Wimbledon Whites

| glasses: ban.do {available & on sale!} | lip: Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit in Gimme Mocha | earrings: Kate Spade | polo: Uniqlo via Jamie {really similar} | mani: ulta3 in Sizzling Red via ipsy | skirt: J.Crew via Poshmark [sign up for Poshmark, duh] {similar} | loafers: Old Navy {similar} | bag: Target {similar}

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I was halfway through the workday when someone stopped me and said “you look like you just stepped off the tennis court! Also, I mean this as a compliment.” Uhh, I totally walked out the door that morning without realizing how tennis-y I really looked, but I’ll take it!

Also, shout-out to tennis! Tennis (and, table tennis, of course) is the only sport my dad follows. I grew up in a Pete Sampras household. The two main things I appreciate about the sport are: the competitions are classy af (I hereby accept your invitation to any Open, now and forever), AND it’s truly a sport that anyone can play, even if you’re not any good or generally athletic. Unlike, say, pick-up basketball, which I cannot do, no matter how hard I try.

This lewk was really born out of trying to bring polos back. Jamie handed me this during the closet purge of Spring 2017 and I was like…a polo? Gee thanks. But remember how we used to wear polos EVERY DAY in high school (just me? It couldn’t have been just me.) A polo shirt couldn’t be more normcore now, but I think it’s just normcore enough that it’s completely trendy. I turned to your friend and mine, Pinterest, and saw a hella stylish outfit with THIS EXACT UNIQLO POLO! Blessings on blessings on blessings. Welcome back, polos!

Also I feel like I should have a “glossary of hand-me-downs” on my blog. Have I told you this week how much I love hand-me-downs and they are my life blood? Let’s do this: unless otherwise noted, everything I get is from my bougie fig fanny Little Peanut of a sister Carina, with occasional contributions by my co-worker Jamie, and then like, anyone else I’ve ever met.

I own this skirt in two colors and just swap them seasonally: hot pink for Summer (I don't know HOW this hasn't made it on the blog) and this forest green for the rest! It’s kinda the perfect mini without being too mini. V recommend.

If anyone cares: about 90% of the outfits I share on this here blog are from the office. It’s not really important, I just want you to know. Maybe someday I’ll post an outfit from the club. Oh and also, if you’re judging me, my office is v casual (like someone told me when I started I would have to wear assless chaps to get busted.)

Sorry that I shared way too many pictures this time, but this might be my favorite shoot that Adriane & I have ever done. She has a real talent, that one, in making an outfit I originally felt “meh” or “too Tennis-y” about a new favorite after seeing photos! By the way, at this moment we are all on baby watch, because Adriane is expecting her own little fashion blogger (teehee) any day now! I can’t wait to meet her! Also, any Nashville photographers tryna hanggg? :)

P.S. If this is how my hair air dried on this day…I will never complain about it again.

I'm hosting a work event tonight before I head back to California tomorrow afternoon, because Rachel and Ray are getting hitched! TTYS my little racket queens!

Shop the look below, it’s a grand slam!!


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