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It's small goal time! And, uh, yikes. I mentioned earlier that last month was totally nuts, and I feel like my small goal results reflect that!

November's Small Goals:

1. Find & go to the Dentist | NOPE. I did call my old dentist today which is a step! I actually completely forgot about this until like last week. I don't necessarily "roll my goals over" month to month, but I'm determined to get this done like...tomorrow. 
2. Stick to clothing/make-up budget | NOPE. I went more in depth with where my shopping dollars went in my November post, but basically, my "budget" was spent within the first couple days (including Boxycharm.) Then Cyber Monday hit, and it just felt irresponsible to not buy a few things I'd had my eye on (plus an outfit for our office holiday party.) I will say I don't have any shopping for myself planned in December. 
3. Plan wine tasting trip | DONE! Here's some pictures from our day. This ended up being less of an actual "wine tasting trip" and more just a day spent all together, but still SUPER fun. 
4. Mini cleanse | NOPE. You know, I didn't have a super clear plan for this, and then had several fun events where I wasn't about to not eat cheese etc. so it did not happen. 
5. Closet swap & clean-out | DONE! I swapped my Summer clothes for Winter, updated my Poshmark shop, and filled two giveaway bags. Done, but not completely done since I'm always, constantly, editing my wardrobe (I have more than I need/wear and I live in a matchbox.) 

December's Small Goals:

1. Bedroom re-vamp | This is a good time to redecorate my room, since nothing else is going on, right? This has been on my mind for a while (I haven't really refreshed my room situation since I graduated college!) but I went to IKEA this past weekend and that's what really inspired me. I have new bedding, a new rug, and a new dresser, and I'm hoping to complete the rest this month. 
2. Start 2018 Planner | It really IS the most wonderful time of the year. I am a planner fiend if there ever was one! My plan is to kinda transition into a bullet journal (I know! Big news!) so I'd like to start playing around with that and get a format going (plus I already need to get things on the calendar for January!)
3. "Advent Calendar" | More on this later, but it's basically a way for me to get in the spirit (without the stress) by doing some small, festive thing every day! I'll be sharing my full list tomorrow (hopefully.) 
4. Year-End blog posts | I really enjoy doing a few of these every year (last year I did my favorite outfits of the year, favorite songs of the year, and kinda a resolution recap) but it does take a bit of planning and extra work, instead of my usual blogging style (haphazard.) 
5. Gift shopping | I don't know the exact metrics of this goal, or even who all I'll be buying gifts FOR, but, let's be real, this is a time-consuming project that WILL get done this month. Do you guys have any advice for buying gifts? Any tips and tricks? Please share! 
6. Make some new salads | I do my best to bring lunch to work everyday, usually a salad. It's amazing how much more I enjoy it + feel satisfied and fuller, longer, if I put like just a LITTLE extra effort into it. This week I'm already planning to make a taco salad, and next up, this Thai Beef one! 

I'm already way overwhelmed and stressed out about the holidays (which is just so dumb and I don't want to be) BUT, making several small, attainable goals is a good way to focus on what I know I can get done. Let's cheer each other on and we'll all make it through and maybe even enjoy it! :) 

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