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I just can't not have this type of series going on my blog, you know? 2017 series / 2016 Current State
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I, Tonya | I have been obsessed with the Kerrigan/Harding story since seeing the ESPN 30 for 30 Price of Gold a few years ago (which is a MUST see!) This is the only movie I've seen in theaters more than once...ever? Honestly it's not a "feel good" film (TW: domestic abuse), but it was a really interesting take on Tonya Harding's story. I thought the acting, score, and style of the film was all fantastic.

Twin Peaks | I've always been intrigued by the "cult-classic" allure that this 90's drama has. With the reboot on Showtime, it seemed like the perfect time to try and discover why exactly people like this show so much. Well, I started watching this in mid-January and I'm (embarrassingly) STILL finishing up the 2nd season! It really starts to drag and get WEIRD (I mean, even by Twin Peaks standards.) I've been promised that it's worth completing. My favorite parts so far have been the neon-salmon lipstick worn by all the female characters, how much Rashida Jones looks like Peggy Lipton, and anything Lucy (the receptionist) says. I would love to hear from you if you're a fan!

Queer Eye | The perfect foil to Twin Peaks. I have to confess I never watched the original, but OMG I have enjoyed the reboot so so SO much. So much that I have cried during nearly every episode. The Fab 5 is changing lives! I would give anything to hang out with Tan France.

+ My reading goal for 2018 is 16 books! Books read so far this year: Life After Life, Yes Please, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Vacationers, In Her Shoes, The Year of Less, The Actor's Life. 

+ Nation of Two – Vance Joy | Oh sweet baby Vance. His second album sounds like part two of his first, which is totally fine with me! Why fix what's not broken? Vance Joy makes the most perfect music for a rainy night inside or a long drive in the Fall. Listen to: I'm With You.

+ Camila – Camila Cabello | I was SO excited for the solo debut from Camila, the break-out star of Fifth Harmony (don't @ me.) It surprised me by being more "lovesick" than "hype", but still a great album with her Cuban flair throughout. Listen to: Into It 

+ Golden Hour - Kacey Musgraves | I love this album, but you already know that. Listen to: Butterflies.

+ Pacific Daydream - Weezer | Weezer is a band that I have literally listened to for as long as I've listened to music. They are still making albums, and while they sound different, I'm here for it. This album is just a ton of fun. Listen to: Feels Like Summer (your Summer anthem. There you go.)

+ Good Christian Fun | My friend Steph turned me on to this podcast, which is two friends reviewing and discussing Christian pop culture from the 90's and early 2000's aka MY CHILDHOOD, YOU GUYS. I don't think this is the most well-done podcast ever (then again what do I know) BUT the nostalgia alone is totally worth it for me. Some of those CCM songs still bop!
+ black Swedish Hasbeens | I realized I didn't love my current pair of black clogs and wasn't really wearing them. Since clogsarelife around here, I ordered a new pair of Swedish Hasbeens! PSA that the actual Swedish Hasbeen website frequently runs pretty good sales, if you're looking for some dream clogs!

+ Zara knit crop top | I could not spend a week in San Francisco without stopping at Zara! I picked up a floral wrap dress (outfit to come) and a knit crop top that I am sooo excited to pair with a bralette and wear all summer long. It's the perfect combination of modern crop top with retro 70's vibes.

Madewell Rainbow dress | I actually squealed when I saw this as part of their Spring collection. My boss gave me the heads up that their Spring color story was everything so I thought well maybe I'll just take a look online...and we ALL know how that ends! I have this same style dress in chambray and absolutely love it. I'll likely wear it at our conference this week!

Forever 21 sets | I've seen the "coordinates" trend popping up everywhere, and it looks so cute and fun for Summer! I ordered a bunch from Forever 21, where I knew I'd find some affordable options. Most excited about this fruit salad number, also picked up a blue polka dot, black stripey, white palm tree and this gorgeous kimono set. I'll keep you posted on what I end up keeping (I still haven't tried these on, actually!)

ETC. //
+ Nutribullet | I have mentioned this recently but I am OBSESSED with my Nutribullet! I've been making smoothies nearly every morning since I got it. It is so easy & convenient to use, it's a great way to get in your fruits & veggies (like, eat carbs for the rest of the day, it's fine), & you can literally throw anything into a smoothie & not mess it up. Plus mine is rose gold and looks pretty dang cute on the counter.

+ Channa Masala | My mom & I cooked a TON when she was in town, & I'm still eating the Channa Masala we whipped up (that I froze in batches, relax!) This is one of my favorite Indian dishes that is super easy to make, & a healthy, delicious (and filling!) option for lunch at work or a quick dinner. Here's a simple recipe that is easy to follow, but I need to share my mom's exact version because it is something special!

+ Wayfair rug | I've been talking a lot about moving into a new place by myself & getting settled. Furnishing & decorating a place is a lot of work (that I am admittedly not great at) BUT I wanted to share my area rug that's in my new living room that I loooove. It set the tone(s) for the whole room - jewel tones! I found it on Wayfair, which has soooo many rug options of all sizes, colors, shapes AND they are all affordable!

Always looking for recommendations - please share the latest greatest thing you read, watched, listened to, or bought!!

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