25 Days of Pri-mas

I found this image on Pinterest and then could NOT find it again! Sorry! Not mine! 

If you've read this blog at ALL you know I love a "daily-list challenge" (not totally sure what to call this, but see 26 Days of Priya/26 Days of NOT Priya.)

Well, this translates pretty nicely to a festive activity advent calendar for the month of December! Really the idea behind this is to slowly get myself into the holiday spirit in a low-stress way, one day at a time. I just don't want the month of December to pass me by and realize "I didn't even enjoy the holiday!" Some of these are very small (say "Merry Christmas" to a stranger!) some are bigger (attend my office holiday party!) but all of them result in a festive af celebration of the holidays all month long.

(The calendar is accurate up until today, and I took into account things I already had planned for the rest of the month. I might have to move things around depending on what comes up but that's not the point!)

Day 1. listen to Christmas music!
Day 2. attend a town Christmas parade
Day 3. order a Starbucks holiday drink
Day 4. buy a Poinsettia
Day 5. volunteer at a food pantry
Day 6. put up my Christmas decorations
Day 7. wear a festive scarf
Day 8. attend my office holiday party!
Day 9. shop at a holiday craft market
Day 10. buy and wrap a Christmas gift
Day 11. wear a holiday inspired outfit
Day 12. mail a Christmas card
Day 13. host a holiday dinner party
Day 14. write a Christmas wishlist
Day 15. watch a Christmas movie
Day 16. bake cookies
Day 17. do a holiday inspired make-up lewk
Day 18. go see Christmas lights
Day 19. give myself a sparkly manicure
Day 20. order a holiday inspired cocktail
Day 21. attend Home Alone at the symphony
Day 22. say "Merry Christmas" to a stranger
Day 23. go to a holiday show
Day 24. spend time with my family
Day 25. read a Christmas story (any one!)

What are you favorite traditions/activities at this time of year? If I'm forgetting something glaringly obvious or just really fun, let me know!

Oh and feel free to join in with me on any day! Or if you have another advent calendar going, let me know if the comments. Happy festive Friday!!

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