March Small Goals

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Happy small goals day! I'll say this quietly, just in case, but it really feels like Spring has sprung in Nashville. I can feel my spirits soaring with the sunny days, and I just feel ready to put myself out there AND absolutely crush some small goals.

But first, here's how I did on my goals for last month:

1. Take my marathon training up a notch | DONE!
[Context: I am training for the Nashville marathon on 4/28.] On Sunday I did my longest run yet- 15 miles! I am actually really encouraged by how well training is going. The weather has been decent, I'm running 3x a week, and feeling good. March is a key month for training, so I'm hoping to stay inspired and injury free!

2. Get new trainers | DONE!
This is kinda 1b. My trainers needed replacing and plenty of time to be broken in before the race! I got (my first ever!) pair of Brooks at Nordstrom Rack (so random- this is a GREAT place to buy running shoes!)

3. Haircut | DONE!
I'm counting this as done because my stylist could only take me this Friday. I can NOT wait. My hair has been driving me nuts - I'm not planning to chop it all off, (yet!) but definitely take a few inches and a LOT of weight out (you would not believe my ponytail situation when I run right now.)

4. Plan my Sabbatical | DONE!
My goal was to at least have major flights booked and a "skeleton" of my plans outlined. I didn't intentionally ignore everyone when they commented asking where I was going on my last small goals post, but now is a good time to share! I am doing what I'm calling "the Pappu special" (hashtag still in the works, let me know if you have ideas): spending two weeks in India, about a week in Finland, and the remaining 10ish days in California. Really excited about all of it, but especially India, where I haven't been since I was 12! I still have lots to plan and I'll keep you updated!

5. Clean my car | DONE!
I was literally on my way to the car wash/vaccuum when I realized a) my car exterior was decent looking b) it's been raining non-stop and c) I'd really rather spend my $$ on new stuff for my house right now. I did clean out the myriad of junk that's been rolling around in my backseat post-move and shake out my floor mats. So I'm giving myself this one.

And here are my goals for this month:

1. Decorate my living room |
My end goal is to have my place pretty much together by the time Amir and Carina come for the race next month; but I do want to have my living room somewhat done before my mom visits later this month! You know, so we have a couch to sit on. I'm off to a good start because I ordered my couch and area rug and they are arriving this week! I can't wait to have this room cozy and put together.

2. Do my taxes |
Not exciting, totally necessary.

3. Plan a special weekend with my Mom |
I think the beauty in having a mom weekend is that she is perfectly happy just spending time with you, and you don't have to go overboard with flashy activities, BUT I do want to plan at least a couple dinner reservations and something special (facials? Painting pottery? A hike and picnic?)

4. Write some kind of quarterly favorites post |
I've mentioned already that I miss blogging about the music/movies/podcasts/books I'm consuming and I recently decided somewhat of a quarterly round up is a great installment. Stay tuned for this at the end of the month!

5. Make 4 smoothies |
I've had this dream of being a girl who shows up to work with a fresh fruit/veggie smoothie that she just blended up that morning - and my boyfriend very kindly gifted me a NutriBullet as a housewarming present (he is rapidly earning a reputation as just an anonymous gifthorse, ha, BUT I promise I love him for other reasons & will blog about him for real, eventually!) Anyway! I'm gonna make some smoothies, that's the goal.

6. A surprise one that I can't share yet |
I KNOW this sounds like a fake one but I promise it isn't. This is a surprise that may or may not happen for someone that definitely reads this blog and I'll keep you posted if it works out!

Let me know what you accomplished in February or are working on in March & we can cheer each other on!

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