s favorite friend because I swear there were 30 girlfriends there (apart from bridesmaids) from throughout her whole life. Congrats Rachel & Ray! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you! See you on the farm in Colorado!

Finally I worked from my parent’s house Monday morning, while having breakfast and coffee with my Mom (which was so nice) and collecting all my Finnish goodies, took the <3 Caltrain <3 to the city and finished up the day in Carina’s office and then we finally got to go to Liho Liho Yacht Club which did not disappoint! Like always, and everyone else, leaving my heart in San Francisco (and the yeezy yay area.)

And I’m back in Nashville, for now anyway!

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