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Guys! I took this quarantine to do something I've wanted to do for a long, long time: film a beauty vlog! If you've followed along with my blog for a while, you know I've gone from make-up rookie to 100% beauty obsessed. I've enjoyed writing beauty blog posts, but there's certainly a dimension of make-up that can only be captured by video - something I've discovered especially after watching literally thousands of hours of beauty YouTube.

So, a couple hours of filming and MANY hours of editing/finagling later, I'm really excited to share the finished product!

Here's my take on a soft glam look that's quick enough to do every day, and easy enough for any skill level (truly!) I sprinkled in lots of tips & tricks I've learned over the years from friends, make-up artists, and of course lots of YouTube vloggers; and I'm sharing many recommendations of products I love and use often.

This was really fun to do, and while I'm unsure if this will carry over into real life, I already have another video filmed & lots of other ideas floating around!

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time, you may also get a kick out of hearing my voice! I'm only saying this because it is always the weirdest/coolest thing in my mind to FINALLY hear someone's voice after years of reading their writing!

Also linking most of the products used below! Many of them are affordable and most should be familiar to you if you've followed my beauty rants & raves for any amount of time :)

Also, if you're interested, please head over to my channel to subscribe so you don't miss a video (unsure if I'll be sharing all of them on my blog or not. Thanks for your support! Lots more beauty on the blog right here.

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