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About a month ago, Art & I headed West on our Great American Road Trip 2020 (stay tuned because I do want to write a full blog post about all of it!)

But for now, I hope this vlog will hold you over! This one got a bit longer than my previous ones, because though I am doing a full make-up routine, it turned into kinda a travel vlog! So if you're interested in how fast a bear can run, our route out West & back, and my drink of choice on the trip, this one's for you! 

I really cannot resist doing my make-up in the car to pass the looong hours on the road. So even though we had no where to go, I put on a full face, talking through my travel makeup bag for the trip, some beauty hacks for on the go, and generally favorite products of late (mostly affordable/drugstore because that is how I roll!) 

I hope you enjoy this Get Ready With Me: Roadtrip edition! Watch all the way through for Piper cameos :) 

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