I love poetry. I don't pretend to actually be good at writing it, but I enjoy doing it sometimes, and reading it all the time. I wrote this poem in October 2010 (when I was 19 years old).
i looked at myself
all 19 of me
and lined them up hip to hip
i saw me dainty, flippant, fearless
longing, scheming, dreaming
and i saw my hear nipped at the ears
ripped knees and elbows from a fall
her eyes are wide
and making plans
she's running after and towards
i looked behind and looked in front
of friends and those who made me blush.
i saw the girl i wished i was
and who i came to be
 and the lady, established at with 19 years
whispered to 18, who said to 17
look forward and look behind
is you and for you. 

   The weekend is here and I am THRILLED! I plan to be working on my house and cheering Hunter on in some races. Thanks for reading, Happy Friday!


Ali W. said...

Priya, I love this. You should write more poetry because you are really really good at it. :) This made me think back to the person I was at all different ages and it's so neat to imagine all of those times and how I became the person I am today. This gave me some really great and much-needed perspective today :)

Priya said...

Ali, you are so great, thank you! I was a little nervous about actually posting this, so I really appreciate your sweet comment. It is a wild idea, isn't it? To think about yourself at all different ages really being one person? I'm so glad you liked it!

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