Gift Guide: for the Priya in your life

Absolutely NO shade to those of you who put together thoughtful gift guides for everyone in your life- I just haven't the time, energy, or even the know-how. I don't know what you should get for your roommate or niece, what am I, a scientist? A mind-reader? Buying gifts is hard. I hate that what my Mom always said, Everyone already has everything, is so true (cut to me screaming "NO THEY DON'T MOM!")

Anyway- I do know what one person has on their Christmas list- and that person is M E! While this is literally the list I gave my family, they're also just some solid gift ideas; for the Priya in your life, or really any 20-something lady you know, whether she be naughty or nice. All Pri-approved, for you (U WELCOME.)

+ Sunday Riley serum | I feel like I should be getting into serums? I did some research & this is raved about.  
+ Magic Bullet | I want to make smoothies for breakfast, it's really that simple.
+ Outdoor Voices gear | Activewear is ALWAYS a good gift. Really want to add some OV to the family.
+ Marc Jacobs perfume | I haven't had perfume in a WHILE. I know that I like this one.
+ cashmere wrap | If someone tells you they don't want this, punch them in the face because they're a liar.
+ cookbook | I'm trying this new thing where I eat less Taco Bell? Cookbooks are such a good gift, guys.
+ Swell water bottle | Hello, rose gold water bottle of my dreams. A gift for the whole family!
+ Tombow pens | Ok, I'm getting into lettering next year, and a friend recommended me these!
+ graphic tee | Buying clothes for people is hard but you can't go wrong with a fun t-shirt. I love this one.
+ face mask | A little slice of self-love that is the perfect gift for anyone, your mailman, your neighbor, etc.
+ Mizuno trainers | Not exciting, I ask for new running shoes after I run through mine every year!
+ Tarte palette | Did you know that I like make-up? Tarte palettes are GORG and I just want one, ok?
+ Strathmore sketch pad | Again, for my lettering attempt! A friend put together a "starter kit" for me.
+ Tom Ford lipstick | Christmas could be a fun time to give or get a fancy AF lipstick.
+ Trivial Pursuit | I love games and I love trivia! I would love to own a nice classic set of this game.
+ cocktail book | A beautiful coffee table book that could actually come in really handy.
+ loungewear | and pjs are always an appropriate gift. Aerie makes my favorite stuff!
+ Glossier moisturizer | Another make-up-y idea, this is the Glossier product I want to try next!
+ ping-pong paddle | I love ping-pong and I left my paddle at a bar like THREE years ago.
+ Sharpie pens | These are my favorite pens for my planner/journal and I'm due for a new set!
+ tea pot | Isn't this gorgeous? I don't have a teapot, but more than that, I love TEA.

If there is a toy on everyone's list this year that I am forgetting, please share it with me below. 

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