extreme makeover: clubhouse edition

   Working on this clubhouse in Jackson has replaced mystery shopping and making lunches as my favorite thing I've done in my internship this summer. I loved every part of it; seeing the before & after, getting to unload and unwrap items, deciding how & where to place them, and especially searching & shopping to pick stuff out. It certainly got me excited and ready to decorate my house when I move in (SOON)!

I present to you the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:
i LOVE white wooden furniture. This table from Pier 1 was one of my favorite things!
I spray painted this gold mirror purple! Who woulda thought? It's totally transformed!
A detail shot from the manager's office. I adore that little table set-up, how gorgeous are those flowers?
Susan picked out houndstooth, green, and purple as the main palette which I thought was fantastic!
There are so many little neat things in this bookshelf, now including a TV, hey-o!
The mantle was my little project that I am really proud of. We found that mirror at Hobby Lobby!
The NEW kitchen set-up, because who doesn't want to sit in a plush purple armchair and enjoy life?!
This piece is seriously a winner. Susan hot-glued that darling flower on the lampshade, genius.
A few more detail shots because I can't resist.
I need those floral chairs. And how cute is our little planter box? I did the moss on those!
 Another one of Susan's brilliant ideas, a "name the Moose" contest!
 More "white wooden furniture from Pier 1" that I love!
Here's my partner in crime, even supplying matching aprons?! She's the best.

   Sorry for the picture overload, I was just genuinely jazzed about everything and wanted to show it off! Interior decor seemed a lot more intimidating and out of reach for me before last week. Now I realize, even a little paint and some detail pieces can make a HUGE difference in decorating your space! I would love to hear any decor tips you have as I prepare to move into a new place!


Elana said...

This is so cool, the room looks AMAZING! I honestly didn't realize how many pictures there were until the end because I was enthralled haha. Great job! :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

WAAAOO!!! It looks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!!!! I'm so impressed!


Ali W. said...

Oh my gosh! This is AMAZING. Love it. The colors are gorgeous! Love the mirror on the mantle!

Priya said...

Oh good! Thanks so much Elana!

Priya said...

Hey thanks Marie!!

Priya said...

Thanks Ali! I'm glad you like it! We loved that mirror too!

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