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It's timeeee for the round-up of all of my favorite things from the past quarter! Read on for all my favorite shows, albums, purchases, a cocktail, and MORE! 

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+ Shrill | I've watched a lot of...mediocre TV lately. This show stands out to me as my favorite thing I've watched recently! I was instantly excited to watch a show starring Aidy Bryant, but it was somehow different than I expected? I loved the approach it took to exploring issues that all women deal with, Aidy is a complete delight, a Portland backdrop is charming, the costuming lovely, the casting superb (favorite character = Aidy's roommate!!) The whole thing is just FUN. I watched it in two days & wanted more!

+ Drag Race | My old roommate Emily turned me on to Drag Race a few years ago (I literally walked in our apartment when she had it on and then couldn't take my eyes off of it for hours) but I hadn't watched it in a while, truly because I didn't have access to it. Well, I worked it out, and I'm so IN on this season! Most especially because we have a hometown queen, Brooke Lynn Hytes who is crushing it (I've seen her perform several times, nbd!) We're just two weeks away from the finale, still time to catch up!

+ Derry Girls | I downloaded hoursss of TV to watch en route to South Africa (we had SO much time to kill!) most of it was no good, but this was the sparkling gem. This is a Netflix original following a Catholic high school girl gang in 90's Northern Ireland. It basically just follows them and their hijinks! The ensemble cast is so wonderful, and those accents! I loved it.

+ Wine Country | Finally got to watch this over the weekend, "finally", even though it came out like last week, but I didn't get to watch it as soon as I wanted to, which was immediately! The premise of this movie is simple: a group of girlfriends gets together in wine country to celebrate a 50th birthday. The cast is star-studded (Amy! Maya! Rachel!) but also included some new-to-me faces that I loved (Emily! Ana!) Overall very fun and delightful and I can't wait to watch it again!

+ Who Weekly | I consume true crime podcasts almost exclusively. My friend Mary Brenna turned me on to this one, a celebrity gossip podcast with a twist - as their intro says, "Welcome to Who Weekly where you'll learn everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't." Every episode focuses on two "Whos" (the idea is they're celebrities where if you heard their name, you'd say, "Who?") This show is genius and really funny. I rarely laugh out loud at podcasts, but there have been several episodes of this that have gotten me there! The use of musical/movie scene interludes gets an A+.  Bobby & Lindsey (the hosts) have created a really clever lexicon in their community, if you're not a "Who" you're a "Them", followers of the podcast are "Wholigans", the yearly award episode is the "Whomies", etc. It's great for when I need something lighter. I'm seeing this show live in June and I can't wait!

+ Girls, Girls, Girls - Various Artists | Here's my megamix of recent albums by female artists that I either 1) heard everyone else raving about or 2) already loved, and wanted to include or 2b) already loved, but they had new music to try! If you're like me, you have to be intentional about seeking out new music to listen to; but with so many ladies out there kicking ass right now, I had to! Give this playlist a try to discover a new female artist to love. Or, start with a few stand-outs: Ella Mai - Ella Mai, Historian - Lucy Dacus, The Future And The Past - Natalie Prass.

+ Dedicated - Carly Rae Jepsen | Let the church say amen! I am a freak that has been rationing this album since it dropped on Friday, but don't get it twisted - I did listen to it all weekend long. This is the highly anticipated follow-up to CRJ's Emotion from 2015 (so...start there if you haven't) that I loved absolutely every minute of (including the B-sides!) So far, I am loving it, and I would say it's more chill, less 80's sounding than Emotion. Favorite tracks so far: Want You In My Room, Feels Right.

WORN // Just a reminder to explain why this section is so boring. 
+ Espadrilles | I bought a pair of espadrilles at the Old Biscuit Mill Market in Cape Town, on our very last morning before heading back. This purchase was permitted in the souvenir category, and also crossed an item off of my Spring Purchase Ideas list. They have already been a welcome addition to my shoe wardrobe and I can't wait to wear them all Summer long (and hopefully feature them on the blog soon!)

+ Rainbow sundress | The Madewell rainbow collection from 2019 was seriously impossible to pass up (seriously, check out the whole line, I'll link above!) so I opted to make this perfect little sundress my one Spring purchase. Already planning to wear it this weekend for our Memorial Day Weekend trip to Kansas City, oh, and all Summer long!

+ One piece suit | I don't know how smart it was to wipe out my Spring and Summer purchases in just a couple weeks, but ultimately, I decided a new swimsuit was what I really wanted for Summer. I couldn't stop thinking about this J.Crew Factory one piece - classic, comfortable, a bright, unique color, and affordable (I think I paid $25 for mine? There's constant sales/coupon codes.) This suit fits me perfectly and I'm looking forward to wearing it this weekend and, say it with me, all Summer!

+ Wishlist | All the things I am forcing myself to NOT buy right now: rubber Birkenstocks (so functional!), everything in the Ratti x J. Crew Collection, a rainbow sweater top, anything in this very fun print by CeliaB, the Mara Hoffman dress of my dreams, some pink and/or throwback (or both!) kicks.

ETC. //
+ Palomas | I made my first Paloma of the season last week, and have been drinking them since! This cocktail is surprisingly easy to make (basically grapefruit + tequila + soda), and so refreshing for warmer weather. Give it a try next time you're whipping up drinks at home - recipe here!

+ Chase Sapphire Reserve Card It feels silly to be blogging about this but I've been positively raving about my Chase Sapphire Reserve card since our trip to South Africa, when the perks were on full display! This cc caters specifically to travelers - with a universal point system that works for any airline/vendor, airport lounge access, a $300 travel credit/year, Global Entry reimbursement, and a lot more. Even if you don't travel a LOT, you can virtually pay for an entire international trip by using this card all year (give or take!) I've had no regrets switching to this cc, and I'd recommend it to everyone! I don't even have a referral code for you, this is just a genuine rec - learn more here!

+ Trader Joe's salad kits | Before we started getting our CSA this Summer, I was on an absolute TJ's salad kits kick! Do y'all know about these? They have so many great varieties but a few of my favorites are the Southwestern, Yellow Curry, and Gochujang (Korean.) About $4 gets you a very solid two meals. I love to add a protein to mine as well! This is not sad lettuce in a bag - these are gorgeous salad kits that come with all the accouterments and a delicious dressing, and make for a very satisfying work lunch.

Ok, please share your TV, music, podcast, shopping, & life recommendations with me below!


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