December Boxycharm Review

Hiiii! So I was still a bit behind reviewing my Boxycharm subscription from last year (this is actually December's box, yikes!)

Just in case you still don't know about Boxycharm: 

For $20/month, Boxycharm sends you 5-6 (though usually more!) full-sized products, from brands like Tarte, Becca Cosmetics, Cover FX, Kat Von D, and so many more! Products are more typically cosmetic-focused, but also include hair, skin, and body. It truly is an incredible value, comparing the total price of items you receive vs. the price of the box (the retail value of one item covers the price of the entire box, every. Single. Time.) 

I mentioned this last month, but being totally transparent, I have cancelled my subscription for now, so this will be my last review for a while! This is 100% because of some financial/spending goals I have, and because I have SO MANY beauty products, and I'm not even able to use them all, even when I'm not receiving new ones. 

I will say, with confidence, that Boxycharm has been far & away the best subscription service I've ever subscribed to, and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone, from beauty novice to make-up obsessed. 

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+ PYT Mini Ceramic Styler | retail value: $75
A canary yellow mini straightener! So adorable, and I was excited to receive it, this has got to be the most expensive thing I've ever received in a Boxycharm. But does it work?? Ironically, though the online description specifically boasts it works on even the thickest of hair... ... ...it hasn't been *awesome* for me. I have a Titanium plated straightener that I use if I'm trying to get serious and I don't f with anything else. I will say, this could be a great alternative to my barrel curler for smoothing out my frizzies & bangs. But I don't think I could ever physically use this on my full head of hair.

+ Bodyography Lip Pencil in Barely There | retail value: $12
It's never bad to receive a neutral lip pencil. I, admittedly, don't line my lips very often (I'm sorry, am I missing out on some major benefit? Because I haven't noticed.) This pencil goes on very smooth and my only negative-ish feedback is that it's a true nude and lighter than my natural lip color, so I definitely have to put something on top.

+ Cosmedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask | retail value: $30
I try to do a face masque once a week, so I'm always down to try a new one! This one specifically has to be activated upon application which was a little weird (like, scrubbed on instead of just applied.) Face masques are tricky because I can never say I notice a drastic change, but my skin definitely looked brighter & fresher after trying this a couple times.

+ Pretty Vulgar The Powder Room Translucent Setting Powder in Matte About It | retail value: $32
This is definitely the stand-out from this box for me! Setting powder is not something I have a lot of, so I've been using this pretty much every time I do my make-up. Including - this past weekend when I went to a wedding, and needed my make-up to LAST. I put on several layers of this powder, and things held up pretty well (minus my eye make-up, but I'm sure wedding tears of joy had something to do with that?) I also love the packaging of this, so cute, and it comes with a pink powderpuff!

+ Tarte Tarteist Shimmering Lip Paint in Strike Gold | retail value: $20
Torn on this one - though it's a nice lipgloss (Tarte everything is great and it's shimmery vs chunky glittery) I would have much preferred a pink or peach shade. This is gold and ends up leaving a white cast on me that looks a little sickly? I think the move will be to layer this on top of another lip product, which I've yet to try. Also, I'll note again that since this was December's box, this gloss is definitely festive, but I don't know about wearing shimmer lip gloss on a normal day. It feels very middle school.

TOTAL VALUE: $169 !!! *This has got to be the highest total box I've ever received!

That's a wrap on Boxycharm, for now (for real when I'm rich I will subscribe again immediately.)

In the meantime, stay tuned for some other beauty related posts (a couple recent ones: A Travel Make-up Capsule / Beauty Favorites 01)

As always, I would love to hear about any beauty products that are rocking your world right now. Let me know in the comments!

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