Olympic Party!

   Last night I decided the amount of information I know about the Olympics is shameful as an American. Because, I don't know how many rings/what color/WHY there are, some Olympic sports are news to me (Shooting? Canoeing?) and ditto on some countries in the world (Cape Verde? Tuvalu?).
   Here is embarassing proof of my lack of Olympic knowledge. So we threw an Olympic kick-off party to watch the opening ceremony last night. My outfit has little to do with the Olympics. I originally wanted to do something American/Finnish/Indian (as I am racially confused) but then I ended up just repping Finland (because I just secured my dual-citizenship) and...gingham and red lipstick? That's American right? Well, I am wearing a giant gold medal.
    Susan made us American-themed cupcakes, and I love her for that. 
 My housemates even came! Loved that they wore their jerseys. 
 My Dithy and the streamers that our friend Jeff helped me put up. Theme parties bring out the decorator in all of us!
 Team USA, Ashley and Hunter.
 This is my favorite picture of the night. 
 Well, the blue one is correct. 1/6 is not bad.
My USA/TN flag (for those of you who aren't familiar, the TN flag is red with a blue circle with three white stars). 

   And how about that opening ceremony? Pretty cray. I'm not sure if it was British humor or what, but I had trouble following pretty much every "musical number". The best part was probably when Voldemort fought an army of Mary Poppins. I suppose it was a celebration of all things British; and it is their opening ceremony, so they are entitled.
   I have to be honest, my favorite part is watching the countries parade in with all their Olympians in the matching & themed outfits. I saw some pretty sweet traditional and classy wear! The Olympic outfit I would most like to wear is a tie between the yellow saris of India and the forest green blazers of Australia. 

   I saw this on Facebook today and thought it accurately summed up the Queen's attitude during the ceremony:
The announcers kept saying she has a "dry sense of humor". I see it.

   Olympic mania is totally here, yay! I'll be rooting for Finland, India, and the USA of course. Looking forward gymnastics especially (because I am a girl) and synchronised swimming.
   And for all of those wondering with me, India has won a total of 9 gold medals in their Olympic career (in field hockey and shooting).


Tea Journal said...

What a sweet party! Love the cupcakes! I thought the opening ceremony was a little bizarro, too. The beginning and end were pretty amazing but the entire middle was a little weird, haha. Loved the lighting of the torch, though!

Nataly said...

This sounds so much fun! Honestly, I know nothing about the Olympics but tI did see the Opening Ceremony! Haha it was awesome! Mary Poppins and Voldemort?! Classic!

Priya said...

The lighting of the torch and the Olympic rings was awesome! But I couldn't really figure out the rest of it. Thanks Steph!

Priya said...

Glad I'm not the only one! The ceremony was wild! We were dying when we saw Voldemort, like really, Harry Potter has infiltrated the Olympics?

Priya said...

Thanks Melissa! And thanks for coming by my blog!

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