oh you fancy, huh?

   The title of this post has little (nothing) to do with the actual post, it's just one of the affirmations I like to say to myself. Also, I am feeling a little fancier around here because I've been trying my best to do some sprucing! Still looking for some help, if that's your thing.
   Broadcasting to you live from Starbucks on Peachtree St. in Atlanta (and I just started playing Justin Bieber's Believe on Spotify...oh shoooot). What. A. Weekend.
   As I've mentioned, I ventured to Charlotte, NC this weekend, to meet up with my mom and baby brother as he heads to college. Did I mention I took the bus? Specifically, two buses, both ways (for a grand total of four buses?) When I'm super rich and take my private jet everywhere, I will probably laugh at these modest traveling arrangements.
   And in the mean time, I look back on this weekend in a daze. It was definitely worth it, also definitely WILD. I have seriously met so many random people. Like, for example, the young man I asked to direct me to a Starbucks. The conversation went like this:

Priya: Hey do you know if there's a Starbucks nearby?
Boy: There is in that building, but it's closed on the weekends.
Priya: Oh, awesome.
Man: Yeah. I'm tryna get some caffeine too, I just had my child.
Priya: Wow, congratulations!
Baby Daddy: Thanks! There's one down the street, like two miles. Good luck.

   Honestly, this is the most normal conversation I have had all weekend. Including the ones with my mom, because those are always full of her making up American phrases and me imitating her.
   Ok I'll shut up and show you some pictures. Here's where I've been this weekend:
 Charlotte. Where they had the most fabulous crown motif going on.
Here we are in front of Amir's dorm!
 The Davidson campus is gorgeous!
WILDCATS, everywhere, raise your hands up in the air! 
 Fridge: $79. Comforter: $20. Taking Amir to college: priceless.
 I loved exploring the adorable little town of Davidson with my mom. One of my favorite moments was a late afternoon coffee date at a random little shop.
We both love taking walks, and the weather was absolutely perfect (like 80) all weekend!
 I also made her wear my sunglasses this one time...
 Lake Norman wraps all around Davidson (even on their "lake campus" where you can take wakeboarding for P.E. how awesome is that? They should hire me for admissions).
I made him let me take this one! What a champ.
   Well I honestly can't believe my little baby brothers are all grown up and going off to college! I was so happy to spend a little time with family this weekend, there's something really great about being with the ones that know you the best (and in my case, still love me)! 
   Amir is going to be awesome at this college thing! I told him to "Rent books, and introduce himself to all his teachers" and my Mom said "Good luck, don't be a loser" (because a few things have gone missing already...).
   As for me, I am very much ready to be back to the norm in Nashville. See you on the other side!



Elana said...

Looks like such a fun trip, that campus is absolutely gorgeous! North Carolina is on my list of places to see (what isn't?), I always hear it's beautiful. Good luck to your brother! Loving the new blog layout, by the way. If I had any sort of web or graphic design skill (or any kind of skill), I'd help you out in a heartbeat. I got a template for mine or threatened my family members with blackmail to help me out. Either that or they just decided to be really nice one day. Who knows?

Alexa said...

haha too cute <3 love these pics! also love love love the skirt you are wearing

Alexa <3

chloe said...

You have an adorable family! I've never taken a bus that far before, but I cannot imagine it being very enjoyable...

Also, I love the convo between you and the baby daddy! I do guest services at a mall, so I get loads of weird people coming in there and asking me strange questions. One time this kid comes over and says, "Hey I lost my baby mamma, can I use yo phone??!?!!"

Oh, lastly - I've heard the same thing about dalmatians being sort of snotty, for lack of better word. Last spring I met this adorable dalmatian who was so sweet. I mentioned to the owner that I'd heard less than flattering things about the breed and he seemed a bit put off and said that it all depended on how they're raised. I don't really believe him though, because the same is said about pit bulls but quite frankly, they're still dangerous dogs no matter how they're bred. They're incredibley strong and have a nature toward agression, it's just the breed.

Priya said...

Haha thanks Elana, your comments always make me laugh. I'm doing the very best I can over here with limited knowledge! Glad you like it. And yes, NC is beautiful! I would definitely go if you ever get a chance!

Priya said...

Thank you Alexa!

Priya said...

Thank you Chloe! It was quite an adventure, I must admit! Your conversation is hilarious. You never have to go far to enjoy the humor of people (however inadvertant). I'm not sure if you're in favor of me getting a dalmatian or not, and I know basically nothing about dogs! But I appreciate the advice! Not like I'll be getting one very soon, until then I'll just drool over other blog puppies :)

Renae Shah said...

Love your trip & pictures! Your Mom has gotten more efficient in her advise as the younger one's have grown!!

Priya said...

Thanks Renae! Ha she definitely has!

Karen said...

WHAT?! You were in my backyard (Atlanta) and didn't tell me! I don't believe it! Next time let's do a blogger meet-up. Oh, that would be so fun! :-)

Priya said...

Karen, WHY did I not think about that? I was literally there for almost two days! That would have been briliant. Oh well, next time (longingly said, but I'm sure I will be in Atl again eventually!) Hey did you get my postcard?!

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