Morphe Haul + Hot Pink Eye Look / VLOG

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Ok - this video was probably the most one fun yet. I was SO excited to try out the Morphe Complexion Pro Face Palette as soon as I saw that it existed, really. Could it be my white whale perfect face palette that I'd been searching for? Morphe makes solid, affordable products, not to mention some of my favorite bronzers (my go to contour!) and the fact that they made a range of shades made me even more confident (I went with 8T!) 

As it goes, while I was on the Morphe site, I picked up an assortment of new brushes and...the Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II! I have most of Jaclyn Hill's palettes, and I was really into this one after seeing the swatch video. After seeing it was on sale, I had to have it! To me, this looks like the more on trend update to her first palette. So, I went for it! This eye look made all my hot pinky purple Lisa Frank dreams come true. I'm always trying to get out of my comfort zone and incorporate more fun colors into my make-up, and I was really pleased with how this look turned out! This palette has become a new favorite, for sure.

Otherwise, I'm using mostly drugstore/affordable make-up, and getting into my usual shenanigans, chatting about anything under the sun. 

I hope you enjoy this video + make-up look! If you would head to YouTube and subscribe to my channel, I would really appreciate it! Oh, and tell a friend! xo


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